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Vanessa Carlton Pregnant

26th June 2014

A Thousand Miles singer Vanessa Carlton has delayed the release of her new album Liberman because she's pregnant with her first child.The star informed fans on social media on Thursday (26Jun14), posting a photo of...

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Vanessa Carlton Renting Out Luxury New York Home

19th June 2014

Singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton is giving wealthy fans the chance to rent out her luxury New York apartment by placing it on the market for just under $18,000 (£11,250)-a-month.The A Thousand Miles star purchased the two...

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Katy Perry Planning To Spank Miley Cyrus

7th March 2014

Katy Perry is planning to give Miley Cyrus ''the biggest spanking'' when she sees her. The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker made the cheeky threat to 'Wrecking Ball' star Miley in response to a dig about her...

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Vanessa Carlton's Wedding Officiated By Stevie Nicks

29th December 2013

Singer Vanessa Carlton wed Deer Tick star John Mccauley on Friday (27Dec13) in a ceremony officiated by Fleetwood Mac legend Stevie Nicks.The A Thousand Miles hitmaker exchanged vows with the musician in an intimate hilltop...

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Vanessa Carlton Has Dreamy Winter Wedding To John Mccauley, Stevie Nicks Officiates

By Victoria Pavlova | 29th December 2013

It’s a fact that if Stevie Nicks officiates your wedding, it is going to be an exciting affair. It must have been so for Vanessa Carlton and John McCauley, who just had the 65-year-old singer/songwriter...

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Stevie Nicks Officiates Vanessa Carlton's Wedding

28th December 2013

Stevie Nicks officiated Vanessa Carlton's wedding on Friday (27.12.13).The Fleetwood Mac star, 65, was on hand to preside over the 'A Thousands Miles' hitmaker's ceremony as she married Deer Thick's lead singer and guitarist, John...

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Vanessa Carlton Scraps Tour Dates After Ectopic Pregnancy Drama

6th November 2013

Singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton has scrapped a series of upcoming gigs as she recovers from "intense nerve pain" following an ectopic pregnancy.The A Thousand Miles singer was set to hit the road later this month (Nov13)...

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Carlton's Alleged Dog Attacker Set Free

8th July 2010

A dog accused of attacking VANESSA CARLTON in May (10) has been saved from death after the pet's owner proved the teeth marks on the singer's leg did not match those of the pooch.The A...

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Carlton Reveals She's Bisexual At Gay Pride Event

21st June 2010

Singer VANESSA CARLTON has 'outed' herself as bisexual - in front of an 18,000-strong crowd at a gay and lesbian festival in Nashville, Tennessee.The A Thousand Miles star was headlining the Nashville Pride Festival at...

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Carlton Attacked By Dog

9th May 2010

Singer VANESSA CARLTON is recovering after she was attacked by a dog last week (02May10).The A Thousand Miles hitmaker was jogging near her father's home in Shohola, Pennsylvania last Sunday (02May10) when a pitbull reportedly...

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Fascinating Fact 4122

18th October 2007

Pop star VANESSA CARLTON's new puppy, a long-haired dachshund called Lord Victor, appears in the singer's comeback video NOLITA FAIRYTALE.

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The Things They Say 5748

2nd October 2007

"I'm more hardcore than he is. I don't know if it's because I'm Russian, but you could stick an IV full of vodka in me and I'm immune to it." Singer/songwriter VANESSA CARLTON on nights...

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The Things They Say 5742

2nd October 2007

"I adore him but every girl knows she'll get her heart broken if she dates the lead singer of the band." Singer VANESSA CARLTON on dating ex-boyfriend and THIRD EYE BLIND frontman STEPHAN JENKINS....

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Fascinating Fact 4032

1st October 2007

Singer/songwriter VANESSA CARLTON recorded part of her last album at STAR WARS creator GEORGE LUCAS' Skywalker Ranch in California....

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Morissette Takes Aim At Pop Peers In Internet Video

3rd April 2007

ALANIS MORISSETTE is poking fun at her pop peers in a new video. The IRONIC singer shot the quirky spoof in front of a huge white sheet and posted it online as an April...

