Vegas’ Electric Daisy music festival has never been a tame event. This year, however, things were off to a tragic start, as the festival claimed the life of one man on Saturday. Per the LA Times, the man, named Montgomery Tsang, collapsed in the parking lot of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway as he was leaving the dance music festival and was pronounced dead shortly after 6 a.m.

The cause of death is yet to be determined, however initial reports (including one by Las Vegas' local news source KLAS-TV) point to a medical condition as the likely culprit, dismissing suspicions of substance abuse. A statement by the festival organisers, a company called Insomniatic Productions, confirms the death, but states that the festival will continue through Monday as planned.

Electric Daisy is notorious for the abundant incidents during the festival. On the first night of this year’s music fest, the police recorded 250 emergency calls. While most turned out to be minor incidents, five resulted in hospitalizations. Police also reported 29 drug-related felony arrests.

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An estimated 134,000 people attended Friday's opening night of the Electric Daisy Carnival. In 2010, a 15-year-old girl died of a drug overdose at the festival in Los Angeles, and two people died in incidents related to the Las Vegas festival in 2012. Electric Zoo, a separate dance music festival held in New York City, was called to an early end last year after two fans died of drug overdoses.