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Thurman + Hawke Head For Amicable Divorce

27th May 2005

LATEST: Movie couple UMA THURMAN and ETHAN HAWKE could be single again in as little as a month - as divorce proceedings have turned the former lovers into friends. Thurman's attorney BOB COHEN admits...

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Le Bon: 'Be Cool Is Appalling'

15th May 2005

DURAN DURAN frontman SIMON LE BON has damningly branded BE COOL one of the worst films ever to hit cinema screens. The 1980s pop icon admits he is a huge fan of screen siren...

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Hawke Unshaken By Literary Critics

5th May 2005

Actor-turned-author ETHAN HAWKE refuses to let the critics' unkind words about his first two novels dampen his spirits as he works on his third literary offering. The TRAINING DAY star, who split from wife...

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Lohan, Pitt, Uma + Jamie Lead Mtv Nominees

4th May 2005

LINDSAY LOHAN, UMA THURMAN, JAMIE FOXX and BRAD PITT will be among the stars battling it out for prizes at the 2005 MTV MOVIE AWARDS next month (JUN05) after being named among the top nominees....

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Outkast Star Turned Down Be Cool At First

25th April 2005

OUTKAST singer ANDRE 3000 turned down the chance to star in BE COOL before he eventually accepted the role - because he feared playing a rapper would be too "obvious". The HEY YA! hitmaker...

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Hawke Nervous About Thurman Watching His Play

19th April 2005

Actor ETHAN HAWKE is hoping UMA THURMAN doesn't turn up to see him in his Broadway play HURLYBURLY - because his character says a lot of harsh things about his ex-wife. The TRAINING DAY...

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Thurman Laughs Off Marriage Reports

12th April 2005

Hollywood beauty UMA THURMAN has laughed off reports she is planning to wed boyfriend ANDRE BALAZS. The PULP FICTION actress began dating hotelier Balazs in December 2003 - four months after splitting from second...

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Thurman Can't Stop Spoiling Her Perfect Kids

1st April 2005

BE COOL star UMA THURMAN is convinced she doesn't need to discipline her children because they are already perfect. The sexy 34-year-old's Swedish mother was keen to spoil the actress' children, MAYA, six, and...

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Thurman To Do 'Unrealistic' Swedish Accent In Producers

1st April 2005

Hollywood actress UMA THURMAN is developing an unrealistic Swedish accent for her forthcoming film THE PRODUCERS - even though her mother's a native of the Scandinavian country. Thurman, 34, replaced NICOLE KIDMAN in the...

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Thurman Thanks Tarantino For Tough Training

1st April 2005

Sexy actress UMA THURMAN is still benefitting from the gruelling fitness regime QUENTIN TARANTINO put her through before the KILL BILL shoot. The screen beauty is currently learning a series of complicated dance routines...

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Thurman Hopes To Sing For Real On Producers

31st March 2005

Hollywood actress UMA THURMAN is vying to show off her singing skills in the forthcoming remake of THE PRODUCERS, despite rumours she may be dubbed. The PULP FICTION star, 34, admits she is better...

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Thurman: 'I've Made Bad Films'

30th March 2005

UMA THURMAN credits the flop movies she's starred in with enabling her to enjoy a stable career at the top of the Hollywood A-list. The sexy actress - who appeared in box office disasters...

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Thurman Is New Face Of Louis Vuitton

27th March 2005

Hollywood beauty UMA THURMAN has secured a multi-million dollar deal to be the new face of the world's most expensive designer label, LOUIS VUITTON. The BE COOL star has signed a lucrative contract with...

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Thurman Gives Up On Her Looks

25th March 2005

KILL BILL actress UMA THURMAN is so at ease with her herself she has stopped worrying about other people judging her appearance. The 35-year-old beauty, who is a favourite of maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO,...

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Thurman Learns From Her Mistakes

23rd March 2005

UMA THURMAN loves to watch her poorly received performances, because she can only improve herself as an actress by learning from her mistakes. Thurman remains upbeat about playing POISON IVY in much-maligned 1997 movie...