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Gotti Signs Vanessa Carlton

2nd November 2006

Rap mogul IRV GOTTI has stunned the music world by signing singer VANESSA CARLTON to his record label. The Inc boss is famous for turning hip-hop stars like JA RULE and CADILLAC TAH into hitmakers...

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Nicks Counsels Branch + Carlton

14th March 2006

FLEETWOOD MAC star STEVIE NICKS has become a mentor to modern singer/songwriters like VANESSA CARLTON and MICHELLE BRANCH - because she hates the idea of stripper-like pop stars taking over the music industry. Nicks is...

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Carlton's Arson Thoughts To Keep Marathon Pain At Bay

7th November 2005

Pop star VANESSA CARLTON was thinking about burning down her house as she ran in the New York Marathon yesterday (06NOV05) - because it was the only way she could deal with the pain of...

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Carlton Pledges Marathon Funds To Music Fans

2nd November 2005

VANESSA CARLTON will donate cash raised by her participation in Sunday's (06NOV05) New York City Marathon to a special charity for ailing music fans. The A THOUSAND MILES singer is joining local pop radio...

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Fascinating Fact 137

6th September 2005

Singer VANESSA CARLTON was such a huge fan of giving her dormitory rooms makeovers while she was at high school, she was given an award one year for "most creative use of space"....

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Carlton's Rude Awakening

6th September 2005

VANESSA CARLTON has been taken by surprise by her grandfather - because she only recently realised a painting he gave her features nude women. The ALAN J LEE picture features three women in various...

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Stars Get Naked For Jane

2nd June 2005

ANNA KOURNIKOVA, MICHELLE PHILLIPS, GABRIELLE UNION and VANESSA CARLTON are among the celebrities getting naked for the new issue of US magazine JANE. The women appear with their breasts and genitals carefully covered for...

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Carlton Applies To Run In New York Marathon

18th May 2005

VANESSA CARLTON is hoping to follow in the footsteps of SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS, by running the New York City Marathon. The THOUSAND MILES singer is currently training with the hopes of being one...

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Carlton Slams Simpson's Lip-synching

24th March 2005

Sexy singer VANESSA CARLTON has hit out at pop rival ASHLEE SIMPSON, accusing her of continuing to lip-synch during live performances. The A THOUSAND MILES star was performing live at New York's Irving Plaza...

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Carlton's Childhood Piano Fix

10th December 2004

Pop star VANESSA CARLTON couldn't escape piano playing when she was growing up - she was always surrounded by Steinways and Baby Grands. Carlton's mother was a "terrible" piano saleswoman, who could never get...

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Jenkins Wooed Carlton With A Raccoon Penis Necklace

9th December 2004

THIRD EYE BLIND frontman wooed pop star VANESSA CARLTON by giving her a dried raccoon's penis necklace and JT LEROY's novel SARAH. The A THOUSAND MILES singer, 24, fell for the 40-year-old rocker, who...

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Carlton: 'Jesus Is Uppity Jew'

26th October 2004

Singer VANESSA CARLTON has angered religious fans after allegedly referring to JESUS as "an uppity Jew" during a trip to a Catholic Church. The Jewish star visited the church as a form of "spiritual...

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Carlton Does Ballet In Boyfriend's New Video

30th September 2004

Pop star VANESSA CARLTON's boyfriend STEPHAN JENKINS asked the singer to perform ballet in her new video - even though she had not done it since she was a child. Jenkins persuaded his girlfriend...

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Stars Gather To Urge Women To Vote

19th August 2004

SUSAN SARANDON, VANESSA CARLTON and ROSARIO DAWSON are among a host of stars teaming up to encourage young, single women to vote in America's upcoming presidential election. The celebrities will appear at a 13...

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Vanessa Carlton Nervous About Release Of Second Album

29th July 2004

VANESSA CARLTON is nervously awaiting the release of her second album - because she fears it will make or break her career. The A THOUSAND MILES singer scored success when her debut album BE...

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