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Murphy Confirmed For Dreamgirls

16th June 2005

Comedian EDDIE MURPHY is now a confirmed cast member of the movie adaptation of acclaimed musical DREAMGIRLS. The funnyman will be joining BEYONCE KNOWLES and JAMIE FOXX in the film, which traces the rise...

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Usher: 'I'm Not Arrogant'

14th June 2005

R+B star USHER has lashed out at reports he is arrogant - he insists he's simply confident in his own abilities. The YOU MAKE ME WANNA heart-throb, who is often slammed for his showbiz...

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Usher's Mother Rules His Love Life

14th June 2005

R+B star USHER is so devoted to his mother, he would sacrifice his love life if she disapproved of his partner. The YEAH! heart-throb's mum sacrificed her marriage to see her son succeed...

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Usher Launches Children's Charity

13th June 2005

USHER has launched a new non-profit charity to transform the lives of disadvantaged kids interested in pursuing careers in sport and entertainment. The self-titled charity, USHER'S NEW LOOK, was unveiled on Friday (10JUN05)...

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Usher Axes 'Semi-retirement' To Pick Up Award

12th June 2005

R+B star USHER had to pull himself out of "semi-retirement" to pick up his Male Of The Year award at British magazine GLAMOUR's annual ceremony in London last Tuesday (07JUN05). The YEAH! heart-throb was...

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Usher Idolises Beckham's Style

12th June 2005

USHER takes fashion tips from DAVID BECKHAM because he regards him as the ultimate style guru. The YOU MAKE ME WANNA singer has placed the REAL MADRID soccer star at the top of...

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Usher Turns Down Willis Movie

10th June 2005

R+B star USHER has been so inundated with movie offers since he announced his acting plans - he was forced to turn down a BRUCE WILLIS film. After the phenomenal success of his award-winning...

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Hatcher And Usher Win Glammys

8th June 2005

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star TERI HATCHER was the big winner at British magazine GLAMOUR's WOMEN OF THE YEAR AWARDS in London on Tuesday night (07JUN05). The 40-year-old beauty was given the Editor's Special Award for...

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Usher Upset By Makeover Shows

30th May 2005

USHER has blasted TV's extreme makeover shows because people should learn to love who they are. The R+B superstar, who suffered with acne in high school, admits his pimples made him realise you have...

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Usher, Beckham + Mcconaughey Top Body Parts Poll

29th May 2005

USHER, DAVID BECKHAM, MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY, COLIN FARRELL and NICK LACHEY have topped a new American magazine poll to find the best celebrity body parts. Usher beat RYAN PHILLIPPE to land at the top of...

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Usher Denies Relationship With Naomi Campbell

25th May 2005

R+B star USHER has again denied he ever dated supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL, and he's amazed stories keep circulating that they are enjoying a romance. The YEAH! heart-throb, who dated R+B singer ROZONDA 'CHILLI' THOMAS...

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Usher To Launch Menswear

20th May 2005

R+B star USHER is taking advantage of the latest musical trend by launching his very own clothing line. The singer wants to style his line on the formal designs of menswear giants PRADA, GUCCI...

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Usher Looks Set For Dreamgirls

19th May 2005

LATEST: R+B star USHER has confirmed he is in negotiations to star in a new movie version of the musical DREAMGIRLS - just days after his mother denied any association with the project. If...

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No Dreamgirls For Usher

14th May 2005

LATEST: R+B superstar USHER's manager/mother has rubbished reports her son is set to star opposite BEYONCE KNOWLES in a new movie. Usher was named alongside JAMIE FOXX as co-stars in Knowles' new project DREAMGIRLS...

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Jamie Foxx And Usher Join Beyonce In Dreamgirls

12th May 2005

OSCAR-winning actor JAMIE FOXX and R+B heart-throb USHER will be joining sexy singer BEYONCE KNOWLES in the movie adaptation of hit stage musical DREAMGIRLS. In the movie, which is loosely based on MOTOWN singing...

