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Blake Shelton And Vanilla Ice Cast In Adam Sandler Film

27th January 2015

Musicians Blake Shelton and Vanilla Ice have been tapped to join the star-studded cast of Adam Sandler's new Netflix movie.The funnyman signed on to star in four original movies shown exclusively on the Internet streaming...

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Fascinating Fact: 4441364

3rd November 2014

Rapper Vanilla Ice has helped a couple from Florida reveal its big baby news on by appearing in an announcement photo with the parents-to-be. The star agreed to a request from Jason and Emily...

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Gwyneth Paltrow: 'Dad Wouldn't Let Me Take Vanilla Ice Film Role'

5th September 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow had to turn down the chance to make her movie debut in rapper Vanilla Ice's 1991 movie Cool As Ice, because her dad wouldn't let her take on the role.Filmmaker Bruce Paltrow felt...

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Vanilla Ice Helped Eminem Become Successful

29th December 2013

Vanilla Ice claims he helped Eminem become a successful rapper.The 'Ice Ice Baby' star shot to fame with the hit single when he was just 16 years old and claims he ''paved the way'' for...

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Stars Turn Out For Adam Sandler's Holiday Party

6th December 2013

Demi Moore, Jack Black, Taylor Lautner, Slash, Marilyn Manson and Vanilla Ice were among the guests at Adam Sandler's annual party on Wednesday night (04Dec13).The actor puts together the yearly bash with his Happy Madison...

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The Things They Tweet: 3919471

23rd October 2013

"life is short. Friend of mine passed away last night in his 40s. Don't stress, don't panic, smile as much as possible." Rapper-turned-reality star Vanilla Ice is reminded about the fragility of life after losing...

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Vanilla Ice To Perform At Football Halftime Show

12th September 2013

Rapper Vanilla Ice is set to perform during half-time at a huge American football showdown in Texas this weekend (15Sep13).The Ice Ice Baby hitmaker, real name Robert Van Winkle, will headline the set at the...

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Kid Rock Blasts Justin Bieber

20th June 2013

Kid Rock says Justin Bieber will have a ''very long ride down''.The 42-year-old musician - who previously claimed Justin will go off the rails - has once again hit out at the 19-year-old singer, claiming...

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Kid Rock: 'Justin Bieber Is The New Vanilla Ice'

20th June 2013

Kid Rock is adamant Justin Bieber is heading towards a huge fall from grace, dismissing the pop star as the next Vanilla Ice.The Cowboy hitmaker was asked his thoughts on the teen idol during a...

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The Things They Tweet: 3641146

2nd May 2013

"Today a hip-hop soldier has fallen, I will pay respect by wearing my clothes backwards. Kris Kross." Rapper Vanilla Ice pledges to wear his clothes backwards on Thursday (02May13) in tribute to Kris Kross star...

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Vanilla Ice Going Amish For Diy Network Reality Series

By Contributor | 24th April 2013

So there was only one natural direction for Vanilla Ice to make following his highly, um successful career as a musician (still waiting for that great follow-up second hit, Vanilla) – he’s going to become...

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Vanilla Ice Signs Up For Amish Tv Challenge

24th April 2013

Rapper-turned-reality Tv regular Vanilla Ice is to front a new series in which he hangs out with the Amish.The Ice Ice Baby hitmaker, who is now a respected property tycoon and do-it-yourself expert, will live...

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Rapper Vanilla Ice Launches His Own Line Of... Chandeliers And Lighting

By Lorna Greville  | 5th February 2013

Chandeliers are often made of crystals. Crystals look like diamonds (kind of). Diamonds are sometimes referred to as ice. Vanilla Ice has a range of chandeliers and lighting. That's only four degrees of separation so...

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Justin Bieber Like Vanilla Ice?

5th February 2013

Vanilla Ice sees ''similarities'' between himself and Justin Bieber. The rapper became a global star aged 22 with his track 'Ice Ice Baby' - released in 1990 - and says he can sympathise with the...

