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Iggy Pop Says New U2 Album Is A 'Veiled Advert'

20th October 2014

Iggy Pop says U2's latest album, 'Songs of Innocence', is a ''veiled advert''.The Stooges vocalist says that although the album was made available to Apple's iTunes customers free of charge, it would be inaccurate to...

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U2 Didn't Profit From Download

18th October 2014

U2 ''didn't earn much'' from their new album.The Irish rockers gave away 'Songs of Innocence' to iTunes users because they felt their fans ''deserved'' to have the record for free, and admit even Apple were...

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Bono Cheated Death As A Teen

18th October 2014

Bono ''should have'' died in a bomb attack.The U2 frontman believes a decision to ride his bike to a record store in Dublin, Ireland in 1984 stopped him from being in the midst of a...

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Bono Reveals Why He Always Wears Sunglasses: "I Have Glaucoma"

By Elinor Cosgrave | 18th October 2014

Bono explained why he wears sunglasses seemingly all the time whilst appearing on a British talk show.Bono spotted in London on Thursday (16th Oct.).Read More: Bono Apologies Over Unwanted Downloads Of U2's New Album.The U2...

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The Edge's Cheese Sandwich Diet

17th October 2014

U2 guitarist The Edge ate cheese sandwiches every day for his lunch for 14 years.The 53-year-old musician admits his mother Gwenda was not a great cook and her packed lunches were particularly hit and miss...

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Bono's Vocal 'Gift' From Dad

16th October 2014

Bono claims his voice improved after his father died.The U2 frontman believes he was given a ''gift'' by his late dad Bob Hewson - who lost his battle with cancer in 2001 - after he...

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Bono Apologises Over Unwanted Downloads Of U2'S New Album

By Ed Biggs | 16th October 2014

U2 frontman Bono has issued an apology to iTunes users over the release of their recent album Songs of Innocence. Users of the software had a free copy of the new album automatically downloaded to...

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Neil Young Recalls The Time Bono Tried To Give Him Song Writing ‘Advice’.

By Stephanie Chase | 15th October 2014

You might have felt angry last month when Bono gave you his new album without asking if you'd wanted it first. But imagine how Neil Young felt when the U2 frontman offered him some unsolicited...

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Bono Apologises For Album Giveaway

15th October 2014

Bono has apologised for giving U2's album away for free.The group triggered a backlash from angry iTunes users who were given their 'Songs of Innocence' LP as a free download and the frontman admits the...

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The Edge Had 'Doubts' Over U2'S Album Download

13th October 2014

U2 guitarist The Edge had ''doubts'' before they agreed for their album, 'Songs of Innocence' to be an automatic download.The rock band caused a stir when they released their latest album, 'Songs of Innocence' as...

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Bono 'Despised' Catholics And Protestants Growing Up

10th October 2014

Bono ''despised'' Catholics and Protestants while he was growing up in Ireland.The U2 frontman has admitted that he hated the religious groups that dominated and divided country during the 1970s.Talking to The Sun newspaper, Bono...

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Bono Writes Song For Mother

5th October 2014

Bono wrote a love song for his mother on U2's latest album. The 54-year-old singer paid tribute to his mum Iris on the band's 13th studio album, 'Songs of Innocence', and admits the autobiographical theme...

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Lars Ulrich Inspired By U2 Album Download

2nd October 2014

Metallica's Lars Ulrich has praised U2 for giving away their album on iTunes.The drummer has come out in favour of U2's controversial decision to make their new album, 'Songs Of Innocence', an automatic and free...

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U2 '70 Per Cent' Done With 14th Album

30th September 2014

U2 have completed ''70 per cent'' of their 14th studio album. The Irish rockers recently released their 13th LP, 'Songs of Innocence', but bassist Adam Clayton has revealed the group are nearly ready to go...

