The Brooklyn-based filmmaker Ben DICkson is likely to find himself in legal trouble after filming the shooting of a deer for his forthcoming movie 'First Winter.' "We are idiots," DICkson is quoted as saying on "We didn't know how to do this [hunting] stuff."

The deer was shot outside of the legal hunting season, but the group did not have a license to hunt deer, even if it had been the correct season. The incident happened during the shoot for the movie, which took place on a private farm, in upstate New York in February 2011. The actor Paul Manza was the one that pulled the trigger, despite having no hunting experience. The bullet killed one deer and injured another. The crew eventually put the second deer out of its misery. One of the deer was skinned and cooked, on camera. "There were so many deer weak from the winter and getting eaten by local dogs we didn't even think about it," said DICkson. 34 year-old Manza commented "it was actually pretty horrible. I was forced to see what life was really made of, the weight and the value of things."

A spokeswoman from New York State's Department for Environmental Conservation has said that they are looking into the incident. She did confirm that the penalty for hunting without a permit can range from a $2,000 fine, to imprisonment. 'First Winter' premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.