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Byrne Blasts Bono 1716700 29th July 2009 Former TALKING HEADS frontman DAVID BYRNE has taken aim at Irish rockers U2 for spending so much money on their current world tour, accusing human rights campaigner BONO of hypocrisy over the lavish shows.
The singer/songwriter complains the band's ongoing 360 global trek has cost millions to stage - money which would have been better spent helping Bono's various charity campaigns.
Byrne also targets Bono's environmental concerns, insisting there is nothing planet-friendly about the hundreds of trucks needed to transport U2's massive set across the world.
In a post on his website, he writes, "Those stadium shows may possibly be the most extravagant and expensive (production-wise) ever: $40 million to build the stage and, having done the math, we estimate 200 semi trucks crisscrossing Europe for the duration.
"It could be professional envy speaking here, but it sure looks like, well, overkill, and just a wee bit out of balance given all the starving people in Africa and all."
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U2'S Swedish Tour Dates In Doubt After Dublin Delay 1716751 28th July 2009 U2's upcoming European tour dates have been thrown into doubt after their stage equipment was held up by locals in Dublin, Ireland, in a row over the dismantling of the stage set.
The Irish rockers wrapped up the last of their three-night residency at Croke Park on Monday (27Jul09) and are due to play two gigs in Gothenburg, Sweden later this week (31Jul-01Aug09).
But tour organisers fear the concerts may not be able to go ahead as planned after trucks carrying parts of their elaborate stage set were prevented from boarding scheduled ferries out of Ireland on Tuesday morning (28Jul09).
Protesters crowded the streets outside the stadium to show their anger at the local council for allowing work to continue throughout the night as stagehands took apart the band's custom-built 360-degree platform.
And the delay could cost U2 the next stops on their current world tour because the audio and visual equipment are key to their live shows and take a week to construct.
Tour director Craig Evans says, "It will be tight."
Organisers admit they will not know whether the concerts will be going ahead until the last minute, as the impact of the delay has yet to take full effect.
Tour manager Jake Berry adds, "It affects the tour schedule, read it whatever way you want."
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U2 Take Part In Global Day Of Action For Iran 1716802 28th July 2009 Rockers U2 marked the Global Day of Action for Iran by showing footage from the country's civil war during a hometown show in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday (25Jul09).
The Irish group joined Nobel Laureates and human rights groups around the world by calling for a United Nations intervention in Iran's troubles.
Rallies were held In 100 cities across the globe.
Videos and messages by peace leaders were taped using internet communications service Skype or simple consumer cameras and then transmitted electronically to the organisers during the show at Croke Park, Dublin.
U2 performed their anthem Sunday Bloody Sunday, while projecting a solidarity video for Iran.
During a rally in San Francisco, California, which was transmitted live over the internet for the world and the people of Iran to see, organiser Arman Jahangiri received a blog stating that people in Iran were on their rooftops chanting, "Brave neighbours, thank you for your support."
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Coldplay Go Yellow For The Simpsons 1716817 27th July 2009 British rockers COLDPLAY have signed up to appear in hit animated show THE SIMPSONS.
The cartoon series regularly features star guests and has seen cameos from high profile acts including Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, Green Day, Aerosmith and U2.
And now the Yellow hitmakers are set to join the yellow cast for a one-off episode, in which comedic patriarch Homer Simpson wins the lottery and hires the band to perform a private show for his family.
Late singer Eartha Kitt will also appear in the upcoming 21st season of the show - she filmed her appearance before her death last year (08). The new episodes are due to air in America from September (09).
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Glasvegas' Waltons Record 2513654 24th July 2009

Glasvegas will live "like 'The Waltons'" when they work on their next album.

The Scottish rockers are currently clearing their schedules to enter the studio to work on their new record and say they will behave like the clean-cut TV family to get the LP done.

Frontman James Allen said: "We're touring with U2 in summer, then Kings of Leon in America, then I'm going to stay in Los Angeles.

"Going to put down the demos, got to buy a house, the band are coming over, we'll be like The Waltons."

The singer said writing for the album is going well and the group hope to release the record next spring.

