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Fascinating Fact: 4268325

2nd July 2014

The house that served as the Palmer family's residence in cult Tv series Twin Peaks is up for sale. Tragic Laura Palmer's home in Everett, Washington is on the market for a little under $550,000...

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Twin Peaks Co-creator: 'No Plans To Revive Show'

8th January 2014

Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost has dismissed rumours suggesting director David Lynch is preparing to revive the cult Tv series after a casting call for extras appeared online.The pair created the creepy town for the...

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Ray Wise: 'David Lynch Is Interested In Returning To Twin Peaks'

3rd June 2013

Director David Lynch is considering a return to Twin Peaks, the creepy town he created for a cult Tv series and two movies.The cult filmmaker announced his plans to cast members during a get together...

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Julia Ormond To Lead Witch Family Tv Drama

1st February 2013

Pregnant Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Julia Ormond and Twin Peaks star Madchen Amick are to play a family of witches in a new Tv drama.Ormond will play the family matriarch in Witches of East End, which is...

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The Things They Say 22739

5th September 2011

"I recently had a Twin Peaks viewing marathon. I spent, like, three days watching it. I saw no one and did nothing and I slept on my couch because I was so scared." Actress Kat...

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Fascinating Fact 11816

22nd July 2011

Twin Peaks star Kyle Maclachlan is to play a powerful politician embroiled in a sex scandal in an upcoming episode of cop drama Law & Order: Svu. The episode is loosely based on Arnold Schwarzenegger's...

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Angelo Badalamenti To Be Honoured By Ascap

2nd June 2011

Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti is to be honoured with the 2011 Henry Mancini Award at the upcoming American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (Ascap) Film and Television Music Awards.Director David Lynch will lead...

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Jennifer Garner To Be Miss Marple

29th March 2011

Jennifer Garner will play sleuth Miss Marple in a new movie. The 'Alias' actress will take on the role - previously made famous by stars including Gracie Fields, Angela Lansbury and Joan Hickson - in...

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Mark Frost Plots Miss Marple Mystery In Prequel Film

29th March 2011

Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost is set to give Agatha Christie's Miss Marple a makeover in a movie prequel to the mystery writer's famous detective books.Frost is developing a script which revolves around Marple as...

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David Lynch's Twin Peaks To Receive Psych Tribute

2nd December 2010

David Lynch's cult serial drama 'Twin Peaks' is to be paid homage to tonight (02.12.10).The US show - which premiered on ABC some 20 years ago - is to return in the latest episode of...

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Lynch Stuns Brand With Porn Tips

18th October 2010

Funnyman RUSSELL BRAND and movie maverick DAVID LYNCH have become unlikely pals after the TWIN PEAKS director gave the Brit some tips on how meditation boosts pleasuring one's self.Brand has revealed he made a point...

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The Things They Say 17943

11th September 2010

"There was a feeling amongst all of us that what we were doing was going to be strange and was probably not going to go further than the pilot." KYLE MACLACHLAN on his cult TV...

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Maclachlan Grateful For Hopper's Golfing Friendship

27th August 2010

TWIN PEAKS star KYLE MACLACHLAN is grateful he befriended DENNIS HOPPER on the golf course before he died earlier this year (10) - because the movie icon was too intense to get close to on...

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Twin Peaks Fans Celebrate 20th Anniversary With Stars

26th August 2010

TWIN PEAKS alumni KIMMY ROBERTSON, CHARLOTTE STEWART and KATHLEEN WILHOITE were among the celebrities who celebrated the 20th anniversary of the weird and wonderful TV drama at the recent Twin Peaks Festival.The trio returned to...

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The Things They Say 15966

1st April 2010

"We talked about it a few years ago, but it didn't feel right. You don't want to end up looking like The Who at the Super Bowl. Sometimes it's better to let things lie." TWIN...

