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Kathy Griffin Fat Joke Could Jeopardise New Year's Eve Job

10th December 2010

Directing fat jokes at Bristol Palin may have cost Kathy Griffin her New Year's Eve gig.The controversial US comedienne - who slammed the 20-year-old political activist for putting on weight during her time on 'Dancing...

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Kathy Griffin Fat Joke Could Damage Chance Of Cnn Job

8th December 2010

KATHY GRIFFIN, the 50-year-old American comedienne and television personality, may have damaged her chances of getting back her old job on CNN's New Year's Eve Special by making a joke about BRISTOL PALIN's weight, reports...

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Bristol Palin Mocked By Kathy Griffin At Salute The Troops Concert

7th December 2010

Bristol Palin was openly mocked by Kathy Griffin at this weekend's VH1 Divas Salute to the Troops concert.The comedienne criticised the 20-year-old activist - who is the daughter of US politician Sarah Palin - for...

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Katy Perry Dazzles At Vh1'S Divas Salute The Troops

6th December 2010

Katy Perry dazzled at last night's (05.12.10) 'VH1 Divas Salute the Troops' event.The brunette beauty - who is married to British comedian Russell Brand - showed her patriotic side by donning a sequinned stars and...

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Grace Potter Performs With Heart At Vh1'S Salute The Troops

6th December 2010

GRACE POTTER, the 24-year-old American singer and multi-instrumentalist, performed with the 70's rock band HEART at last night's VH1 'Divas Salute the Troops' concert. Potter's band GRACE POTTER & THE NOCTURNALS provided backup for Heart's...

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Perry Salutes The Troops In Patriotic Style

4th December 2010

KATY PERRY brought some cheer to U.S. forces as she descended onto the stage at VH1's Salute the Troops concert with a huge American flag parachute on Friday (03Dec10).The singer made a grand entrance with...

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Recess Star Joins Cast Of Celebrity Rehab

3rd December 2010

Jason Davis, the 26-year-old American actor most famous for his recurring role as Mikey on the hit children's show 'Recess', has joined the cast for season four of 'Celebrity Rehab', reports US Magazine. The show,...

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Dr Drew Pinsky Says Jason Wahler Has Advanced Alcoholism

2nd December 2010

Dr DREW PINSKY, the 52-year-old host of VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab', has spoken for the first time about the new cast of his show and admitted that he has concerns about the health of certain contestants...

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Rachel Uchitel Refuses To Fly Standard Class To Celebrity Rehab

2nd December 2010

RACHEL UCHITEL, the New York nightclub manager and former mistress of professional golfer TIGER WOODS, refused to fly in standard class to a premiere party for reality series 'Celebrity Rehab', reports TMZ.comThe 35-year-old is a...

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Celebrity Rehab Cast Includes Rachel Uchitel And Jason Davis

2nd December 2010

The all-new cast of CELEBRITY REHAB was revealed in the season four premiere last night (1st December 2010), and it features reality television stars, models, actors and actresses, reports the Associated Press. Under the stewardship...

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Perry: 'I Asked Vh1 Bosses To Tone Down My Bust'

21st November 2010

KATY PERRY has broken her silence about her Photoshopped breast reduction, revealing she demanded marketing bosses at VH1 tone down the poster for her upcoming Divas Salute The Troops U.S. TV special.Reports suggested Perry's aides...

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Perry's Aides Ask For Boob Job On New Poster

19th November 2010

KATY PERRY's bust has hit the headlines again after her handlers asked VH1 marketing men to tone down her assets for the poster advertising the upcoming Divas Salute The Troops TV special.The newlywed Teenage Dream...

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Elton John Gives Up Pop

1st November 2010

Sir Elton John doesn't want to write pop music anymore.The 'Sacrifice' singer said he has no desire to compete with today's pop performers, and isn't seeking for his songs to appear on music television.He told...

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Audrina Patridge 'In Shock'over Dancing With The Stars Exit

1st November 2010

AUDRINA PATRIDGE, the star of reality show 'The Hills' and contestant on the current series of DANCING WITH THE STARS says she was 'in shock' when her name was read out last week, confirming her...

