Tulisa has branded her boyfriend's former lovers ''lying skanks''.

The 'Young' hitmaker lashed out on twitter after Danny Simpson's ex-girlfriends Stephanie Ward - who is pregnant with his second child and mother to his 18-month-old daughter Skye - and Krystal Benjamin spoke out to claim the soccer star had cheated on them.

She tweeted ''These b****es r actually sick in the head.

''Crazy for the cash boy. Lying skanks. Believe me I've seen HARD EVIDENCE #GET A JOB BROKE B****es.(sic)''

Danny, 25, is said to be particularly ''furious'' with Stephanie for speaking about their relationship but has been advised by friends to keep quiet about their relationship and urge Tulisa to do the same.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''It's war between Tulisa and any of her love rivals. She has hit back in a big way. Danny is also livid, but his friends have told him, 'Whatever you think, Stephanie is the mother of your child and you shouldn't let anyone bad-mouth her'.''

Despite the women's claims, earlier this week Tulisa, 24, took to twitter to proclaim her happiness with Danny.

She wrote: ''Wow there has been a lot of BULLS**T in the press this week! Only part of it that's true is I am very happy wid my man @dannysimpson #HAPPY (sic)''