Asia drummer Carl Palmer feels more "energised" after going vegan following his diagnosis with a serious bacterial infection last year (12).

The Heat of the Moment hitmaker came down with a bad case of E. coli in December (12), forcing the rock supergroup to axe its 30th anniversary tour of the U.K. while he recovered.

The veteran tells music website, "I got it from a casino in New York. It was about 10 days into the tour and everything seemed to go down in my stomach and I was fine. My immune system managed to tackle it at first. Within two days my intestinal area just blew up. I got into a specialist in the centre of London and they said, 'Wow, this is really bad.'

"They drew a line on my stomach and told my wife that if the redness and swelling went above that line, she had to call this number. They had a quarantine room in a hospital ready for me to go into if that happened. It was eight weeks of absolute hell. I had to take these antibiotics that were the size of torpedoes - you would take one and just fall over. I managed to get through it, but it was hard."

Palmer is now on the mend and he reveals he has cut all animal products from his diet in a bid to boost his overall health.

He adds, "I have become a vegan. I don't eat any dairy, cheese, milk, meat or whatever. My tastes have changed - fish and meat taste wrong to me. I don't know why that is; it's not a moral thing to me. I would have eaten all the cows you could send down the hallway to me. I just no longer like the taste; that's the problem... I actually feel more energised now. It could have all been a bit of luck - it could have been that God said to me, 'Hey, you need to smarten up and change your diet.'"

And the 63 year old hopes his new way of living will prevent him from ever falling seriously ill again: "I have to be super careful that I don't trigger this again. It's the closest I have ever been to death; I'll put it to you that way."