He added: "I've been putting them all down and writing the ideas. I've got a typewriter and it's been quite nice to put down the words and all that.

"We'll do the demos and then we'll just record at Christmas-time or early January.

"Hopefully by the time the leaves are grown on the trees and the daffodils are starting to bloom, that's when out second child will be born."

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Rock Legends Line Up For Hall Of Fame Anniversary 1717161 22nd July 2009 Music legends BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, U2, SIMON & GARFUNKEL, ARETHA FRANKLIN, CROSBY, STILLS & NASH, STEVIE WONDER, METALLICA and ERIC CLAPTON will unite on stage this autumn to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
The blockbuster show will take place across two nights at New York's Madison Square Garden.
Producers Tom Hanks and Cameron Crowe promise fans will also be treated to a series of surprise special guest presenters.
The concerts will take place on 29 and 30 October (09).
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U2'S Ego Is Secret To Success 1717450 18th July 2009 U2 frontman BONO and guitarist THE EDGE insist the formula for the band's success is simple - all four members have an enormous ego.
The Irish rockers have been together for 31 years without splitting up to pursue solo projects.
And The Edge has shed light on the reason for their apparent loyalty - each member thinks U2 is his band.
He says, "(Drummer) Larry (Mullen, Jr.) started the band, so Larry reckons it's his band. But (bassist) Adam (Clayton) was the first manager so he sees it as his band. It goes without saying that Bono sees it as his band. The actual truth is, and I'm far too modest to say this, but it's my band."
Bono adds the group's joint enthusiasm for perfection rules out any discrepancy over who takes credit for their success.
He says, "The thing about four egos, which I guess you must have if you want to be in a band, is that in this case the band's ego is bigger than that of the individual members.
"We share the songwriting, it's sort of a hippy communal idea and has been since we were 17 or 18, so people don't seem to care who's idea that was or who wrote that song, as long as it's the best idea."
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Kidjo And Lema Lead Blackwell Celebrations 1717840 13th July 2009 Island Records founder CHRIS BLACKWELL was celebrated at Switzerland's annual Montreux Jazz Festival at the weekend (10-12Jul09) as artists including ANGELIQUE KIDJO and RAY LEMA paid tribute to the music mogul.
Blackwell set up his label in 1959, and went on to discover Bob Marley and give U2 their big break.
His efforts were applauded at the European festival as Island Records celebrates its 50th anniversary this year (09), with Grammy winner Kidjo admitting she had Blackwell to thank for her career.
The Benin-born singer/songwriter, who was signed by the businessman in 1991, told the crowd, "Without Mr. Chris Blackwell, you wouldn't have me before you tonight. That's all I have to say."
Lema continued the tributes, kicking off his set with a mix of jive and reggae, telling Blackwell, who sat in the audience, "I know you are a man of passion. In other people this passion dies away. So I just want to thank you for your passion, Chris Blackwell."
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Hindu Leaders Urge Bono To Address Roma Issue 1717891 13th July 2009 Leading Hindus are urging U2 frontman BONO to focus his humanitarian efforts on the Roma apartheid in Europe in the hopes his support could end the suffering of displaced Indians.
Religious leaders insist the alarming treatment of Roma people, who migrated to mainland Europe from India in the 11th century, is a social blight for Europe as the 15-million Roma people face social exclusion, prejudice, high unemployment, racism, substandard education and hostility - and Bono has been suggested as their saviour.
Rajan Zed, the leader of the Universal Society of Hinduism, states, "(The) Roma issue should be one of the highest priorities of human rights agendas of Europe and the world."
And he hopes Bono will not remain "a silent spectator when fellow Roma brothers/sisters were reportedly facing blatant injustice and discrimination in Europe".
Meanwhile, Thomas Hammarberg, the Commissioner for the Human Rights of Council of Europe, has revealed, "Anti-Gypsyism continues to be a major human rights problem in Europe. Governments must start taking serious action against both official and inter-personal discrimination of Roma."
In a recent report about the ongoing problem, he cited incidents where Roma children were forced to strip and violently slap one another in a Slovakia police station and the sudden eviction of Roma families in Belgrade without alternative accommodation.
Zed has also urged Pope Benedict XVI, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan D. Williams, and other church and faith leaders to address the issues facing the Roma people.
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U2 Team Up With Peas 1718022 10th July 2009 U2 have paved the way for an unlikely pop pairing - the Irish rockers are to team up with the BLACK EYED PEAS for the American leg of their world tour.
The With or Without You hitmakers kicked off their massive 360 tour in Barcelona, Spain earlier this month (Jul09) and when the group come to America in October (09) they will be supported by the Peas.
And frontwoman Fergie admits she is scared to take the stage before the rock band, because the crowd might not be interested in their music.
She says, "We're gonna have to work for it. The crowd are gonna have their arms folded at the start."
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U2 Blasted Over Touring Carbon Footprint 1718202 8th July 2009 Campaigning rockers U2 are wreaking havoc on the environment by jetting around the globe on tour each year - according to eco experts.
Bono and his bandmates work tirelessly to help the poor in the developing world - but environment experts are calling on them to slow down their touring schedule because their jet-setting road trips are polluting the atmosphere.
