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Dolph Lundgren Signs For In The Name Of The King 2

19th November 2010

Dolph Lundgren has signed up for 'In The Name of the King 2'.The actor will take on the lead role in Uwe Boll's movie, in which he will play a war veteran who is sucked...

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Director Boll Attacks Hollywood Stars For Snubbing His Darfur Film

8th November 2010

Moviemaker UWE BOLL has lashed out at Hollywood's Darfur devotees for failing to help him land a proper release for his harrowing film about the massacres in the Sudan.In an open letter, printed in industry...

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Madsen Still Scarred By Bloodrayne Movie

30th August 2008

Hollywood tough guy MICHAEL MADSEN will think twice before signing up to star in another UWE BOLL movie after getting a taste of the German director's bizarre film techniques on the set of BLOODRAYNE. The...

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Fascinating Fact 5352

24th May 2008

Embattled German moviemaker UWE BOLL has offered to quit making films like BLOODRAYNE and IN THE NAME OF THE KING if those behind an Internet campaign aimed at discrediting his projects can throw up a...

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Uwe Boll Challenges Michael Bay To A Boxing Match After Online War Of Words

26th April 2008

German film director UWE BOLL has challenged Hollywood rival MICHAEL BAY to a boxing match, to settle their differences after an internet war of words. The battle started after much-criticised BloodRayne director Boll vowed to...

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Boll Plans To Silence Critics

8th January 2008

German director UWE BOLL is bidding to destroy his reputation as the worst director in the world, by making a blockbuster drama to stun critics. In 2006, Boll was so angered by continued critical attacks...

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Boll To Donate Horror Film Profits To Peta

6th December 2007

Moviemaker UWE BOLL is to donate two per cent of the profits from his new horror film SEED to animal activists People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals after the organisation allowed him to use...

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Boll Upset About German Radio Censorship

5th December 2007

Provocative radio ads for UWE BOLL's new horror film POSTAL have been banned by stations in his native Germany - because he jokes profits from the movie will help to fund OSAMA BIN LADEN's terrorism...

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Uwe Boll Knocks Out Critics

25th September 2006

LATEST: Cult German film director UWE BOLL has knocked out some of his harshest critics in the boxing ring, in revenge for their harsh reviews of his movies. The film-maker challenged journalists to a physical...

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Boll Reveals Identities Of Critics He Will Box

29th August 2006

LATEST: German director UWE BOLL has named the five movie critics he will box against and film for his next movie POSTAL. The film-maker challenged journalists to a physical contest after they criticised his movie...

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Film-maker Challenges Critics To All-out Brawl

23rd June 2006

German horror director UWE BOLL is so fed up with receiving bad reviews from movie critics he is challenging his detractors to a filmed fight. Boll, whose movies ALONE IN THE DARK and HOUSE OF...

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Alone In The Dark And Son Of The Mask Are Top Stinkers

3rd March 2006

Low budget horror film ALONE IN THE DARK left a nasty smell in cinemas last year (05) - it has been dishonoured at the annual Stinkers Bad Movie Awards. The Los Angeles-based Bad Cinema Society...

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The Things They Say 955

4th January 2006

"It's the bloodiest movie I've ever made. We used hundreds of gallons of blood." Director UWE BOLL insists new vampire film BLOODRAYNE is a must for fans of gore....

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Movie-maker Boll Struggles To Film At Dracula's Castle

3rd January 2006

Filming new vampire movie BLOODRAYNE was particularly challenging for movie-maker UWE BOLL because the locations in Romania were so remote the cast and crew ran out of food. Boll's crew became the first to...

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Statham Plays Dungeons + Dragons

5th July 2005

British tough guy JASON STATHAM is ditching the real world to play a fantasy hero in cult director UWE BOLL's DUNGEON SIEGE. The TRANSPORTER star has teamed up with LEELEE SOBIESKI, JOHN RHYS DAVIES...

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