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Ciara's Private Audition For Fan

29th October 2010

CIARA helped out an aspiring singer at a charity event in New York on Tuesday night (26Oct10) by taking her to one side and giving her some advice on breaking into the music industry.The pop...

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Latifah Lands Tv Series With Single Ladies

19th October 2010

QUEEN LATIFAH's upcoming SINGLE LADIES film is heading to the small screen - the movie has been expanded into a weekly U.S. television series.Latifah took inspiration from Beyonce for the film, about a group of...

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Perry And 'Diva Pals' To Perform For Troops

15th October 2010

Pop divas KATY PERRY, KERI HILSON and NICKI MINAJ will team up with SUGARLANDand PARAMORE to entertain U.S. troops in military bases around the globe this Christmas (10).The musicians have been selected as 2010's VH1...

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Magazine Defends Naked Bret Michaels Pictures

11th October 2010

BRET MICHAELS surprised many when images of a naked Billboard magazine shoot surfaced last week, but critics were quick to accuse the pictures of being overly-photoshopped. However, staff at the magazine have hit-back at such...

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Bret Michaels To Rock Dolphins Game Despite Heart Op

4th October 2010

BRET MICHAELS, the former POISON frontman, is set to rock the Sun Life Stadium tonight (4th October 2010) as he performs a live set at the Miami Dolphins game. Last month, it was reported that...

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Bret Michaels To Undergo Heart Surgery

24th September 2010

BRET MICHAELS, the former frontman of band POISON, is to undergo heart surgery in January, reports E! News. The 47-year-old's publicist said that the procedure is "for the hole in his heart", a condition that...

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Rich Cronin Dies Aged 35

9th September 2010

RICH CRONIN, singer with the band LFO, died yesterday after a battle with leukaemia, he was 35-years-old. Cronin and his band had a number of hits in the late 1990's, particularly 'Summer Girls' which reached...

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Wahlberg Embarrassed Over Pop Star Days

6th September 2010

MARK WAHLBERG cringes when he thinks back to his music career, because he's so embarrassed about his life as an up-and-coming rapper.The actor rose to fame with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch before moving...

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Mark Wahlberg's Music Shame

5th September 2010

Mark Wahlberg is "embarrassed" about his music career. The 39-year-old star - who was an original member of New Kids on the Block before quitting because he didn't like their musical style and going on...

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Fantasia Thanks Nurse For Tough Love

25th August 2010

Troubled singer FANTASIA BARRINO has publicly thanked a nurse for bringing her back from the brink of despair and giving her the strength to get on with her life after a recent suicide attempt.The American...

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Barrino Upset About Dad's Rape Reaction

25th August 2010

Singer FANTASIA BARRINO's father has stunned the star's fans by going public with his thoughts about his daughter's teen rape ordeal.The Baby Mama singer was assaulted in her school auditorium by a fellow student she...

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Rachel Uchitel's Single Insistence

25th August 2010

Rachel Uchitel is single.The alleged former mistress of shamed golfer Tiger Woods has blasted reports she embarked on a romance with married actor Jeremy London and insists she hasn't had a relationship since she left...

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Fantasia Barrino Says Family Trouble Led Her To Suicide Attempt

24th August 2010

AMERICAN IDOL champion FANTASIA BARRINO says her recent drug overdose was a suicide attempt, and that family trouble led her to take the near-fatal concoction of pills. In an interview for Behind The Music: Fantasia...

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Barrino: 'I Wanted To End It All'

23rd August 2010

R&B singer FANTASIA BARRINO has denied speculation her suicide attempt was a cry for help, insisting: "I wanted out."The American Idol star was hospitalised for a drug overdose earlier this month (Aug10) after she became...

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Barrino To Open Up About Personal Troubles On Reality Show?

12th August 2010

TV bosses are considering re-editing the premiere of FANTASIA BARRINO's reality show to allow the singer the chance to open up about her overdose scare on the small screen.The American Idol winner was admitted to...

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Jessica Simpson Frightened Of Fins

10th August 2010

Jessica Simpson has a phobia of sharks. The blonde star celebrated turning 30 last month (10.07.10) with a trip to Italy where she stayed on a yacht, but she wouldn't go swimming in the sea...

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