Video Games Outsell Dvd's And Blu-rays Worldwide

by | 23 January 2009

Retail video games outsold DVD and Blu-ray discs worldwide in 2008 - the very first time this has happened - according to Gfk International.

Video game sales represented 53 per cent of the home entertainment market, led by Nintendo's Wii revolution, which drove software sales up by 20 per cent. Gfk predicts that video game sales will represent 57 per cent of the market by 2009.

Video games already reign supreme in Italy and Spain, representing a massive 67 per cent of the market.

The video games market has defied the economic climate in both the UK and Australia, with the DVD market experiencing slight shrinkage in UK, though this ignores the massive 400 per cent rise in Blu-ray disc sales.

Worldwide, DVD sales dropped by 4 per cent, with the US playing the biggest roll, with an 8 per cent fall. As for total revenue, video games brought in $32 billion (£23 billion), whereas movie sales were close behind with $29 billion (£21 billion) - rentals not included.

Despite this milestone, video games didn't overtake film and music sales combined, which some predicted.

The US's share of worldwide sales fell from 2007's 45 per cent, to 43 per cent. However, the country still represents three times the size of its closest rival, the UK.

Warner Bros, led DVD/Blu-ray sales, predominantly due to The Dark Knight, and Nintendo led video game software sales - the company continues to Wii on the recession.

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