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For Colored Girls Movie Smashed At Box Office By Megamind

8th November 2010

TYLER PERRY's new movie 'For Colored Girls', based on NTOZAKE SHANGE'S ground-breaking play, has been beaten to the US box office number one by the animated film 'Megamind', reports the Los Angeles Times. Perry's gritty...

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Something For Every Taste At Megaplex This Weekend

5th November 2010

Just about every movie genre will be represented at the megaplex this weekend. You want a family film? There's the animated Megamind, the latest 3D offering from DreamWorks Animation and Paramount. You want a raunchy...

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For Colored Girls Movie Opens To Rave Reviews

5th November 2010

The much-anticipated movie 'For Colored Girls' opens in the US today (5th November 2010) after gaining rave reviews from critics in recent weeks. The film is based on the 1974 Broadway play 'For Colored Girls...

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Perry: 'I Don't Discriminate But I Like To Give Talented African-americans A Career Boost'

2nd November 2010

Moviemaker TYLER PERRY has attacked reports suggesting he only hires African-Americans for his movies, insisting he does not discriminate.An all-black cast for the actor/director's latest film, For Colored Girls, was expected, but new reports suggest...

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Mariah Carey's Pregnancy Confirmed By Thandie

28th October 2010

Thandie Newton has confirmed that Mariah Carey is pregnant. The singer has been the subject of months of speculation that she is expecting her first child, and though she has refused to comment on the...

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Newton Impressed With Perry's Flower Gifts

26th October 2010

THANDIE NEWTON was impressed with all the small things on the set of TYLER PERRY's new movie FOR COLORED GIRLS - like the way the director delivered fresh flowers to her trailer every morning.The British...

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Goldberg Haunted By 'Insanely Sad' For Colored Girls Character

24th October 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG was so disturbed by her "insanely sad" role in TYLER PERRY's new drama FOR COLORED GIRLS, she demanded no one on set call her by her character's name.The Sister Act star plays religious...

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Perry Thanks Oprah For Helping Him Turn His Childhood Hell Into Stories

21st October 2010

Actor/director TYLER PERRY brought talk show host OPRAH WINFREY to tears during an appearance on her programme on Wednesday (20Oct10) when he thanked her for helping turn his life around when he was a confused,...

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Perry Opens Up About 'Disgusting' Sexual Encounter When He Was 10

21st October 2010

Filmmaker TYLER PERRY first experienced sex with a woman when a friend's mother seduced him after a playdate when he was just 10.The Why Did I Get Married? director opened up about the molestation and...

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Perry: 'Talking To Oprah Was A Cathartic Cleanse'

20th October 2010

Moviemaker TYLER PERRY has revealed opening up about his hellish and abusive childhood on pal OPRAH WINFREY's TV show was like a therapy session.In a taped chat with Winfrey, which will air on her show...

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Perry Opens Up To Oprah About Child Abuse

19th October 2010

Moviemaker TYLER PERRY choked back tears on a recent OPRAH WINFREY SHOW taping as he recalled his abusive upbringing in New Orleans, Louisiana.The actor/director went public about his awful youth for the first time in...

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Appeals Court Clears Perry Of Plagiarism

24th August 2010

TYLER PERRY is breathing a sigh of relief after a U.S. appeals court cleared the filmmaker of accusations he stole the idea for his movie DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN.Donna West's case against the...

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Perry Ready To Retire Madea

23rd August 2010

Funnyman TYLER PERRY can't wait to retire his movie matriarch Madea, insisting he "doesn't get" what audiences love about her.The actor shot to fame as the sharp-tongued grandmother in movies including Diary of a Mad...

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Janet Jackson's Cathartic Destruction

17th August 2010

Janet Jackson found smashing up a house with a golf club "cathartic" in the wake of her brother's death. The singer-and-actress threw herself into her work in the aftermath of Michael Jackson's death from acute...