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Bono Announces U2 Tour Plans For Next Year And Defends ‘Songs Of Innocence’ Itunes Launch

By Stephanie Chase | 30th September 2014

Despite the backlash over their ‘free’ album Songs of Innocence, U2 frontman Bono has confirmed the band plans to embark on a world tour next year.Generous music makers U2Speaking to Absolute Radio the 54 year...

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U2 To Tour Next Year

28th September 2014

U2 are planning an arena tour next year.The Irish rockers are excited about going out on the road to promote new album 'Songs of Innocence' but don't want to play vast outdoor spaces this time...

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George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin's Wedding Venue Switch

27th September 2014

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin were forced to switch their wedding venue.The couple - who are due to formally tie the knot on Monday (29.09.14) after a weekend of celebrations - reportedly had their hearts...

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Bono Scared To Google His Name

23rd September 2014

Bono is ''afraid'' of Googling himself.The U2 frontman hates looking himself up on the internet but in the wake of criticism of his group's new album 'Songs of Innocence' - which was given away free...

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U2 Delighted By Album Response

22nd September 2014

U2 think it has been ''amazing'' to get their music to a new audience.The 'One' rockers caused a stir earlier this month when their new album 'Songs of Innocence' was made available to iTunes users...

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U2: Giveaway Was 'Punk Rock'

19th September 2014

U2 insist their controversial album giveaway was ''punk rock''.The group have been widely criticised for making their 'Songs of Innocence' LP available for free on iTunes - with millions of users automatically receiving the tracks...

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Sharon Osbourne Blasts U2'S New Record

18th September 2014

Sharon Osbourne claims that U2's music is so mediocre that they have to give it away for free.The former 'X Factor' judge has hit out at the latest material from the band - which has...

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Liam Neeson Writing Script With Bono

18th September 2014

Liam Neeson is writing a movie script with Bono.The actor has been working with the U2 singer on the story for the last ''six years'' and he is very excited about the project.Neeson revealed: ''We...

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U2 Criticised For Devaluing Music

17th September 2014

U2 have been blasted for ''devaluing music'' by giving away their new album.The 'One' rockers' decision to make their 'Songs of Innocence' LP free on iTunes has been criticised by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA)...

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Want To Know How To Remove U2'S 'Songs Of Innocence' From Itunes?

By Michael West | 16th September 2014

Apple has launched a tool to help iTunes users remove U2's new album Songs of Innocence, which was made available as a free download following a product launch event in California on Tuesday (September 9).U2...

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U2'S Back Catalogue Gets Sales Bump After Surprise Album Release

15th September 2014

Rockers U2 have seen an unexpected sales bump of their music catalogue despite mediocre download figures for their new album.The Beautiful Day hitmakers made a groundbreaking move last Tuesday (09Sep14) when they teamed up with...

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U2 Unleashes Its New Album For Free. For Some.

By Charlotte Court | 10th September 2014

It was announced today that Irish superband U2’s latest studio album, Songs of Innocence, will be released through Island Records on October 13. However, for subscribers that simply cannot wait that long, and for...

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U2'S 'Iphone' Album 'Songs Of Innocence' Is "Kind Of Mindblowing"

By Michael West | 10th September 2014

Ok, so the stamp of approval in the headline comes from Bono himself, though take nothing away from U2 and their deal to release Songs of Innocence - their first album in 5 years -...

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U2 Give Away Album For Free

10th September 2014

U2 are giving away their 13th studio album for free. The Irish rockers - made up of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr - have made their latest offering 'Songs Of Innocence'...

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Pharrell Williams Loves British Rain

5th July 2014

Pharrell Williams loves British weather and claimed it helps create ''special'' music.The 'Happy' hitmaker - who appeared at the Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clefs Awards yesterday (04.07.14) - doesn't mind the rain in the UK...

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Bono's Star-studded Birthday Bash

16th May 2014

Bono celebrated his 54th birthday with a star-studded party on May 10.The U2 frontman invited everyone from Pharrell Williams to Jared Leto to help him mark the special day with a giant houseparty at the...

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