Helen Roberts, environmental consultant at reveals, "The carbon footprint generated by U2's 44 concerts this year is equal to carbon created by the four band members travelling the 34.125 million miles from Earth to Mars in a passenger plane. You also have to add the carbon emissions from the same number of concerts again next year.
"Just looking at the 44 concerts this year, the band will create enough carbon to fly all 90,000 people attending one of their Wembley concerts (in London) to Dublin. To offset this year's carbon emissions, U2 would need to plant 20,118 trees."
The Irish rockers are currently on their latest world tour, which kicked off in Barcelona, Spain last Tuesday (30Jun09).
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Gallagher Slams Bono And Martin 1718415 6th July 2009 OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER has blasted U2 frontman BONO and COLDPLAY's CHRIS MARTIN - for turning their gigs into a guilt trip for fans.
The Wonderwall hitmaker insists concert-goers don't want to hear about killer diseases and world poverty when they see their heroes perform.
He has urged his fellow rockers to drop politics from their music - because fans just want to have an enjoyable evening out.
Gallagher tells Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, "We get on the stage and play. I have been to loads of concerts where bands don't play, they just talk about politics. At a U2 or Coldplay concert there is always a message about poor people or people dying from hunger. OK, but can't we just have a nice evening? Do we always have to feel guilty?"
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U2 Face Fine Over Tour 1718600 3rd July 2009 Irish rockers U2 are facing a hefty fine for breaching noise regulations during rehearsals in Spain for their world tour.
The band kicked off their global trek in Barcelona on Tuesday (30Jun09), but spent days rehearsing there beforehand.
A city resident complained about the excessive noise after the rockers played longer than agreed by local officials.
Bono and his bandmates were allowed to practice until 10pm at the Camp Nou stadium - but on one occasion they rehearsed until midnight, according to a local newspaper.
They face a fine of 15,000 Euros (US$21,000/£12,800) under noise pollution laws.
Local businessman Alfons Huescar says, "While business outlets cash in on fans flooding in, residents can't even open their windows at home."
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Bono Beams Into Space At Barcelona Gig 1718705 2nd July 2009 U2 thrilled fans at the opening night of their new world tour in Barcelona, Spain - by contacting space.
Frontman Bono called up the astronauts on the International Space Station via satellite 30 minutes into the band's set at Camp Nou stadium to ask if they could see the Spanish city from outer space.
The message that came back: "Right now the most beautiful sight in our cosmos is the blue planet Earth."
U2 then dedicated their hit Beautiful Day to the spacemen.
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Fascinating Fact 7617 1718751 1st July 2009
Irish rockers U2 dedicated the song ANGEL OF HARLEM to the late MICHAEL JACKSON as they kicked off their 2009 world tour in Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday (30Jun09).
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U2 Urge Fans To Join Political Fight 1718788 1st July 2009 U2 are urging their fans to don face masks at their upcoming shows - to highlight the struggle of a political prisoner in Burma.
The Irish rockers are embarking on a mammoth stadium tour, which kicked off in Barcalona, Spain, on Tuesday night (30Jun09).
And the band are hoping to get gig-goers to show their support for the leader of the National League for Democracy in Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi, who has spent 13 years under house arrest.
The group want their fans to download her face from their official website - and wear it during their track Walk On.
Frontman Bono is a longtime social and political activist.
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Wood's Tips For Bono 1718857 30th June 2009 EVAN RACHEL WOOD had harsh words for BONO and THE EDGE when she met them - she told the U2 stars to make their music less depressing.
The actress is set to take on the role of Mary Jane Watson in the new musical SpiderMan: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway, which will debut in February (10).
U2 frontman Bono and guitarist The Edge are writing new music for the musical - and Wood found herself giving them tips at a recent meet-up.
She tells Britain's The Times, “I was like, ‘Bono, I know you want to save the world and everything, but in this song you’re talking about poverty and world hunger and it’s Broadway. Can we lighten this up a bit, can I just not sing this?’
"He was like, ‘You’re right, I know, we have to try, we have to try’.”
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Cumming To Play Spider-man Villain 1718984 29th June 2009 Scottish actor ALAN CUMMING has been confirmed as NORM OSBORN/THE GREEN GOBLIN in JULIE TAYMOR's ambitious new SPIDER-MAN musical.
The actor will play the villain of SpiderMan: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway next February (10), opposite Evan Rachel Wood, who will portray the SpiderMan alter-ego Peter Parker's love interest Mary Jane Watson in the production, which will feature new music composed by U2 stars Bono and The Edge.
There's still no word on who will play the lead, but Wood is keen to land her Across The Universe co-star Jim Sturgess as the singing web-slinger, stating recently, "I really want him to do it."
Taymor directed Wood and Sturgess in the Beatles musical movie.
Playing the Green Goblin onstage won't be the first time Cumming has coloured himself up for a role - he went blue to play Nightcrawler in X-Men sequel X2.
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Bono's 'Independent' Wife 2514325 22nd June 2009

