Irish rockers U2 have donated all the proceeds from their three 2009 hometown gigs to charity.

The Beautiful Day hitmakers performed a trio of concerts at Dublin's Croke Park as part of their 360 World Tour, and now they've given back to their native country by handing over the profits to local organisation Music Generation.

The Irish Times estimates the figure to be at around $6.67 million (£4.17million).

In addition, the group has announced plans to begin working with the government to co-fund the struggling project, starting in 2014, and guitarist The Edge insists they can't wait to lend a hand to the educational foundation that once helped them get started.

He says, "We also had the encouragement to use the music rooms when we first formed the band. At that stage none of the members of the band had an idea where it would lead. We were just doing it because it was fun. The chance to pass that opportunity on is important."