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Maran Has A Crush On Stefani

15th August 2004

VAN HELSING beauty JOSIE MARAN has unveiled a celebrity crush - on sexy singer GWEN STEFANI. The former model - who was once romantically linked to magician DAVID BLAINE - admits she would love...

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Kutcher To Flash

10th August 2004

Hollywood hunk ASHTON KUTCHER is set to don a lycra suit to play FLASH GORDON in a new remake of the 1936 action film. The PUNK'D host, who is reportedly set to wed his...

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Amy Lee Inspired By Van Helsing

16th June 2004

HUGH JACKMAN's new monster movie VAN HELSING has inspired EVANESCENCE singer AMY LEE to pen new tunes all about vampires. The FALLEN singer was thrilled by the new movie, which also stars KATE BECKINSALE....

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Jackman Touched By Kidman

7th June 2004

Hollywood star HUGH JACKMAN credits NICOLE KIDMAN with making his TONY AWARD victory an extra special occasion - because his "great supporter" presented the gong to him. Jackman - who scooped the Best Leading...

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Potter's Magic Scores Another Us Number One

7th June 2004

HARRY POTTER's magic has cast a spell on the American box office again after raking in $92.6 million (GBP51.4 million) in its opening weekend (04JUN-06JUN04). HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN ended SHREK...

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Jackman Wins Dance Award

1st June 2004

Hollywood star HUGH JACKMAN has scooped a prestigious award for his dancing skills in Broadway, New York show THE BOY FROM OZ. The Australian VAN HELSING hunk and DONNA MURPHY - star of rival...

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Beckinsale 'Tricked' Into Engagement

27th May 2004

VAN HELSING beauty KATE BECKINSALE was proposed to by boyfriend LEN WISEMAN when he asked her to open a friend's birthday present for her - and found her won engagement ring inside. Director Wiseman...

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Records Crumble As Shrek Marches To The Top

24th May 2004

SHREK 2 has smashed SPIDER-MAN's one-day ticket sales record in America after taking in a whopping $44.8 million (GBP24.8 million) on Saturday (22MAY04) alone. The animated sequel made a staggering $104.3 million (GBP58 million)...

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Maran Blasts Jackman Sexuality Rumours

24th May 2004

Model-turned-actress JOSIE MARAN has laughed off rumours about VAN HELSING co-star HUGH JACKMAN's sexuality - insisting he's "so not gay". The former MAYBELLINE spokesmodel plays one of COUNT DRACULA's brides, MARISHKA, in the action...

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Maran Hints At Beckinsale Rift

24th May 2004

Stunning movie babe JOSIE MARAN has hinted at a troubled relationship with her VAN HELSING co-stars KATE BECKINSALE, SILVIA COLLOCA and ELENA ANAYA during the making of the action film last year (03). The...

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Jackman's Mother Talks About Walking Out On Him

23rd May 2004

HUGH JACKMAN's mother insists she was devastated when she decided to quit the family's Australian home, when the Hollywood star was only eight years old. GRACE WATSON walked out on the VAN HELSING actor,...

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Roxburgh Fights Love

11th May 2004

MOULIN ROUGE! star RICHARD ROXBURGH fought against falling in love with his fiancee SILVIA COLLOCA on the set of their new film VAN HELSING, because he was determined never to romance a co-star. The...

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Monster Opening For Van Helsing

10th May 2004

Vampire hunter VAN HELSING has had a monster opening in America with a surprise $54.2 million (GBP30.1 million) first weekend (08/09MAY04) take. The new action film, starring HUGH JACKMAN and KATE BECKINSALE made $40...

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Beckinsale Fights Her Laziness

7th May 2004

English beauty KATE BECKINSALE found getting into shape for horror thriller VAN HELSING a real challenge - because she's so lazy. The British actress, who is set the tie the knot with her director...

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Beckinsale Slams Farrell And Boob Claims

5th May 2004

Actress KATE BECKINSALE has slammed reports she's slept with COLIN FARRELL and had a boob job - because she'd have made her breasts bigger if she had undergone surgery. The star - who is...

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Beckinsale To Wed In Las Vegas?

2nd May 2004

British actress KATE BECKINSALE has chosen a lively city to walk down the aisle with her director boyfriend LEN WISEMAN - Las Vegas. According to America's IN TOUCH WEEKLY magazine, the pair will head...

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Beckinsale Gets An Accent Boost

27th April 2004

KATE BECKINSALE's past French and Russian language studies came to good use when she was asked to provide an authentic accent for her new Romanian princess role in VAN HELSING. The PEARL HARBOR star...

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Love At First Sight For Colloca + Roxburgh

26th April 2004

Actress SILVIA COLLOCA lied to castmates on the new VAN HELSING movie for months because she feared her onset romance with MOULIN ROUGE! star RICHARD ROXBURGH was "unprofessional". Colloca fell for the British actor...

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Hugh's Huge Naked Blunder

23rd April 2004

HUGH JACKMAN hopes one deleted scene from his new action movie VAN HELSING stays on the cutting room floor - because the Aussie hunk reveals a little too much flesh. The X-MEN star accidentally...

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Jackman Breaks Extra's Hand

26th March 2004

Clumsy X-MEN star HUGH JACKMAN accidentally broke an extra's hand on the set of his latest film VAN HELSING. The Australian actor plays the legendary monster hunter alongside English rose KATE BECKINSALE in the...

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Universal Bosses Lockdown Deserted Van Helsing Set

22nd March 2004

Movie bosses at UNIVERSAL are reportedly paying $32,000 (GBP17,780)-a-year to keep their stage set for the new VAN HELSING film intact - so they can use it for a sequel Shooting on the HUGH...

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Kate Beckinsale Throws Diva Tantrum On-set

21st March 2004

British actress KATE BECKINSALE has been accused of being a diva on the set of new vampire movie VAN HELSING and jeopardising a dangerous stunt. The PEARL HARBOR star reportedly refused to perform a...

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Beckinsale's Daughter Has No Fear Of Monsters

20th January 2004

Sexy actress KATE BECKINSALE's daughter LILY is so used to mingling with her mother's co-stars on horror film sets, she's no longer afraid of monsters. British Beckinsale - fresh from her role as a...

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Hugh Jackman Wants To Be Wolverine Again

21st August 2003

Australian actor HUGH JACKMAN wants to reprise his role as WOLVERINE in the X-MEN films - although no plans have been made yet for a third installment. The SWORDFISH star has just finished filming...

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Jackman Second Choice For Wolverine

4th May 2003

HUGH JACKMAN only won the part of WOLVERINE in the X-MEN series after DOUGRAY SCOTT turned it down. The Australian actor knows he was second choice for the role of the hairy mutant superhero,...

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Bad Back Puts Back 2 Date

27th March 2003

TOBEY MAGUIRE's bad back is still affecting the upcoming SPIDER-MAN sequel - it has now delayed the release date on the superhero movie. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is now slated for a July 2004 release,...

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Beckinsale Labelled A Diva

27th March 2003

British actress KATE BECKINSALE has alienated herself from cast and crew on the set of her new movie - who accuse her of being a diva. The PEARL HARBOR star is currently filming VAN...

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