Bono wishes his wife wasn't so "independent".

The U2 frontman fears his wife of nearly 27 years Ali Hewson doesn't need him as much as he needs her.

The 49-year-old singer said: "Our relationship has changed a lot. For a while I thought I was in charge, I was the hunter-protector.

"A few years ago it became clear somebody else was in charge, and I feel I hold on a lot tighter to her than she does to me, and that slightly bothers me. She's so independent and sometimes I wish she wasn't."

But no matter how bad his personal life got, Bono would never complain because he doesn't think "whinging" ever helped anyone.

He told Britain's Sunday Times newspaper: "I can't stand cranks and whingers. My favourite quality is lack of self-pity. I really like people who have none.

"I know people who have just a tiny fragment of difficulty and they spend the rest of their life walking with a limp and I don't think I've had much to overcome in my life.

"When you're a singer in a band, you stick your neck out for a living. You get used to knocks. And I've noticed that the spleen and ire of your enemy usually take them out, not you, so you don't have to do anything."

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Fergie's U2 Stress 2514438 16th June 2009

Fergie is worried about supporting U2 as she is such a fan.

Black Eyed Peas are set to open for the 'One' rockers at five shows on their forthcoming world tour and the singer admits she will find it "challenging" as they were one of her favourite groups as a teenager.

She said: "It's going to be amazing. I remember going to see U2 in high school - I went on two different dates to U2 concerts, so now to be on that stage, it's going to be challenging. We definitely have to bring it at those shows."

The 'Boom Boom Pow' hitmakers are currently preparing for their biggest-ever headlining shows and Fergie admits it is a radically different experience to their previous performance planning.

She explained to "It's going to be the biggest tour, production-wise, that we've ever done. We're actually planning for that now, which we've never done before -- actually plan for a tour.

"It's usually just learn the songs by performing at festivals and that's our show. But now we're stepping it up. We had some visuals before, but now we are going to have a lot more, and we're really excited about that."

