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Cruz Is Tight-lipped Over Mcconnaughey Romance

12th March 2005

Latin beauty PENELOPE CRUZ is keen to keep her relationship with Hollywood hunk MATTHEW McCONNAUGHEY under wraps. The VANILLA SKY actress doesn't want to jinx the pair's romance by sharing details about it with...

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Cruise: Desperate To Take To The Stage

11th March 2005

Hollywood star TOM CRUISE is anxious to join the long list of film stars heading for the theatre, but fears time is running out to tread the boards. The VANILLA SKY hunk, recently voted...

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Cruise Meets Vergara's Mother

9th March 2005

Hollywood superstar TOM CRUISE's relationship with SOFIA VERGARA is going from strength to strength - after he was introduced to her Colombian model's mother. Vergara's aunt, LILITA JAMARILLO, has confirmed the meeting took place...

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Cruz's Sixth Sense Protects Her From Paparazzi

6th March 2005

Spanish actress PENELOPE CRUZ credits her paranoid personality with preventing the paparazzi from taking scandalous photos of her. The VANILLA SKY beauty insists photographers will never catch her doing anything controversial, because she can...

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Cruz Avoids Hollywood

7th January 2005

Sexy actress PENELOPE CRUZ spends as little time as possible in Hollywood because she hates the fast-paced party lifestyle. The VANILLA SKY beauty insists her connection to the famously hedonistic movie town is solely...

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Cruz Proud Of Achievements In Hollywood

24th November 2004

PENELOPE CRUZ is proud she's become the first Spanish actress to conquer Hollywood. The VANILLA SKY beauty, 30, is delighted to be winning roles which normally evade Latina stars - particularly because she's landed...

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Cruz Eyes Adoption

11th November 2004

Spanish actress PENELOPE CRUZ is considering adopting a child, if she has no man in her life when she's ready for motherhood. The VANILLA SKY beauty, who's currently romantically linked to actor MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY,...

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Cruz: I Want To Look Like My Grandmother

22nd September 2004

Spanish siren PENELOPE CRUZ has no plans to follow the rest of Hollywood in the search for eternal youth - she is looking forward to growing old. The VANILLA SKY actress, who has enchanted...

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Cruz Turns Flamenco Dancer

2nd August 2004

Spanish movie siren PENELOPE CRUZ has been teaching Moroccan children her country's native dance, the Flamenco. The VANILLA SKY actress took time out of filming SAHARA opposite new boyfriend MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY in the north...

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Cruz Gets Smelly

22nd July 2004

Spanish screen siren PENELOPE CRUZ is set to launch her own fragrance. The VANILLA SKY beauty is currently the face of RALPH LAUREN's perfume GLAMOROUS and starred in the advertisements for Lauren's POLO clothing...

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Bass Linked To Diaz's Pal

19th July 2004

Singer LANCE BASS has been romantically linked to a pal of 'N SYNC bandmate JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's girlfriend CAMERON DIAZ. The GONE singer, 25, has embarked on a romance with actress JENNIFER GIMINEZ, and the...

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Kidman: Cruise And I Will Never Reunite

1st July 2004

Australian beauty NICOLE KIDMAN has lashed out at reports of a future romantic reunion with ex-husband TOM CRUISE. The OSCAR-winning actress and her spouse of ten years shocked Hollywood when they announced they were...

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Cruz Plots Cruise Reunion

19th May 2004

Spanish siren PENELOPE CRUZ has embarked on a mission to win back the heart of former flame TOM CRUISE - by putting in a series of emotional phone calls to him. The VANILLA SKY...

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Cruz Begs Cruise For Break-up Explanation

12th April 2004

Spanish siren PENELOPE CRUZ broke down and begged ex-love TOM CRUISE to explain why they were no longer a couple during their dramatic Berlin, Germany reunion last week (ends9APR04). The VANILLA SKY beauty, 29,...

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Cruz Hits Back At Career Criticism

8th April 2004

Newly-single actress PENELOPE CRUZ has rubbished reports her ambition to be an A-list star killed her romance with TOM CRUISE. The VANILLA SKY beauty, 29, has been at the centre of a media frenzy...

