British pop star Jj Hamblett is hoping to introduce his unborn baby to the world by taking the child on tour.

The Union J singer, who shot to fame on Britain's The X Factor last year (12), announced last month (Sep13) that he is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Caterina Lopez.

The star reveals he is looking forward to becoming a first-time father and cannot wait to take the child out on the road with the band.

He tells British magazine Now, "It's a blessing. I'm looking forward to being a dad and hopefully next year I can take the kid on tour. I'm going to bring the baby out just like Mufasa did with Simba in The Lion King! Simon Cowell's having a baby too, we can talk babies."

The singer also insists he is thrilled by the positive messages he has since received from fans, adding, "I was panicking. But I needn't have because it's a Union J baby and the fans are as excited as I am. My kid is going to be like a little mascot, isn't it?

"I thought younger fans wouldn't understand and might think I'd leave because I had new commitments. But having a baby means I'll work harder to provide a better future for my kid."