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Gooding Jr Collects Big Derby Win

12th May 2005

OSCAR-winning actor CUBA GOODING JR has received a healthy boost to his bank account, after winning an estimated $1.5 million (GBP789,000) at Sunday's (08MAY05) KENTUCKY DERBY. The JERRY MAGUIRE star was one of several...

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Kid Rock's Double Derby Delight

10th May 2005

KID ROCK proved he still has a way with the women on Friday (06MAY05), when he turned up at a star-studded party with two dates. The BAWITDABA hitmaker, former fiance of PAMELA ANDERSON, travelled...

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Usher Romancing Rival Xzibit's Ex-fiancee

8th May 2005

USHER has found love with rapper rival XZIBIT's former fiancee - the ultimate revenge after Xzibit questioned his sexuality in front of millions of TV viewers. The YOU MAKE ME WANNA singer is dating...

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Usher Enjoyed Looking Up Classmates' Skirts

4th May 2005

R+B heart-throb USHER was constantly in trouble when he was a young schoolboy - for looking up girls' skirts. The 26-year-old YEAH! singer, who has been romantically linked to ROZONDA 'CHILLI' THOMAS and NAOMI...

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Usher Wants Men To Show Women Greater Respect

3rd May 2005

R+B star USHER has pleaded with men to start treating women with respect and stop turning them into sex objects. The YOU MAKE ME WANNA singer, whose former girlfriends include TLC's ROZONDA 'CHILLI' THOMAS...

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Usher Plans Early Retirement In His Mid-30s

2nd May 2005

USHER is planning an early retirement because he doesn't think he can keep up his tough workout and performance regime into his 40s. The workaholic R+B star insists he's happy working as hard as...

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Usher Concentrates On Building His Own Empire

2nd May 2005

R+B star USHER is more focused on his growing business empire than his career as a chart-topping artist. The YEAH! singer admires the entrepreneurial skills of MARTHA STEWART and RUSSELL SIMMONS and is...

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American Dreams Dashed

29th April 2005

The US TV drama series that brought back the AMERICAN BANDSTAND era and featured modern pop stars portraying their 1960s heroes has been axed. AMERICAN DREAMS, which has featured USHER as MARVIN GAYE, ALICIA...

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Usher's Bathroom Request

26th April 2005

USHER has vowed to make more discreet entries into public bathrooms, after a fan requested an autograph while he was using a urinal. The YEAH! singer was stunned when he found himself being handed...

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Hilton Arrives Late For Hosting Duties

25th April 2005

PARIS HILTON left producers concerned when she arrived an hour late for her presenting duties in on a live TV show last night (24APR05). The hotel heiress was booked in for a brief spot...

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Usher Reveals Work-out Secrets

19th April 2005

R+B hunk USHER has revealed the secret to his great shape in the new issue of America's MEN'S HEALTH magazine - meditation and stretching. The YEAH! singer kicks off three hour training sessions with...

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Usher Claims Goods Were Stolen From Trump Property

18th April 2005

R+B hunk USHER is in a search to get more than $100,000 (GBP52,600) worth of his belongings back, after they were reportedly stolen from one of DONALD TRUMP's properties. The YEAH! singer claims a...

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Usher Caught Up In Bisexual Prank

14th April 2005

USHER became the victim of a nasty prank on 1 April (05), when a US radio presenter falsely declared the R+B hunk was bisexual. As an April Fool's Day joke the nationally syndicated RUSS...

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Mcconaughey Has 'Best Chest In Hollywood'

8th April 2005

MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY's toned body has placed him at the top of a poll of the 10 Best Male Chests in Hollywood. The Hollywood actor, boyfriend of Spanish beauty PENELOPE CRUZ, boasts a taut physique...

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Usher: 'I Can Make Girls Cry'

7th April 2005

R+B hunk USHER's pride in his ballad-writing abilities was confirmed when a past girlfriend cried over a romantic song he wrote about her. The CONFESSIONS star boasts he's irresistible to women, because his emotive...

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