Vanessa Lachey admits changing diapers has been the biggest struggle of motherhood.

The 'Wipeout' presenter gave birth to her first son Camden eight weeks ago but confessed it hasn't all been easy.

She said: ''I think the diaper thing has been the biggest challenge. His first blowout, I made two rookie mistakes. Number one I didn't put a diaper underneath the old one and number two I didn't let him finish. [Her husband] Nick and I laughed ourselves to tears.''

Luckily for Vanessa, Nick loves changing diapers as he uses the time to bond with the tot.

She said: ''Nick's the best. I'm really lucky. He changes them a lot. Since I nurse, Nick sees that as his bonding time. He'll talk and sing to him while doing it.''

Even though Camden is only eight weeks old, Vanessa can already see major developments.

She told Us Weekly: ''He's smiling at the sound of our voices now. He's so peaceful - he just sits there and takes it all in with his bright blue eyes. He has his daddy's eyes.''