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Vanessa Calls On Lindsay For Album Help

23rd July 2004

Singer VANESSA CARLTON has enlisted the help of FLEETWOOD MAC star LINDSAY BUCKINGHAM as she completes work on the follow-up to her GRAMMY-nominated debut album BE NOT NOBODY. The guitarist will join Carlton on...

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Vanessa Wants To Tan Naked

4th June 2004

Saucy singer VANESSA CARLTON is hunting for a secluded beach in Mexico so she can sunbathe naked this summer (04). The THOUSAND MILES singer loves getting naked on the beach because she hates strap...

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Carlton's Tan Plan

28th May 2004

Pop star VANESSA CARLTON is devoting this summer (04) to getting a tan because she's sick of being pale and interesting. The singer - who is dating CHARLIZE THERON's ex STEFAN JENKINS, of rockers...

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Ballet Disaster Prompts Carlton's Depression

20th January 2004

Pop star VANESSA CARLTON fell into a spiral of depression as a teenager - after a growth spurt but a halt to her future as a ballet dancer. The singer was accepted by New...

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Carlton's Goth Makeover

9th October 2003

Pop sensation VANESSA CARLTON has transformed herself into a moody goth with an album full of songs about death and suicide. The singer has adopted a darker approach to her music now she's working...

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Carlton's Passionate Production Process

3rd October 2003

Singing sensation VANESSA CARLTON is having a passionate time making her new album - because her lover STEPHAN JENKINS is producing it. The ORDINARY DAY star is currently holed up the studio working on...

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Vanessa Wants Lara Role

29th September 2003

Pop star VANESSA CARLTON is desperate to take over ANGELINA JOLIE's TOMB RAIDER role when the actress hangs up her action costume. Carlton hates videogames, but she'd happily take on the LARA CROFT role...

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Branch: I'm Not Vanessa Carlton

27th June 2003

MICHELLE BRANCH wants her fans to take note - she's not VANESSA CARLTON. The 19-year-old singer complains she's constantly mistaken for her fellow female singer-songwriter. She says, "You don't know how many times...

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Kelly Rowland Gets Her American Dream

11th May 2003

Singer KELLY ROWLAND will join the likes of THIRD EYE BLIND, VANESSA CARLTON, LEANN RIMES, USHER, B2K and ASHANTI by appearing as her singing hero on an American TV show. The DESTINY'S CHILD beauty...

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Third Eye Kinks

22nd April 2003

THIRD EYE BLIND will join the likes of VANESSA CARLTON, LEANN, RIMES, USHER, B2K and ASHANTI by appearing as their heroes in hit American TV show AMERICAN DREAMS. The rockers will perform as THE...

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Robbie Gears Up For America

26th March 2003

Britain's cheekiest pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS is preparing to make a big push for the American music market - despite previously claiming he didn't want to become famous there. The singer is set...

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B2k Tempted To Take On Tv Role

21st March 2003

R'n'B heart-throbs B2K are set to go back in time to play legendary soul group THE TEMPTATIONS. The UH HUH singer have taped an episode of the nostalgic US TV show AMERICAN DREAMS this...

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