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Lynch To Direct Maharishi Documentary

19th November 2009

TWIN PEAKS director DAVID LYNCH has reportedly signed on to make a new movie about Transcendental Meditation guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who died in 2008, aged 91.The moviemaker, who is a big advocate of meditation,...

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Maclachlan Plans Twin Peaks Comeback

16th June 2009

Actor KYLE MACLACHLAN plans to resurrect his quirky TV drama TWIN PEAKS in short installments on the Internet.The Desperate Housewives star played an FBI agent on the show between 1990 and 1991, working with legendary...

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Maclachlan Is A Dad

28th July 2008

TWIN PEAKS star KYLE MACLACHLAN has become a first-time dad at 49. The actor's wife Desiree Gruber has given birth to a baby boy. Callum Lyon MACLachlan was born on Friday (25Jul08) in Los Angeles,...

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Twin Peaks Star Davis Dead

8th July 2008

TWIN PEAKS star DON DAVIS has died following a heart attack at his home in Canada. He was 65. The actor, a former drama teacher in Vancouver, became a cult TV figure three times -...

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Fascinating Fact 5418

7th June 2008

Cult TV series TWIN PEAKS started out life as NORTH WEST PASSAGE as co-creators DAVID LYNCH and MARK FROST attempted to craft a drama set in North Dakota over meals at Studio City restaurant Dupar's...

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Maclachlan Joins The Wining Stars

7th February 2008

TWIN PEAKS star KYLE MACLACHLAN is set to join the ranks of the celebrity vintners after developing a new wine for the autumn (08). The actor is putting the finishing touches to a Cabernet that...

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Flynn Boyle Confirms Marriage

20th December 2006

LATEST: LARA FLYNN BOYLE has confirmed she is now a married woman, after tying the knot with DONALD RAY THOMAS on Monday (18DEC06). The former star of THE PRACTICE met Thomas two years ago (04)...

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Muse's Seedy Day At Grand Canyon

8th December 2006

British rockers MUSE had a unique sightseeing trip during one tour of the US when their tour guide brought a prostitute along for the ride. The SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE hitmakers had planned an enjoyable day...

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Lynch Sells Coffee To Fund Odd Promotional Campaign

5th December 2006

Cult filmmaker DAVID LYNCH is selling coffee to fund the promotional campaign for his new movie INLAND EMPIRE. The TWIN PEAKS director has developed the David Lynch Signature Cup and is selling tubes of espresso,...

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Lynch Defends New Movie

16th October 2006

TWIN PEAKS director DAVID LYNCH has defended his new movie's three hour running time, insisting, "This is the length that feels correct." INLAND EMPIRE has been blasted by film critics since its world premiere at...

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Twin Peaks Star Fenn Sued By Former Landlords

2nd October 2006

TWIN PEAKS star SHERILYN FENN is being sued for alleged failure to pay rent on her Hollywood home. The actress, who once dated JOHNNY DEPP, is being chased by her former landlords, who claim she...

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Lynch Files For Divorce

14th June 2006

Movie-maker DAVID LYNCH has filed for divorce from his wife of a month. The TWIN PEAKS visionary and MARY SWEENEY wed in May (06) after years spent working together on movies like BLUE VELVET, MULHOLLAND...

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Fascinating Fact 1271

24th March 2006

Former TWIN PEAKS and SEX + THE CITY star KYLE MACLACHLAN is to join the cast of another TV hit, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. The Canadian actor will play a potential suitor for TERI HATCHER's character SUSAN.

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Ray Is Wise To Oscar Fashions

6th March 2006

Actor RAY WISE followed pal GEORGE CLOONEY's lead when it came to Oscars fashion last night (05MAR06) - he donned the same tuxedo he wore to his last Academy Awards in 1992. The movie star,...

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Columbo Still The Top Tv Detective

18th February 2006

PETER FALK's famous turn as LIEUTENANT COLUMBO is still America's favourite TV detective, according to a new US TV Guide poll. The quirky crime solver, which Falk played on TV throughout the 1970s and...

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