Clive Dunn, most well-known for starring as Lance Corporal "Jonesy" Jones in the seventies British sitcom 'Dad's Army', has passed away aged 92 after complications resulting from a recent operation.

The star, who was awarded an OBE in 1975, died while living in Portugal on November 8th 2012. He leaves behind his wife of 53 years Priscilla Pughe-Morgan, 78, with whom he has been living in the European country with for 30 years, and his two daughters Polly and Jessica.

Dunn was characterised in the program as a bumbling old man and used catchphrases such as, 'Don't panic, don't panic!' and 'They don't like it up 'em'. During the beginning of his acting career, he was a prisoner of war for four years in Austria during World War II. He later revealed that starring in 'Dad's Army' was retribution for his ordeal.

Many of his co-stars have paid tribute to his passing, with one of the younger actors, Ian Lavender who played Private Pike, revealing that he was very much there for his fans. 'He wanted everyone to have a nice time', said Lavender. 'Out of all of us, he had the most time for the fans. Everyone at one time or another would be tempted to duck into a doorway or bury their head in a paper but not Clive. He always made time for fans.'