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Thurman Dreams Of A Country Life

16th March 2005

Hollywood beauty UMA THURMAN dreams about leaving her hectic New York City life behind to take up gardening in the countryside. The KILL BILL actress shares custody of children MAYA, six, and three-year-old ROAN...

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Robots Tops Us Box Office

16th March 2005

Animated family film ROBOTS has toppled VIN DIESEL's comedy THE PACIFIER to debut at the top of the American box office with a $36.5 million (GBP19.2 million) haul. The Pacifier, the previous weekend's number...

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Lane's Pay Demands Leave Him Out In The Cold

12th March 2005

Theatre star NATHAN LANE alienated co-stars of London West End musical THE PRODUCERS, by demanding a salary of $96,500 (GBP50,000) a week. Lane, currently filming the Hollywood remake of The Producers movie with UMA...

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Stefani Tops Legs Poll

11th March 2005

GWEN STEFANI has the best celebrity legs, according to a new magazine poll. The NO DOUBT singer and THE AVIATOR star beat out UMA THURMAN, JENNIFER LOPEZ and CAMERON DIAZ in the IN TOUCH...

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Naomi Hates Fashion Perfection

28th February 2005

MULHOLLAND DRIVE star NAOMI WATTS always aims to be on Hollywood's worst dressed lists because they tend to feature the most original ladies. The actress admits she'd prefer to keep company with the quirky...

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Travolta To Avoid Oscars Red Carpet

25th February 2005

GREASE star JOHN TRAVOLTA is planning to skip the red carpet at Sunday's (27FEB05) ACADEMY AWARDS - because he's tired of being interviewed. The Hollywood actor, who will present an award with his BE...

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Thurman Still 'Loves' Hawke

16th February 2005

UMA THURMAN will "always love" estranged husband ETHAN HAWKE, despite their separation 17 months ago (SEP03). The PULP FICTION beauty also rates her kiss with ex-spouse Hawke in sci-fi film GATTACA as her...

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Thurman's Relief At Blood-free Producers

16th February 2005

KILL BILL actress UMA THURMAN is looking forward to filming forthcoming remake THE PRODUCERS - because there's no blood in it. Thurman starred as THE BRIDE in QUENTIN TARANTINO's violent revenge saga and is...

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Life's A Great Song + Dance For Uma

15th February 2005

UMA THURMAN has discovered she's a natural Broadway star while training for her role in THE PRODUCERS remake, because she can sing and dance with the best of them. The actress, who has replaced...

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Uma Fighting To Balance Her Busy Life

15th February 2005

Movie star mum UMA THURMAN is determined to prove her ex-husband ETHAN HAWKE wrong, by showing him she can balance a successful acting career and motherhood. The KILL BILL star is so busy she...

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Day-lewis Is The Ultimate Film Man In New Poll

4th February 2005

DANIEL DAY-LEWIS has been honoured as the Best Man in top health magazine MEN'S HEALTH first Movie Awards for portraying manhood at its best in THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS. The GANGS OF NEW...

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Miller Makes Vanity Fair Cover

2nd February 2005

JUDE LAW's fiancee SIENNA MILLER is cementing her status in Hollywood by appearing alongside such stars as CATE BLANCHETT, KATE WINSLET and UMA THURMAN on the cover of VANITY FAIR. The stunning ALFIE actress...

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Thurman And Hawke Hammer Out Divorce Details

28th January 2005

UMA THURMAN and ETHAN HAWKE met in a New York City courthouse on 21 January (05) to finalise their divorce. During the 30-minute conference at the Manhattan Supreme Court one of the issues which...

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Ashamed Grandfather Prompted Hawke To Smarten Up

22nd January 2005

TRAINING DAY star ETHAN HAWKE was forced to ditch his scruffy look after his grandfather told him he was a potential disgrace to the family. Hawke, estranged husband of UMA THURMAN, was once branded...

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