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Geeky Youths U2 2514509 12th June 2009

U2 were once "geeks" who use their music for "revenge".

Singer Bono and guitarist The Edge have recorded lyrics and music for a stage production of 'Spider-Man' - due to open on New York's Broadway next February - and say they identify with the story of lead character Peter Parker, an ordinary man who turns into a superhero.

The Edge said: "Every rock and roll star probably started out as the geek who got bullied in school, and eventually their form of revenge was to write songs or learn to play guitar."

The rockers say the agreed to take on the project because of the link between comic books and music.

Bono added to U2Place: "We were open to the idea of musical theatre, but 'Spider-Man', that's a different thing again, because that's comic books, and there's a whole series of relations between punk rock and rock bands and comic books, that goes back years."

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Wood Confirms Spider-man Musical Role 1720300 11th June 2009 Actress EVAN RACHEL WOOD has signed to star as MARY JANE WATSON in the new SPIDER-MAN stage musical.
Two months after the show's director Julie Taymor denied Wood would play the web-slinging superhero's love interest, the actress has confirmed to she's preparing to make her Broadway debut in the show, which opens in New York next February (10).
She has been forced to pull out of plans to star in movie Sucker Punch to take on the stage project.
The other lead roles, including Peter Parker/Spider-Man, have yet to be cast.
The musical, which will feature tracks by U2 stars Bono and The Edge, will reunite Taymor with Wood - she previously directed the 21 year old in 2007 movie Across The Universe.
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Dave Matthews Band Score Fifth Number One Album In A Row 1720376 11th June 2009 The DAVE MATTHEWS BAND has returned to the top of the U.S. album chart with their fifth consecutive number one debut.
Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King claims the third biggest opening week in 2009, behind albums by Eminem and U2.
Eminem's Relapse slips to number two and rockers 311 debut at three on the new countdown with Uplifter. Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown and Lady GaGa's The Fame round out the top five.
The new top 10 also features debuts from Sammy Hagar's new supergroup Chickenfoot, at six, and Taking Back Sunday at seven.
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Lionel Richie's Coldplay Hope 2514569 9th June 2009

Lionel Richie wants to sing with Coldplay.

The 'Dancing on the Ceiling' hitmaker says he is a massive fan of Chris Martin's band and they are top of his collaboration wish-list.

He said: "I love Coldplay. Those are the guys I would most like to do something with."

However, if the 'Viva La Vida' stars are unavailable, Lionel would be happy to work with newly-reunited boy band Blue after recently appearing on stage with them for a rendition of his classic track 'Easy'.

He added: "I'd love to record 'Easy' with them.

"It sounded really good and they knew just what they wanted. I had to ask them where they wanted me to come in on my own song, so they were down with it."

Lionel has a long list of British stars he wants to collaborate with.

He has previously spoken about how much he wants to perform with Duffy, The Ting Tings and U2.

He said: "I love Duffy, whom I've just discovered - does she write her own stuff? If she does we're on fire because she's great.

"I like The Ting Tings, I love Coldplay and U2. I want to work with them. Their diversity gives me inspiration and makes me say, 'I want to try that.' "

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Boyle Hires U2'S Financial Guru 1720633 8th June 2009 Scottish singing sensation SUSAN BOYLE has hired the man credited with making rockers U2 one of music's biggest moneymakers as her manager.
The star, who took the world by storm with her extensive vocal range on U.K. reality show Britain's Got Talent, has hired veteran music moneyman Ossie Kilkenny.
Boyle has already pledged to release her debut album through the show's judge Simon Cowell's label, Syco; but the 48 year old singer has decided to augment her management team to include Kilkenny, 62 - the financial guru hailed by Bono and his bandmates.
A source tells the British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "Susan wants to work with Simon, but she and her family have also chosen to bring in Ossie Kilkenny as manager."
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King's Wife Eyes Spider-man Role 1720858 4th June 2009 LARRY KING's wife SHAWN SOUTHWICK is in negotiations to secure a role in the new SPIDER-MAN musical on Broadway.
The star was due to open for Danny Gans at a Las Vegas show this summer (08) but the entertainer's tragic death last month (May09) left her out of work.
And Southwick, who has two children with the legendary talk show host, is planning a move to the New York stage in the new show, created by Irish rockers U2.
The singer/actress admits she has auditioned for the role of a villainess in the upcoming production, but will not reveal whether she has been successful in landing the part, according to New York Post gossip column PageSix.
The Spider-Man musical is set to open on Broadway in 2010.
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Muse's Exciting Tour 2514681 3rd June 2009

Muse are promising an "exciting stage production" with their forthcoming tour.

