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Angelina + Kilmer Get Close

12th October 2003

Movie beauty ANGELINA JOLIE and hunky VAL KILMER have been getting to know each other - in preparation for their roles as husband and wife in ALEXANDER THE GREAT. The actors have been meeting...

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Kilmer Accuses Rolling Stone Of Misquoting Him

10th October 2003

LATEST: Actor VAL KILMER has accused ROLLING STONE magazine of misquoting him in an article which has sparked ire in the American state of New Mexico. The publication's 16 October (03) issue features a...

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Kilmer Makes A Mint At Celebrity Show

9th October 2003

Actor VAL KILMER reportedly raked in a small fortune at a Los Angeles autograph show last weekend (4/5OCT03) - by making fans pay to get their picture taken with him. According to the PAGE...

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Oliver Stone Receives Achievement Award

7th October 2003

Controversial director OLIVER STONE has received a lifetime achievement award in Morocco, where he's currently filming historical epic ALEXANDER. The NATURAL BORN KILLERS film-maker was honoured yesterday (06OCT03) with the GOLDEN STAR award during...

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Kilmer Agrees To Friends Guest Spot

7th October 2003

Actor VAL KILMER has agreed to take on a guest role on hit TV show FRIENDS - even though he claims he's never seen an episode. The BATMAN FOREVER star made the agreement while...

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Jack Black's School Of Rock Tops American Box Office

6th October 2003

JACK BLACK's new movie THE SCHOOL OF ROCK has earned top grades at the American box office this weekend (03-05OCT03), landing at number one with a $20.2 million (GBP12.6 million) debut. Black, a relative...

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Kilmer Upsets New Mexico Senator

6th October 2003

Actor VAL KILMER has been slammed for his comments about the American state of New Mexico by a local senator. Kilmer, who has a ranch in the mountains south of Pecos, was asked about...

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Batman Turned Kilmer Into A Pensioner

3rd October 2003

Playing BATMAN gave VAL KILMER had an early taste of what it would be like to get old - because his batsuit was so restrictive. The actor donned the figure-hugging all-black outfit for BATMAN...

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Kilmer: I'm Not Difficult, My Characters Are

2nd October 2003

THE DOORS star VAL KILMER has hit back at suggestions he is a nightmare to work with - insisting it's his characters that are difficult, not him. The hunky TOP GUN actor's on-set antics...

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Kilmer Excited To Work With Jolie

2nd October 2003

Actor VAL KILMER is thoroughly excited about going to Morocco to shoot scenes for the epic ALEXANDER - mainly because ANGELINA JOLIE is his co-star. Despite the May (03) bombings in Casablanca which killed...

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Kilmer Credits Kudrow For Wonderland Decision

1st October 2003

Hollywood actor VAL KILMER credits FRIENDS star LISA KUDROW for his decision to take on the role of porn star JOHN HOLMES. Kilmer's efforts in the soon-to-be-released WONDERLAND have already won over a number...

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Kilmer Exits Collateral

28th September 2003

Actor VAL KILMER has spectacularly quit his leading role in new big budget movie COLLATERAL - because of his recent commitment to OLIVER STONE's historical epic ALEXANDER. Although Kilmer had been in negotiations to...

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Kilmer Upstaged By Steve-o's Penis

26th September 2003

VAL KILMER was upstaged as he walked down the red carpet with gorgeous girlfriend DARYL HANNAH at the premiere of his new movie WONDERLAND - by JACKASS star STEVE-O's penis. The cheeky prankster stripped...

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Kilmer Heads For Russia

15th September 2003

Eccentric movie star VAL KILMER is planning to take Hollywood to Russia, after being tempted to make movies there by the country's wealthy elite. The actor, who played JIM MORRISON in THE DOORS, has...

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Kilmer To Play Farrell's Dad In Alexander Epic

9th September 2003

VAL KILMER is to play COLIN FARRELL's dad in OLIVER STONE's ambitious ALEXANDER THE GREAT epic. THE DOORS star has signed on to play Macedonian king PHILIP opposite the Irishman and ANGELINA JOLIE, who'll...

