Uffie Dismisses Ke$ha Claims

Rapper UFFIE has dismissed comparisons between one of her tracks and KE$HA's recent hit TIK TOK - insisting she's not "upset" about the "similarities".
Ke$ha scored a number one on America's Billboard chart when she released her debut single last year (09).
The pop sensation was recently accused of taking inspiration from Uffie's 2007 track Justice, but Uffie is not "bothered" about the reports because she doesn't care if the singer has copied her style.
Uffie tells Scotland's Sunday Mail newspaper, "There are similarities but I don't want to get too upset about it. My album is coming out so I want to focus on that and not some girl that people say ripped me off. I have heard the song TiK ToK, but I am not that into it, or bothered by it."


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To me, attempts to compare Uffie and Kesha are ridiculous, since Kesha is a substantially better musician than Uffie. Here’s why: her voice and songwriting is better, she’s more versatile, and she has a much better sense of humor.Kesha has written (yes, herself) over a hundred songs of a wide variety of genres over many years, has recorded and released many of them into the public domain. They’re on a wide variety of topics, mostly banal and occasionally profound, but always humorous and self-deprecating. Uffie has also written songs over many years, but they’re far fewer, and are weak and lyrically often clichee. She sings about one thing: about how much of a bad-ass Lolita chick she is. Moreover, Feadz does all the musical work, whereas Kesha actually *writes* *music.*Kesha has sung on all of her songs, in many different styles, from punk to country — without the use of Autotune, but with extensive use of a vocoder, for effect only. Kesha’s voice has tremendous range. Uffie, on the other hand, chants in one singular, nonvariable style only. Whereas Kesha presents a wide range of expressions, Uffie has only one presentation: bad-ass Lolita. However, Uffie also does make use of a vocoder from time to time.Kesha doesn’t take herself seriously. You can tell as much from her music and she’s even said so herself. She says that “there’s a pop-song in every situation,” and from this it’s plain to see that she writes music for fun. She could’ve done much more with her life, having had near-perfect SAT scores and an admission to Columbia, but, as she’s said she’s chosen to do the one thing she’s wanted to do since she was little. Uffie, on the other hand, seems to take herself much more seriously. In fact, there’s no humor in her music.Without her sheer-sexy-Lolita-hotness and without Feadz, where would Uffie be? Kesha, on the other hand, would probably be where she is now, no matter what her circumstances were.Kesha wins.
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