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The Things They Say: 3474278

30th January 2013

"I see similarities. He's a great guy, he's doing great out there right now. Let's hope it doesn't trainwreck, because I had a weekend that lasted a few years... There's gonna be some growing pains...

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Vanilla Ice Throwing Block Party For Sandy Relief

13th December 2012

Rapper Vanilla Ice is turning his annual Christmas block party into a fundraiser to aid the ongoing Sandy relief efforts.The Ice Ice Baby hitmaker is inviting friends and fans to join him in Palm Beach,...

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The Things They Tweet 3093

28th August 2012

"Im dealing with hurricane Isaac. We had flooding but everybody's okay here in Florida, let's hope they're going to be okay in New Orleans... I live in South Florida, and Isaac flooded us, but I...

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Vanilla Ice's Family Upset Over Death Rumours

19th June 2012

Rapper Vanilla Ice is fuming over false reports of his death, because his concerned family and friends were terrified the rumours were true.The Ice Ice Baby hitmaker was said to have died in a car...

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Adam Sandler's 'That's My Boy' Bombs At The Box Office

18th June 2012

Adam Sandler's latest movie 'That's My Boy' has bombed at the box office. The comedy film - which also stars Adam Samberg - opened to $13 million last weekend, meaning it is one of the...

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Adam Sandler's Wife Suggested Vanilla Ice For Movie

12th June 2012

Adam Sandler's wife suggested Vanilla Ice should co-star in his latest movie. The script for 'That's My Son' called for Adam's character to be friends with a 1980s star and Adam's wife Jacqueline immediately suggested...

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The Things They Say 24257

3rd February 2012

"I want to hit arenas and really put on a big show. I want lasers, pyros and all that stuff, a huge production. There are a few acts I like that would be great to...

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The Things They Say 24174

27th January 2012

"They take a little bit of the truth and they polish it up and they make it more exciting, more glamorous... He never hung me from a balcony." Vanilla Ice disputes claims rap mogul Marion...

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Vanilla Ice Developing Tv Stunt Show

20th January 2012

Rapper Vanilla Ice is developing a new TV stunt show to raise money for charity.The Ice Ice Baby hitmaker has previously graced the small screen in home renovating programme The Vanilla Ice Project, and now...

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Vanilla Ice Stops Foreclosure On Florida Home

13th January 2012

Vanilla Ice has moved to stop a foreclosure battle over his Florida mansion after officials at a residents' association accused him of failing to pay a levy to cover hurricane damage.The rapper, real name Robert...

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Vanilla Ice Smokes Bong Onstage

23rd August 2011

Rapper Vanilla Ice shocked fans at a music festival earlier this month (Aug11) by smoking an enormous bong onstage.The Ice Ice Baby hitmaker was performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos event in Illinois last...

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Kate Bosworth's Rapping Scene Cut From New Movie

17th August 2011

Kate Bosworth showed off her rapping skills in new movie L!Fe Happens by performing a version of a Vanilla Ice track - but the scene was cut due to a copyright issue.Bosworth and co-star Fallon...

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Olly Murs A Secret Rapper

25th July 2011

Olly Murs is secretly a rapper. The 'Thinking of Me' hitmaker is a big fan of hip hop and likes to rap in his spare time, especially when he's doing karaoke. Speaking ahead of his...

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Vanilla Ice Clarifies His Opinion On Justin Bieber

24th July 2011

Vanilla Ice has further defended his position on Justin Bieber. According to Mtv the Ice Ice Baby star has been quoted earlier in the week saying: "My prediction about Bieber is that he's going to...

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Vanilla Ice Denies Spat With Justin Bieber

23rd July 2011

Vanilla Ice has moved quickly to dismiss quotes that were attributed to him earlier this week, where he apparently claimed that Justin Bieber would 'be forgotten' after his teenage years. Vanilla Ice, who was catapulted...

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Justin Bieber Told To Be Wary About Fame

22nd July 2011

Justin Bieber's fame won't last, according to Vanilla Ice. Vanilla feels he can relate to the 17-year-old singing sensation as he wrote his only hit, 1990s 'Ice Ice Baby', when he was a teenager, and...

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