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Penelope Hates To Cruz The Red Carpet

8th April 2004

Hollywood beauty PENELOPE CRUZ is fed up with going to movie premieres and parading up and down in front of the world's press. The VANILLA SKY actress - who recently split from Hollywood hunk...

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No Love Lost For Penelope's Dad

28th March 2004

The father of Spanish stunner PENELOPE CRUZ insists the actress is coping admirably after her shock split from Hollywood star TOM CRUISE. Cruise and his VANILLA SKY co-star had been dating for nearly three...

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Cruise And Cruz Split

26th March 2004

Hollywood couple TOM CRUISE and PENELOPE CRUZ have split - after less than three years together. The glamorous pair met on the set of the 2001 film VANILLA SKY as Cruise's marriage to NICOLE...

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Cruz: I Had No Idea What Tom Would Be Like

23rd January 2004

PENELOPE CRUZ had no preconceptions about current beau TOM CRUISE before she met him - even though she'd heard "good things" about him. The couple first met in New York on the set of...

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Cruz: I Had Nothing To Do With Tom And Nicole's Divorce

22nd January 2004

PENELOPE CRUZ has slammed accusations she caused TOM CRUISE and NICOLE KIDMAN's marriage to collapse. Penelope has been dating the Hollywood star since wrapping their movie VANILLA SKY three years ago - the...

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Carradine Names Hollywood Dream List

21st January 2004

Actor DAVID CARRADINE finds actresses VIVICA A FOX, NICOLE KIDMAN and CAMERON DIAZ incredibly sexy - but can't bear the idea of getting intimate with GWYNETH PALTROW. Out of his KILL BILL co-stars Fox,...

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Cruz's Career Hangs On Sahara

21st January 2004

Spanish siren PENELOPE CRUZ's Hollywood dream is hinged on the success of upcoming movie SAHARA - after her previous films failed to catapult her to the top of the acting 'A' list. TOM CRUISE's...

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Penelope Cruz's Signed Photo Currency

9th January 2004

Movie beauty PENELOPE CRUZ stunned staff at a London tanning salon by paying for two top-up sessions with signed photographs of herself. The VANILLA SKY actress wanted to look her best for Tuesday's (6JAN04)...

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Cruz Rates Cruise As The 'Perfect' Lover

15th December 2003

Movie superstar TOM CRUISE is a big hit in the bedroom - according to smitten lover PENELOPE CRUZ. The notoriously private Spanish beauty, 29, insists that Cruise rates a perfect 10 out of 10...

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Cruise Misses Start Of His Own Film At Premiere

2nd December 2003

TOM CRUISE missed the start of his new film THE LAST SAMURAI at its Los Angeles premiere yesterday (01DEC03) - while he greeted the thousands of fans waiting patiently to meet him. Cruise attended...

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Cruise's Christmas Cheer

1st December 2003

Movie hunk TOM CRUISE is looking forward to Christmas this year (25DEC03) - because he and lover PENELOPE CRUZ will be surrounded by their close families. The MINORITY REPORT star is already planning the...

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Cruise Dedicates Himself To His Children

24th November 2003

TOM CRUISE always treats his children with the same respect he pays to adults, because he's just as much their "friend" as their "mentor". The screen star, 41, insists his kids ISABELLA, 10, and...

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Cruise: I'm Not Marrying Penelope

24th November 2003

Movie superstar TOM CRUISE has ruled out marriage with long-term love PENELOPE CRUZ in the near future - stating they have "no particular plans" to wed. The MINORITY REPORT actor, 41, has hailed his...

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Cruise's Odd Living Arrangements

21st November 2003

Hollywood superstar TOM CRUISE is still reluctant to set up home with his Spanish girlfriend PENELOPE CRUZ - even though they have been dating for two years. The MINORITY REPORT hunk, 41 - who...

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Bashful Berry And Coy Cruz

18th November 2003

Movie co-stars HALLE BERRY and PENELOPE CRUZ refused to strip alongside naked extras for a raunchy scene in new movie GOTHIKA, after changing their minds at the last minute. Despite Berry previously peeling off...

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