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Mick Jagger Rolls Back The Years With President Barack Obama

22nd February 2012

Mick Jagger was among the guests at a special evening to commemorate blues music as part of Black History Month - and the former Rolling Stone was so into the spirit of things that he...

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Barack Obama Back On Singing Form As The Blues Recognised In The White House

22nd February 2012

President Barack Obama just can't resist a good sing along these days, so it would seem. It was widely reported that he recently belted out a line of Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' at a...

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Brad Pitt-angelina Jolie Kids Want Mum And Dad To Wed

21st September 2011

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids are "putting the heat on" the celebrity couple to wed, according to the Troy star.In a taped interview for Ellen DeGeneres' TV show, which will air in America on...

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The Things They Say 22856

16th September 2011

"I worked for a year on that one, physically. Now I find that look very mundane. It's just everywhere. I actually think people ageing is more interesting." Brad Pitt on getting buff for Troy.

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The Things They Say 20506

25th February 2011

"That was the last time I read reviews! According to the critics, my career was almost done. Where was I going to go from there?" DIANE KRUGER refuses to read about her movies after her...

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Fascinating Fact 10862

10th February 2011

British action man JASON STATHAM is in talks to replace Aussie TROY star ERIC BANA in spy thriller Echelon, which will be Angelina Jolie's longtime stunt co-ordinator Simon Crane's directorial debut. The film is based...

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The Things They Say 15181

27th January 2010

"It's full of blue-ar**d Barbie dolls trying to catch rubber turkeys. It was the most gorgeous pile of nonsense I have ever seen." TROY actor PETER O'TOOLE on JAMES CAMERON's epic movie AVATAR.

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The Things They Say 13162

13th August 2009

"I thought we were making movie history, so the criticism was not easy." German actress DIANE KRUGER on the savage reviews for her breakthrough film TROY.

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Troy Stars Reteam For Tarantino

30th August 2008

German actress DIANE KRUGER is to reteam with TROY co-star BRAD PITT in QUENTIN TARANTINO's new war movie INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. Kruger will play a German movie star in the film, which features Pitt as a...

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Kruger Regrets Troy Role

9th May 2008

Actress DIANE KRUGER hated starring in epic film TROY - because she didn't feel the movie challenged her enough. The 31-year-old was so disappointed with the movie's bad reviews that she wanted to "get out"...

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Dyer Slams 'Boring' Bloom

1st May 2008

British actor DANNY DYER has launched a scathing attack on ORLANDO BLOOM, insisting the TROY star doesn't deserve the praise awarded him. The Football Factory star admits he is bitter by Bloom's success and criticises...

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Bana Broken Up Over Ledger Tragedy

5th February 2008

TROY star ERIC BANA has been left stunned by fellow Aussie HEATH LEDGER's death - because the tragedy has made him consider his own mortality. The actor admits he only met Ledger briefly, when their...

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Crowe Saves State Of Play

4th December 2007

LATEST: RUSSELL CROWE has been confirmed as BRAD PITT's replacement in political thriller STATE OF PLAY after Hollywood-strike related issues forced the TROY star to pull out of the project. Director Kevin MACdonald flew to...

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Gladiator To Replace Achilles In Political Thriller?

26th November 2007

RUSSELL CROWE is in negotiations to replace BRAD PITT in political thriller STATE OF PLAY after Hollywood strike-related issues forced the TROY star to pull out of the project last week (ends23Nov07). According to industry...

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Bana To Play Star Trek Villain

11th October 2007

TROY star ERIC BANA will play the villain in the new STAR TREK movie. The Aussie actor has signed on to play Nero in Lost creator J.J. Abrams' much-anticipated new film - a prequel to...

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Dillon To Star In 300/Troy Spoof

3rd October 2007

KEVIN DILLON has been cast as the lead in a new National Lampoon spoof of period battle movies TROY, 300 and BRAVEHEART. The Entourage star will play the title character in National Lampoon's 301: The...

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Brad: Jen And I Are Still Close Friends

6th September 2007

TROY star BRAD PITT has explained once again that he is still friends with ex-wife JENNIFER ANISTON, in a move which could further anger his partner ANGELINA JOLIE.The Hollywood hunk, 43, told Details magazine that...

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Brad Pitt's Eco-friendly Message

22nd August 2007

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is aiming to provide a better way of life for residents in New Orleans through the building of new eco-friendly homes.The Troy star was visiting the construction site of a project...

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Shrek Fends Off Mcclane At Box Office

11th July 2007

Shrek the Third has retained the top spot at the UK box office after fending off the challenge of Die Hard 4.0, which has entered the chart at number two.The third film in the ogre-caper...

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Bruce Willis Admits Die Hard Age Worries

1st May 2007

Die Hard actor Bruce Willis has spoke out about his fears that he was getting too old to return to the role of John McClane. Following in the footsteps of fellow veteran actors Sylvester Stallone...

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Bloom Takes Time Out

19th April 2007

English movie heart-throb ORLANDO BLOOM is taking a break from acting to immerse himself in a Buddhist lifestyle. The exhausted TROY star, 30, has been studying the Eastern religion for several years and needs to...

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Bana To Compete In Tasmania Rally

14th April 2007

TROY star ERIC BANA has a need for speed after signing up to compete in the upcoming Targa Tasmania rally. The actor will drive a red 1974 Ford XB coupe that featured in 1979 cult...

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Byrne Prefers London To Hollywood

10th April 2007

Australian actress ROSE BYRNE moved to London after life in Hollywood made her feel uncomfortable. The TROY star, who spent a year living in Los Angeles and is currently in Manhattan filming an unnamed pilot...

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Ne-yo Inspired By Aunt's Heartbreak

20th March 2007

R+B singer/songwriter NE-YO wrote RIHANNA's hit UNFAITHFUL after witnessing the break-up of his aunt's relationship. Ne-Yo, real name SHAFFER CHIMERE SMITH, was brought up by his mother and aunts when his father left him as...

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Bana Dives Into Dark Roles

6th March 2007

TROY star ERIC BANA embraces darker roles because he wants to experience the intense feelings his characters have. The actor has had a variety of intense roles in films including CHOPPER, MUNICH and BLACK HAWK...

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Peet And Benioff Welcome First Child

23rd February 2007

AMANDA PEET and her screenwriter husband DAVID BENIOFF are celebrating after the actress gave birth to a baby girl. The SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE star was due to attend a Hollywood lunch event on Wednesday (21FEB07)...

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Oasis Star Attacks Blair's Record

16th February 2007

Noel Gallagher, who once famously chatted with the prime minister at No. 10, has branded Tony Blair as a "president" and said that there is little reason for the public to vote in elections.The Oasis...

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Pitt Fears Children's Reactions To His Films

22nd January 2007

Hollywood star BRAD PITT is increasingly cautious of the film roles he takes on, because he worries what his kids will think watching them. The TROY actor has two adopted children with girlfriend ANGELINA JOLIE...

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Harry Potter To Die?

26th December 2006

If the bookies are right, Harry Potter's days are numbered.The fictional teen wizard's battle with arch-rival Voldemort has kept readers of J. K. Rowling's series of magical stories gripped until the last page for the...

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Pitt Won't Fly With Clooney

16th December 2006

Hollywood superstar GEORGE CLOONEY refuses to get into an plane piloted by his friend BRAD PITT, because he doesn't trust his landing ability. The TROY star qualified as a pilot earlier this year (06), but...

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