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Rambo ... Er ... Stallone Rescues Lionsgate

16th August 2010

While Lions Gate Entertainment reported last week that it spent $7.3 million to fight activist investor Carl Icahn's hostile takeover attempt, it may have received a far more valuable defense from Sylvester Stallone, whose Expendables...

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Perry Still Angry Over Lee's Comments

11th August 2010

Actor/director TYLER PERRY is still fuming over his spat with SPIKE LEE - he's adamant his fellow moviemaker should have spoken to him privately instead of criticising him in public.Lee sparked fury last year (09)...

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Lions Gate Reports Quarterly Loss

10th August 2010

Lions Gate Entertainment's battle with activist investor Carl Icahn is drawing blood -- its own, it would seem. The company on Monday posted a first-quarter loss of $64.1 million, $7.3 million of which was attributed...

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Carey Stays Mum About Pregnancy Reports At Corporate Show

5th June 2010

MARIAH CAREY stayed mum on reports she's pregnant when she made her first public appearance since quitting TYLER PERRY's movie over health concerns.The singer was preparing to start work on Perry's adaptation of Ntozake Shange's...

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Perry Jokes About Carey Quitting His Film

5th June 2010

Moviemaker TYLER PERRY has taken a lighthearted approach to MARIAH CAREY's decision to pull out of his new film - even though her choice meant he had to cut short a vacation.The singer's representative has...

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Killers Won't Be Screened For Critics

31st May 2010

Lionsgate, which ordinarily does not screen its Saw horror flicks and Tyler Perry movies in advance for critics, has no intention of doing so for next weekend's comedy thriller Killers , featuring Katherine Heigl and...

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Movie Reviews Just Wright

14th May 2010

Roger Ebert, in his review of Just Wright , credits its star, Queen Latifah, for holding the movie together. "Few people," he writes, "and certainly no one in this film, can hold the screen against...

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Janet Jackson Finished With Albums

5th May 2010

Janet Jackson doesn't want to make any more albums.The 'All For You' singer is no longer interested in recording LPs as they no longer have the impact they once did and would rather make singles.Her...

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Kick-ass Kicks Dragon Out Of First Place

20th April 2010

For the second week in a row, the film that was listed at No. 1 at the box office when weekend estimates were released on Sunday had to change place with the film that was...

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Inglourious Opening For Kick-ass

19th April 2010

The hyperviolent superheroes in Lionsgate's action comedy Kick-Ass had their behinds whacked by the friendly dragons and Scottish-accented Vikings in Paramount/DreamWorks's How to Train Your Dragon over the weekend. Or at least, so it seemed...

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The Things They Say 16156

16th April 2010

"I got sick one day. I'm allergic to nuts so that was not good. But the food was good." Filming TYLER PERRY's new movie WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO? in the sunny Bahamas was...

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Date Night Misses Its Date With Victory

13th April 2010

Not only didn't Date Night win the weekend box-office race as 20th Century Fox had estimated on Sunday, it didn't even come close. The actual winner was Warner Bros.' Clash of the Titans , which...

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Fascinating Fact 9107

13th April 2010

Filmmaker TYLER PERRY wears a women's U.S. size 17 shoe (U.K. size 14.5) to play his cross-dressing role as sharp-tongued movie matriarch Madea in films like Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea Goes...

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Who Really Won The Weekend Box-office Race?

12th April 2010

In what appeared to be one of the tightest box-office finishes in memory, Date Night claimed to be the weekend winner Sunday with an estimated $27.1 million. But, according to the unofficial studio figures, the...

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Titans Crushes Easter Record

6th April 2010

It had to contend with mostly negative reviews, the NCAA men's basketball semifinals, Easter sunrise services (and therefore families going to bed early on Saturday night), a limited number of 3D screens (and no IMAX...

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Perry 'Not Sure' About Monogamy

5th April 2010

Movie mogul TYLER PERRY is doubtful he'll ever leave behind his bachelor life and settle down with one woman, because he's "not sure" he wants to be faithful.The Madea Goes to Jail filmmaker has managed...

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