U2 are using their upcoming slot at Britain's Glastonbury festival to prove they can entertain fans without the "bells and whistles" of their multi-million dollar stage production, according to drummer Larry Mullen, JR.
The band has been touring the world with its 360 shows, which feature a gigantic 'claw' stage set and numerous special effects, but they will headline the famed music event in south-west England on Friday night (24Jun11) without most of their lavish props.
Mullen, Jr. admits they see the Glastonbury gig as a "challenge" and there have been disagreements over which songs to play.
He tells Britain's Radio 1, "It's been exciting but there's been pressure. I'll be happy when it's over, in a positive way... It's taken a lot of time and energy just as far as figuring out what the setlist is going to be, what we're going to do and how we're going to do it. Without all the bells and whistles it's four guys back in the room playing through different setlists... We've gone through a number of combinations. Everybody seems to have a slightly different opinion, which is not good news. Everybody has a view on how it should go..."
However, the rocker is adamant they have been working hard to make sure they can put on a stripped back show which is still spectacular.
He adds, "It's not the 360 show, we're out of our comfort zone and that's important for us. Despite everything we have something to prove and it's about the songs. That's what Glastonbury is about overall.
"It's about a band being able to get up and play the music and there aren't bells and whistles necessarily. That's a challenge for us and we've got something to prove."