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Travis Want Acts Of Selfishness From Fans

18th June 2007

Scottish rockers TRAVIS have asked their fans to document acts of selfishness for a new musical project. The Closer hitmakers want devotees to submit films, photos and stories about a "random act of selfishness". The...

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Fran Healy Threatened After Refusing To Sign Fan's Penis

1st June 2007

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY was once threatened with a knife after refusing to sign a fan's penis. The Scottish rocker was confronted after a gig in New York in 2000. He says, "It was outside...

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Healy Feared Losing Songwriting Skills

14th May 2007

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY feared the therapy sessions that helped him battle depression would make him lose his songwriting talent. The singer used hypnotherapy to combat the illness, but feared he would no longer be...

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Mcfly End Divas' Reign

14th May 2007

Pop band McFly have scored their seventh number one single after beating Beyonce and Shakira's Beautiful Liar to the top of the UK chart.Double A-side Baby's Coming Back/Transylvania pushes the divas' joint effort into second,...

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Travis Back 'Drunk' Nutini

7th May 2007

LATEST: TRAVIS have defended their Scottish colleague PAOLO NUTINI from reports he was drunk during a recent gig, insisting he's entitled to "have fun". The New Shoes star performed at the Oasis Centre in Swindon,...

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Travis Chose Stiller For Being 'Uptight'

30th April 2007

Scottish rockers TRAVIS chose movie star BEN STILLER to appear in the video for their new single Closer, because no-one else was "uptight" enough to play the role. The group needed someone to play a...

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Groups Plan Sgt Pepper Tribute

6th April 2007

Some of Britain's biggest bands are set to record a tribute version of the Beatles' classic Sgt Pepper album.Acts including Oasis, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers and The Fratellis will record songs off the groundbreaking 1967...

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Martin: 'Travis Invented Coldplay'

20th January 2007

CHRIS MARTIN has praised Scottish rockers TRAVIS for having such a big influence on young musicians, crediting the Scottish band for the creation of Martin's own group, COLDPLAY. Appearing as a guest presenter on the...

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Healy Writing Baby Album

8th August 2006

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY is planning to record an album of songs inspired by his five-month-old baby son. The WHY DOES IT ALWAYS RAIN ON ME? hitmaker still refuses to reveal the name of his...

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Travis Leaves Blair A Special Note

13th July 2006

Scottish rockers TRAVIS took time out of making music to place a giant Post-It Note on British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR's front door reminding him of his work in Africa. The band taped a message...

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Wire Slams 'Festival Bands'

6th July 2006

MANIC STREET PREACHERS rocker NICKY WIRE refuses to be a regular on summer music festival circuit, because the events have become corporate hellholes. The A DESIGN FOR LIFE bassist detests other bands which regularly play...

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Healy's Burnt Toast Concert Trauma

26th June 2006

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY nearly brought the world's biggest rock concert to an end after burning his toast backstage. The Scottish DRIFTWOOD singer fused the lights at last year's (JUL05) Live 8 gig in Edinburgh,...

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Bacon Kids Refuse To See Parents' Movies

14th June 2006

KEVIN BACON is happy his kids refuse to see any of his movies, because it helps him be a better father. The actor and wife KYRA SEDGWICK have 17-year-old son TRAVIS and 14-year-old daughter...

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Sedgwick's Secrets To A Happy Marriage

6th June 2006

Actress KYRA SEDGWICK believes her marriage with KEVIN BACON is successful because they always make time for dinner and sex. The celebrity couple have been happily married for 18 years and have two children,...

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Love Regrets Meeting Martin High On Crack

5th May 2006

Rocker COURTNEY LOVE is still mortified about her behaviour when she first met COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN, because she was rude and high on crack cocaine. The former HOLE singer is further embarrassed because she...

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Healy Becomes A Father

16th March 2006

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY is celebrating after becoming a father for the first time, after his fiancee NORA KRYST gave birth to a baby boy on Friday (10MAR06). The Scottish DRIFTWOOD singer, who announced Kryst's...

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Travis Guitarist Becomes Father

16th December 2005

TRAVIS guitarist ANDY DUNLOP is delighted at becoming a father for the first time. Dunlop's wife JO gave birth to a baby boy on 1 December (05), and the Scottish rocker is smitten with...

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Travis Star To Be A Dad

1st November 2005

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY is set to become a father for the first time next year (06). The Scots WHY DOES IT ALWAYS RAIN ON ME? hitmaker, 31, and his fiancee NORA KRYST, 39,...

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Live 8 Dvd Snubs Acts

7th September 2005

TRAVIS, KEANE, REM and DIDO are among a host of acts whose songs have been written out of Live 8 history - after organisers axed 22 tunes from the official DVD of the London leg...

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Travis Singer Struck By Sudan's Beauty

23rd August 2005

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY was shocked by Sudan's breath-taking scenery, because it contradicts the Western world's image of the troubled African country. The TURN singer was expecting to see death and destruction in the...

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Travis Singer's Brush With Death In Africa

22nd August 2005

Scottish rockers TRAVIS's frontman FRAN HEALY narrowly avoided death twice while carrying out charity work in war-torn Sudan. The WHY DOES IT ALWAYS RAIN ON ME? singer and his fiancee NORA KRYST almost...

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Internet Blamed For Live 8 Ticket Chaos

23rd June 2005

LATEST: The company handling tickets for the Scottish LIVE 8 concert has denied wrongly informing fans they had won tickets for the event. Angry fans jammed TICKETMASTER hotlines after receiving text messages informing them...

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Live 8 Chaos

23rd June 2005

The Scottish LIVE 8 concert is in chaos after fans were wrongly told they had won tickets for the charity extravaganza. Hundreds of thousands of Scots entered a text (SMS) message contest to win...

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Rem's Burma Protest Broadcast

16th June 2005

American rockers REM will protest against pro-democracy leader AUNG SAN SUU KYI's incarceration on Sunday (19JUN05) by broadcasting a song about her into military-ruled Burma via satellite TV. The LOSING MY RELIGION stars will...

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Sixth Live 8 Concert Announced

8th June 2005

A sixth Live 8 concert has been announced to coincide with the G8 summit in Scotland on 6 July (05). The fundraising extravaganza, which will be headlined by DIDO, ANNIE LENNOX, TRAVIS and TEXAS,...

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Schrader Dismisses Chance Of A Taxi Driver Sequel

29th April 2005

TAXI DRIVER screenwriter PAUL SCHRADER has dismissed comments made by ROBERT DE NIRO that a sequel to the 1976 vigilante classic is being worked on. Schrader, who is also a film-maker in his own...

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Method Man Directs Strip Club Documentary

29th March 2005

Rapper METHOD MAN has added documentary maker to his impressive resume after shooting a new movie about strip clubs. The WU-TANG CLAN star is the brains behind new film THE STRIP GAME, which features...

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Scottish Stars Raise Money For Tsunami Relief

20th February 2005

A host of Scottish music stars including FRANZ FERDINAND have made $570,000 (GBP300,000) at a charity concert to raise funds for survivors of last year's (26DEC04) Indian Ocean tsunami - with additional money yet to...

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Bacon Looking Forward To Becoming Grandfather

10th February 2005

KEVIN BACON has one major ambition left to achieve in life - he wants to be alive when his grandchildren enter the world. The FOOTLOOSE star's kids with wife KYRA SEDGWICK are yet to...

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