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Clooney Knows Why Batman Failed

7th September 2003

GEORGE CLOONEY has a theory about why his stint as BATMAN was a disaster - no-one feels sorry for the troubled CAPED CRUSADER. The movie hunk followed MICHAEL KEATON and VAL KILMER as a...

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Jada Cruises Into Collateral

4th September 2003

Movie star JADA PINKETT SMITH is set to join the cast of new TOM CRUISE movie COLLATERAL. The MATRIX RELOADED actress, who is married to WILL SMITH, will also work alongside JAMIE FOXX, VAL...

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Hunks Line Up For Batman Role

3rd September 2003

A galaxy of Hollywood hunks are lining up to audition for the coveted role of BATMAN over the next three days. JAKE GYLLENHAAL, CHRISTIAN BALE, JOSHUA JACKSON, CILLIAN MURPHY, HENRY CAVILL and EION BAILEY...

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Kilmer Gets Arty With Wonderland

29th August 2003

Eccentric movie star VAL KILMER has turned his shocking new movie WONDERLAND into a piece of art. The actor hired photographer ALI ALBORZI (corr) to capture stolen moments on the set for a planned...

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Bancroft Becomes Animated Villain

26th August 2003

Veteran actress ANNE BANCROFT has joined an A-list voice cast for computer-animated feature DELGO - in which she'll portray the movie's villain. Delgo - an indie project about a troubled youth and some...

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Kilmer And Cruise Reunite For Pic?

19th August 2003

VAL KILMER is in talks to join his TOP GUN co-star TOM CRUISE in MICHAEL MANN's new thriller COLLATERAL. The film stars JAMIE FOXX as a cab driver who is forced to drive an...

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Meg Ryan's Flick Makes Way For Blockbusters

3rd August 2003

Movie beauty MEG RYAN has found herself in the company of stars including CHRISTINA RICCI and VAL KILMER after her new movie had its release date pushed back to next year (04). AGAINST THE...

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Daryl Hannah: I'll Be Happier Single

13th July 2003

Gorgeous movie star DARYL HANNAH has decided to ditch men - claiming it's more fun being single. And the SPLASH beauty - who has dated hunks including actor VAL KILMER and JOHN F KENNEDY...

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Kilmer's Temper Tantrum

8th July 2003

VAL KILMER may have lost out on the high-profile roles he once enjoyed, but he can still throw a tantrum like an A-list celebrity. Gossip website PAGESIX reports that when the HEAT actor spent...

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Val Kilmer's Deep Understanding

1st July 2003

Hollywood actor VAL KILMER insists his latest movie about pornography actor JOHN HOLMES is more of a love story than a sex biopic. The BATMAN FOREVER hero is playing the most famous male sex...

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Macy Credits Writer Mamet

18th April 2003

Actor WILLIAM H MACY believes he owes his living to veteran screenwriter DAVID MAMET - because the scribe put him on the movie map. The FARGO star is currently filming SPARTAN - written and...

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Val Kilmer Terrifies Co.stars

15th April 2003

Hollywood actor VAL KILMER is so convincing as '70s porn star JOHN HOLMES - he's petrified his co-stars. Kilmer takes on the lead role in WONDERLAND, a dark drama of sex and murder....

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Joanne Whalley Says It.s All In The Sole

14th April 2003

Men hoping to secure a date with British actress JOANNE WHALLEY have to ensure at least one part of their attire is perfect - their shoes. Whalley, ex-wife of her WILLOW co-star VAL KILMER,...

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Kilmer Shocks Crew With Flashing Incident

7th April 2003

Actor VAL KILMER left a group of costume designers red-faced on the set of his latest movie - by flashing his penis at them. The incident happened as the BATMAN hunk was changing for...

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Kilmer Forgets His Kit

4th April 2003

THE DOORS heart-throb VAL KILMER caused the entire crew to blush on the set of his new film MINDHUNTERS. The feisty star, who split with DARYL HANNAH last year, arrived on the set for...

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