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Fascinating Fact 5897

30th August 2008

HOUSE OF SAND + FOG director VADIM PERELMAN is in negotiations to revamp the POLTERGEIST movie franchise. Film bosses at MGM are hunting for a young actress to play the new CAROL ANNE FREELING in...

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Perelman Regrets Bar Brawl

21st April 2008

HOUSE OF SAND + FOG director VADIM PERELMAN has spoken about his regret following a 2006 arrest after a bar brawl. The moviemaker was charged with sexual assault and assault following the incident, during which...

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Beckham To Play Soldier In World War I Movie

13th March 2007

Soccer stud DAVID BECKHAM will make a cameo as a soldier in HOUSE OF SAND + FOG director VADIM PERELMAN's new movie about a World War I football game between the English and German armies....

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Director Perelman Escapes Sexual Assault Charges

19th October 2006

Ukrainian movie-maker VADIM PERELMAN has been placed on "accelerated rehabilitation" after being accused of sexually assaulting of two women in July (06). The HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG director allegedly groped the women and punched...

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Director Perelman Denies Chair Assault

7th August 2006

Hollywood film-maker VADIM PERELMAN has hit back at claims he hurled a chair at the head of a Discovery Channel writer in a fit of rage. RENAE GARCIA alleges the HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG...

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Thurman Stays In Bloom Despite Arrest

3rd August 2006

UMA THURMAN has pledged her commitment to starring in new movie IN BLOOM following director VADIM PERELMAN's arrest on sexual assault charges last month (JUL06). Perelman, 42, stands accused of groping two women and punching...

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Director Goes To Court For Groping

2nd August 2006

VADIM PERELMAN, who directed the 2003 film HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG, appeared in a Norwalk, Connecticut court on Monday (31JUL06) on charges he groped two women and punched another at a nightclub. During his...

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Clarkson's Family Ok's Painful Break-up Video

5th October 2005

Pop star KELLY CLARKSON had to clear her new video with her family, because it deals specifically with her parents' break-up and divorce when she was a child. The BREAKAWAY singer wrote the treatment...

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