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Kilmer And Whalley Lose Tax Refund Appeal

2nd September 2004

Hollywood star VAL KILMER and his ex wife JOANNE WHALLEY have lost their battle over a $300,000 (GBP167,000) tax refund. The pair appealed for the sum, which represents income taxes paid in 1995, because...

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Farrell Tested Stone's Patience After Drunken Fall

30th August 2004

Hellraiser COLIN FARRELL almost faced the wrath of movie maker OLIVER STONE after breaking his ankle and his wrist with three days of ALEXANDER still to film. The Irishman fell down a stairway after...

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Jolie Tells Stuntwoman Of Her 'Love For Kilmer'

13th August 2004

Hollywood actress ANGELINA JOLIE has been telling pals about her love for new boyfriend VAL KILMER. The OSCAR-winning star met up with her TOMB RAIDER stuntwoman friend EUNICE HUTHART for drinks and a meal...

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Kilmer To Get Holy On Stage

16th July 2004

Movie star VAL KILMER is to bring MOSES back to life in a new stage adaptation of classic film THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. The actor - who's often been attacked for his hostile attitude toward...

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Nicholson In Feud With Kilmer

25th June 2004

Actor VAL KILMER's appearance at a tribute event for JACK NICHOLSON failed to impress the Hollywood legend, who spent the night ignoring the hunk. Kilmer flew to the LAS VEGAS FILM FESTIVAL last weekend...

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Kilmer Blasts Polite English

31st May 2004

Hollywood hunk VAL KILMER has blasted the English for being too polite - claiming the nation "apologises for being alive". The 44-year-old actor has spent months at a time filming in the UK and...

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Kilmer Dating Co-star

21st May 2004

Actor VAL KILMER has reportedly embarked on a romance with his pretty co-star in the upcoming movie KISS, KISS, BANG, BANG!. The WONDERLAND star and MICHELLE MONAGHAN were seen enjoying time together in a...

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Kilmer Has No Interest In Porn Films

9th May 2004

Hollywood actor VAL KILMER has never watched a porn movie in his life, despite playing the adult movie legend JOHN HOLMES in his latest film. Kilmer plays the star of more than 200 porn...

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Kilmer Bowled Over By Jolie's Beauty

2nd May 2004

ANGELINA JOLIE's list of admirers continue to grow - her ALEXANDER co-star VAL KILMER has declared she is "amazingly gorgeous". The WONDERLAND actor, 44, was so impressed with the beautiful OSCAR winner he...

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Kilmer: Actors Should Expect Press Intrusion

21st April 2004

Hollywood actor VAL KILMER has issued a warning to all budding thespians - love your craft and be prepared to put up with being followed by the paparazzi. The WONDERLAND star knows a lot...

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Freddie Prinze Jr Is Delgo

20th April 2004

Hollywood hunk FREDDIE PRINZE JR has been selected as the voice of DELGO in the upcoming computer-generated movie. FATHOM has revealed that Prinze Jr is Delgo, a teen who must save the world, after...

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Dylan Fails To Impress Kilmer's Kids

16th April 2004

Veteran rocker BOB DYLAN usually inspires reverence wherever he goes - except when VAL KILMER's children visited the set of movie MASKED AND ANONYMOUS. Kilmer's children - MERCEDES, 12, and JACK, eight - were...

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Kilmer's Fascination Keeps Him Focused

14th April 2004

Hollywood superstar VAL KILMER credits his passion for acting with keeping him in the movie business, and blames a lack of film interest for sparking the end of many stars' screen careers. The HEAT...

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Val Kilmer Hits Out At Bad Boy Stigma

13th April 2004

Hollywood superstar VAL KILMER has slammed long established reports he is impossible to work with. The actor has hit out at claims he is a troublemaker on movie sets, insisting journalists have simply created...

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Farrell Finds Horse-riding Hurts

11th April 2004

Movie actor COLIN FARRELL had to perfect his horse-riding skills in preparation for his role in historical biopic ALEXANDER. The Irish-born actor - who plays Macedonian conqueror ALEXANDER THE GREAT alongside co-stars ANGELINA...

