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The Things They Say 19574

22nd December 2010

"I do sometimes keep some of the wardrobe (but) there was nothing I could justify keeping... not even the spurs." MATT DAMON couldn't justify taking his TRUE GRIT costume home.

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The Things They Say 19542

18th December 2010

"People are like, so your first Western! But it's not. I did a film called Geronimo: An American Legend. It was a hell of a cast. Jason Patric... Gene Hackman... Robert Duvall... and Wes Studi...

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Young True Grit Star Makes Swear Box Fortune On Set

12th December 2010

Teenager HAILEE STEINFELD's TRUE GRIT co-stars helped add to her salary for the film - thanks to their foul language.In a bid to keep their cursing to a minimum around the youngster, who was 12...

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Pepper Impressed By True Grit Green Set

11th December 2010

TRUE GRIT star BARRY PEPPER was impressed with the COEN BROTHERS' green set - all the stars of the epic western were given their own stainless steel cantina and told to use nothing else for...

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The Things They Say 16953

16th June 2010

"I don't know why they're doing that. Jeff is a wonderful actor but I don't know why they want to do a remake." ROBERT DUVALL can't understand why the Coen Brothers are remaking TRUE GRIT...

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Damon & Brolin In Talks To Ride John Wayne Remake

27th October 2009

MATT DAMON and JOSH BROLIN are in talks to join the cast of the COEN BROTHERS' remake of JOHN WAYNEs classic western TRUE GRIT.Jeff Bridges has already signed on to play Rooster Cogburn - the...

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Coen Brothers Revive John Wayne's True Grit

23rd March 2009

Oscar-winning moviemakers JOEL and ETHAN COEN are to remake JOHN WAYNE's iconic western TRUE GRIT. The brothers will direct their own version of the movie, which earned Wayne his only Best Actor Oscar in 1970. However,...

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Another Winnie The Pooh Star Dies

27th June 2005

The man behind the voice of beloved WINNIE THE POOH character PIGLET in 40 years of Disney films has died - a day after castmate PAUL WINCHELL passed on. JOHN FIEDLER, who landed the...

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John Wayne Cowboy Memorabilia Set To Raise Big At Auction

27th October 2003

Movie memorabilia JOHN WAYNE gave a valued former employee is set to raise $192,000 (GBP120,000) at auction. THE QUIET MAN star was so grateful to GARY HESS for saving one of his businesses he...

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