The British rockers - who recently announced they will be undergoing a 30-date tour this winter - have promised fans will not be disappointed with the thrilling and "different" stage arrangement.

They said: "We are coming up with a different and exciting stage set and production which will encompass our fans."

The comment has sparked speculation the band - made up of Matt Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard - will perform on a stage 'in the round' whilst being surrounded by thousands of fans.

The 'Supermassive Black Hole' hitmakers will perform the string of shows following the release of their upcoming album 'The Resistance' later this year.

Muse are due to play seven UK arena dates in November, opening at the Sheffield Arena on November 4.

Until the opening concert - which will take place at Helsinki's Hartwell Arena in Finland on October 22 - the rockers will support U2 on their tour.

A statement made on their official website said: "Full details on the UK and European dates will be announced soon, but for now we can confirm that the band will be special guests to U2 at a number of their North American shows this September, including New York on September 24.

"The remaining U2 dates will be announced in the coming weeks."

Tickets for Muse's headline tour are due to go on sale on Friday (05.06.09) at 9am.

Muse's UK dates:

Sheffield Arena - November 4

Liverpool Echo Arena - November 5

Dublin O2 Depot - November 6

Glasgow SECC - November 9

Birmingham NIA - November 10

London 02 Arena - November12 and 13

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Policeman's Balls To Celebrate 30 Years At Film Festivals 1721112 2nd June 2009 The 30th anniversary of celebrity charity show THE SECRET POLICEMAN'S BALL is to be celebrated with film festivals in Los Angeles and New York.
Funnyman John Cleese organised the first Ball in 1979 to raise cash for human rights organisation Amnesty International, and there have since been another eight filmed charity events.
The Secret Policeman’s Film Festival will celebrate three decades of comedic and musical performances for Amnesty by over 100 top stars - with a five-week fete taking place in both Los Angeles and New York.
The festival will showcase the multiple films, TV specials, and documentaries that have chronicled The Secret Policeman’s Ball shows, including the uncut U.S. premieres of the three most recent Balls organised by comedian/actor Eddie Izzard.
The shows have brought together the cream of Britain’s comedic performers including former Monty Python cohorts John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and Graham Chapman, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Rowan Atkinson, Billy Connolly, Izzard, Hugh Laurie and Russell Brand.
The Balls have also featured top musical acts, such as Pete Townshend, Sting, Peter Gabriel, U2 and Eric Clapton, who are all featured performing on film.
All nine Balls will be screened at the festivals, which run from 11 June (09) to the end of July (09) and the two events will culminate with an 11-hour marathon event recreating the experience of Amnesty’s landmark 1986 Conspiracy Of Hope concert at Giants Stadium.
A press release reads, "The screening will follow the exact time-frame of the original show, which took place from 12 noon till 11pm on a Sunday in June."
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U2 Stun Baaba Maal Fans With London Encore 1721363 29th May 2009 U2 stunned world music fans in London on Thursday night (28May09) when they took the stage during a BAABA MAAL gig.
Bono and his bandmates joined the African artist for his O2 Academy Shepherds Bush concert as part of London's 50th anniversary celebration of Island Records.
The group, who are also Island artists, joined Maal for an encore of their One hit and then remained onstage for a rendition of Vertigo and Bob Marley's Feel Alright, according to
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The Things They Say 12375 1721590 26th May 2009
"BONO has a huge heart and he's affectionate. In fact, we want to do something together in the future." BEYONCE is planning to duet with the U2 frontman.
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