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Musician-turned-skier Vanessa-mae Caught Up In Race-fixing Scandal

11th July 2014

Classical musician-turned-professional skier Vanessa-Mae has become embroiled in a race-fixing scandal in Slovenia amid allegations competition results were rigged to enable the star to qualify for the 2014 Winter Olympics.The British violinist took a hiatus...

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Vanessa Mae Celebrates Major Chinese Anti-animal Cruelty Law

1st July 2014

Classical music star Vanessa Mae is celebrating after Chinese officials announced the end of a mandate on animal testing for cosmetics.The violinist, who was born in Singapore but has Chinese roots, teamed up with officials...

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Vanessa-mae Finishes Last In Olympics Debut

18th February 2014

Classical violinist Vanessa-Mae finished last in her ski race at the Winter Olympics in Russia on Tuesday (18Feb14).The musician is representing Thailand at the Games in Sochi and she made her debut in the Women's...

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Vanessa-mae Taking Music Hiatus To Chase Olympic Dream

21st January 2013

Classical violinist Vanessa-Mae is taking a break from music in the hope of competing for Thailand in the 2014 Winter Olympics.The 34-year-old star has announced a year-long hiatus so she can throw herself into ski...

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The Things They Say 26017

27th August 2012

"He is definitely supportive. I have my trainer and Lionel sometimes doubles up as my assistant trainer... He knows that skiing has been a big part of my life for so long, so he's super-happy...

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Hilary Swank Sacked After Partying With Chechen Leader

7th November 2011

Hilary Swank has been sensationally dropped by her publicists, in a move that's thought to be pre-emptive following the actress recently dropping her management of the previous eight years in the wake of last month's...

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Hilary Swank 'Deeply Regrets' Attending Kadyrov's Birthday

13th October 2011

Hilary Swank has expressed "deep regret" for attending the birthday concert of Chechen leader Romazan Kadyrov - an individual accused of torture, killings and abductions by human rights groups. The two-time Oscar winner claims she...

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Violin Star Vanessa-mae To Compete In Olympics

30th July 2010

VANESSA-MAE is going for the gold at the 2014 Winter Olympics - the classical violinist is set to compete as a downhill skier.The 31-year-old musician is strapping on her skis to represent Thailand in the...

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Mae Blasts Lazy Builders

6th August 2007

Violinist VANESSA MAE has blamed lazy construction workers for making her wait six years for her dream home. The British musician bought a house in Kensington, London, back in 2001 - but her builders are...

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The Things They Say 4102

21st February 2007

"I've done my bit of rebelling. I once cut my hair really short and dyed it blue but that's as far as I've gone." Violin sensation VANESSA-MAE has no plans to reproduce BRITNEY SPEARS' Friday...

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Mae Rejects Marriage

21st February 2007

British classical and pop musician VANESSA-MAE has ruled out marriage to her longterm boyfriend over fears it'll end messily in divorce. The acclaimed violinist is still scarred by the breakdown of her parents' relationship and...

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Mae Sued By Builder

28th May 2006

Classical musician VANESSA MAE is being sued for $180,000 (GBP100,000) by a builder who claims she has failed to pay for work done on her London home. ROBIN ELLIS was in charge of renovating the...

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Mae UK's Richest Young Star

21st April 2006

Violinist VANESSA MAE has topped a list of Britain's wealthiest young entertainers, thanks to her GBP32 million ($56 million) fortune. The beautiful Singapore-born musician - who finished tenth overall in the list of Britain's one...

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Mae's Million Dollar Hands

27th March 2006

Classical violinist VANESSA MAE took out a multi-million dollar insurance policy on her hands recently, in case she had an accident while at a charity skiing event. The Singapore-born musician refuses to jeopardise her career...

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Mae Relaxed About Marriage

26th April 2005

Classical music star VANESSA-MAE is the "perfect girlfriend" to boyfriend LIONEL CATELAN - because she never nags him about marriage or children. The 26-year-old violinist has been dating the French wine expert for six...

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Vanessa-mae Encourages More Tsunami Aid

5th April 2005

Classical-pop violinist VANESSA-MAE hopes her benefit concert for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami will encourage people to keep donating to the relief effort. The Singapore native, who lives in London, will perform songs...

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Vanessa-mae To Perform At Tsunami Benefit Concert

12th March 2005

Classical-pop violinist VANESSA-MAE is set to perform a benefit concert for victims of the December's (04) devastating Indian Ocean tsunami. The Singapore native, who lives in London, will perform songs from her latest album,...

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Mae's Cosseted Childhood

31st January 2005

Classical musician VANESSA MAE found fame and fortune at such an early age, she grew up with no concept of the value of money. In retrospect the RED HOT star can see just how...

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Mae Out Of Touch With Mother

7th December 2004

VANESSA MAE hates the fact her mother feels compelled to involve herself in all aspects of her daughter's life - because ultimately the trait has ended their relationship. The talented violinist was managed by...

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Mae's Stalker Attempts To Make Contact

6th December 2004

Sexy violinist VANESSA MAE's eagerly awaited return to music in October (04) took a terrifying turn just days before her live comeback - her stalker sent a letter to the concert venue. Earlier this...

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Mae Threatens Stalker With Jail

10th September 2004

Sexy violinist VANESSA MAE has appeared on live British TV to warn her stalker she'll have him jailed if he troubles her again. Obsessed fan DAVID MARTIN - who had been plaguing her with...

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Vanessa Mae's Stalker Walks Free

24th August 2004

LATEST: Sexy violinist VANESSA MAE's stalker has walked away from court a free man today (24AUG04), despite being sentenced to six months in jail for breaking a restraining order. DAVID MARTIN had been obsessed...

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Vanessa Mae's Stalker To Be Sentenced

4th August 2004

Violinist VANESSA MAE's stalker DAVID MARTIN faces a possible jail sentence after harassing the stunning musician for ten years. Martin, 56, was told yesterday (03AUG04) in West London Magistrates' Court, he would be remanded...

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Mae's Stalker Sent To Jail

9th March 2004

A stalker who terrified classical violinist VANESSA MAE has been jailed for a week and ordered never to go near the musician again. DAVID MARTIN, 56, was convicted of breaking a court order which...

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Vanessa Mae "Stalker" In Custody

21st October 2003

A man accused of stalking classical superstar VANESSA MAE has been remanded in custody in London. DAVID MARTIN is alleged to have harassed the stunning violinist since they first met nine years ago and...

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Vanessa-mae Calls In Cops About Stalker

12th October 2003

Violinist VANESSA-MAE is so terrified of her obsessive stalker, she has finally called in the police. The pretty musician has been plagued with letters from the crazed fan for three years, but has become...

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