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Kilmer's Interest In Porn Role

26th March 2004

Hollywood actor VAL KILMER wanted to play real-life porn star JOHN HOLMES in WONDERLAND because of his tragic descent into drug addiction and involvement with criminals. THE DOORS star was so interested in the...

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Kilmer + Downey Jr Play Oddball Movie Couple

25th March 2004

Movie eccentrics VAL KILMER and ROBERT DOWNEY JR have teamed up to star in a quirky new movie. Kilmer will play a gay private investigator and Downey Jr a thief on the run in...

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Daryl Hannah's Baby Plans

19th March 2004

Movie beauty DARYL HANNAH is desperate to have a baby, so she can add to her already huge family. The 44-year-old KILL BILL star is currently single after relationships with actor VAL KILMER and...

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Kilmer Watches Comedies To Deal With Tough Role

16th March 2004

VAL KILMER built up a collection of comedy films on the set of gruelling new movie SPARTAN to help him cope with its dark themes. In the film, Kilmer plays a covert agent going...

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Kilmer Offers Buddha As A Raffle Prize

15th March 2004

VAL KILMER has introduced the trend of raffling off prizes to Thailand after offering off a statue of Buddha to Thai locals. The movie star decided to throw a wrap party in Thailand after...

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Kilmer Sued By London Gallery

15th March 2004

Hollywood star VAL KILMER is being sued by a London gallery after he reportedly pulled out of an agreement to exhibit his photographs for the first time in Britain. The actor had agreed to...

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Kilmer Starts Film Commission In New Mexico

9th March 2004

Hollywood actor VAL KILMER has set up a film commission in New Mexico in an effort to pull more cash into the state. The WONDERLAND star - who was recently at the centre of...

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Whalley To Play Collins Role In Dynasty Film

26th February 2004

Movie actress JOANNE WHALLEY has signed up to play JOAN COLLINS in a new television movie of hit eighties show DYNASTY. The 39-year-old, who has two children with ex-husband VAL KILMER, is to play...

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Mindhunters Release Delayed Again

23rd January 2004

The release of CHRISTIAN SLATER and VAL KILMER's movie MINDHUNTERS has been pushed back yet again, after close to a year of delays. The movie, about an FBI profilers training exercise which goes wrong...

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Noble Willingham Dies

21st January 2004

WALKER, TEXAS RANGER star NOBLE WILLINGHAM has died of natural causes, aged 72. The actor, who appeared in such celluloid classics as CHINATOWN and PAPER MOON, passed away at his Palm Springs home....

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Timberlake Given Last Chance By Diaz

14th December 2003

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's relationship with CAMERON DIAZ is floundering - the Hollywood babe has threatened to split with him if she hears he's been partying without her again. The hunky pop singer, 22, was reportedly...

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Justin Timberlake Parties With Blonde

7th December 2003

Pop romeo JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE partied with a mystery blonde during a night out with celebrity pals. The CRY ME A RIVER singer - who is dating gorgeous CAMERON DIAZ - hugged and kissed the...

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Leo's Alex On Hold

17th November 2003

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's dreams of playing historical legend ALEXANDER THE GREAT have been put on hold due to a lack of Japanese interest. Reports in today's (17NOV03) DAILY VARIETY suggest producer DINO DE LAURENTIIS (corr)...

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Dylan Recreates The Man He Says Murdered His Mother

31st October 2003

Former THE PRACTICE star DYLAN McDERMOTT suffered for his art while playing a gruesome drug-dealing biker in WONDERLAND - he based the character on the man who killed his mother. Although the authorities concluded...

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Jolie's Ready For Sex Again

20th October 2003

Stunning actress ANGELINA JOLIE is eager to start having sex again - after more than a year without it. The TOMB RAIDER beauty, adopted mother of two-year-old MADDOX, claims she has not slept with...

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