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Paula Abdul Gets Doll For Show

14th October 2010

Paula Abdul will be joined by Kimberly Wyatt on her new show 'Live to Dance'.The 48-year-old star will be joined on the judging panel for the dance competition series - Paula's first television project since...

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Flowers & Healy Team Up To Tour

8th October 2010

THE KILLERS star BRANDON FLOWERS and TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY are teaming up for a new tour.The two singer/songwriters will hit the road to promote their debut solo albums in North America. The two-week trek...

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Macdonald Grateful For Travis Hiatus

20th September 2010

Scottish actress KELLY MACDONALD is grateful her rocker husband DOUGIE PAYNE is on a break from his band TRAVIS - because the hiatus has left him free to babysit their son while she pursues her...

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Healy Busks For Charity Drive

13th September 2010

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY has urged his fans to show their support for children caught up in warzones around the world after he took to the streets of London to raise awareness of their plight.The...

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Fascinating Fact 9888

30th August 2010

TRAVIS star FRAN HEALY will donate the proceeds of a special issue of his solo album WRECKORDER to the Save The Children organisation.

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Fascinating Fact 9887

30th August 2010

TRAVIS star FRAN HEALY's new video for the single BUTTERCUP features a handful of the singer's ex-girlfriends.

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Healy Struggling With New Meat-free Lifestyle

9th August 2010

TRAVIS star FRAN HEALY is struggling to keep his promise to SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY to live life meat-free - because he's suffering from severe food cravings.The singer offered to go vegetarian for MCCartney after the...

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Healy Keeping His Meat-free Promise To Mccartney

27th July 2010

TRAVIS star FRAN HEALY insists he's keeping his meat-free promise to SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY - because he's very serious about sticking to his word.The Happy singer offered to go vegetarian for MCCartney after the Beatles...

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Russell Brand's Katy Photo Threat

7th May 2010

Russell Brand wants to leak sexy pictures of Katy Perry.The 'Get Him to the Greek' star is planning revenge on his fiancee after she dubbed him "Bridezilla" over his enthusiasm for their marriage plans and...

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Co-parent Sandra Bullock

29th April 2010

Sandra Bullock will continue to co-parent Jesse James' children.The Oscar-winning actress - who has filed for divorce from the 'Monster Garage' host following allegations he cheated on her with at least four women - says...

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Robert De Niro Keen For Taxi Driver Sequel

15th April 2010

Robert De Niro would return to make a sequel to 'Taxi Driver'. The Martin Scorse-directed cult classic was nominated for four Oscars upon its release in 1976, and De Niro admits he would like to...

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Rihanna Having Fun With Matt

9th April 2010

Rihanna claims her relationship with Matt Kemp isn't serious.The 'Russian Roulette' singer - who was first linked to the baseball star at the beginning of the year - has finally confirmed she is dating the...

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Kevin Bacon Grilled By Family

1st April 2010

Kevin Bacon admits he loses all family arguments. The 'Taking Chance' star - who has an 18-year-old daughter Sosie and a 20-year-old son Travis with his actress wife Kyra Sedgwick - admits he has such...

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Healy Goes Veggie For Mccartney

6th January 2010

TRAVIS rocker FRAN HEALY has thanked SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY for agreeing to perform on his new solo album, by converting his entire family to vegetarianism.Healy was so stunned and humbled to land the devout vegetarian...

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Healy Snags Mccartney For New Solo Album

5th January 2010

TRAVIS star FRAN HEALY has landed an extra special guest on his upcoming solo album - SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY will join him for a track.The former Beatle will play bass on a track on Healy's...

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Travis On Hiatus As Healy Goes Solo

9th November 2009

Scottish rocker FRAN HEALY is to take a "vacation" from TRAVIS so he can concentrate on recording his first solo album.The Turn hitmaker reveals the bandmembers, who have released six studio albums together since their...

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Bacon's Boy Has Bond In His Sights

8th November 2008

KEVIN BACON's son TRAVIS is on a crash course to play a future JAMES BOND - the youngster is obsessed with the superspy. Actor Bacon still has no idea what sparked his son's 007 interest,...

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Fran Healy: 'I Illegally Download Music'

6th October 2008

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY downloads music illegally - and doesn't feel guilty about it. The rocker often steals music from the internet, but always buys an artist's CD if he likes what he hears. And...

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Travis Talk New Album

24th September 2008

TRAVIS have announced a US release date for their forthcoming album ODE TO J SMITH.The band's sixth album is due to hit the shops in America on 4th November, reports the NME.It has been produced...

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The Things They Say 9601

22nd September 2008

"I've been trying to call TRAVIS because he was on my show BLOWIN' UP and I've known him for a long time. I just hope to God, and I pray, that they're OK and they...

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Travis Show Interrupted By Wedding Ring Hunt

18th August 2008

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY was forced to halt his band's set at the V Festival in Chelmsford, England on Sunday night (17Aug08) after losing his wedding ring. The Happy singer was performing Flowers In The...

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Travis Stars To Play Gig With Car Parts

11th April 2008

TRAVIS drummer NEIL PRIMROSE and guitarist ANDY DUNLOP are set to play a gig using an unusual set of musical instruments - made of old car parts. The Scottish rockers will perform with a special...

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Macdonald Gives Birth

2nd April 2008

Scottish actress KELLY MACDONALD has given birth to her first child with husband, TRAVIS star DOUGIE PAYNE. The 31-year-old, who shot to fame in Danny Boyle's 2006 movie Trainspotting, welcomed a baby boy in March...

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Travis Star Escapes Injury After Concert Fall

9th February 2008

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY is pleased his guitarist escaped serious injury when he slipped over at a concert on Wednesday (06Feb08). Andy Dunlop was taken to the hospital with a suspected broken ankle, but was...

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Travis' Dental Nightmare

14th January 2008

TRAVIS singer FRAN HEALY refused to visit the dentist for 18 years - because a simple childhood check-up left him with a permanent scar. The 34-year-old Scottish star developed a phobia of the dentist's chair...

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It's A Close Shave For Healy

26th November 2007

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY once found himself in a hairy situation - because the rocker grew a silly moustache and was encouraged by friends to keep it. The Scottish rocker - who is currently touring...

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Healy Urges Fans To Record Gigs

14th September 2007

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY encourages fans of the band to take pictures and film their concerts to post online, because it gives them another perspective of their act. The Scottish rocker has attacked American security...

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Rough Trade Acquired By Beggars

24th July 2007

Independent record label Rough Trade has joined the Beggars Group after the company bought Sanctuary's share of the small firm.Rough Trade will continue to operate out of its own offices but all central functions will...

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Healy: 'Coldplay's Success Is Thanks To Travis'

20th July 2007

COLDPLAY only catapulted to superstardom because of Scottish band TRAVIS' groundwork, their frontman claims. FRAN HEALY is adamant his group's hit 1999 album The Man Who helped forge a demand for similar music. He says,...

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Healy Slams Politicians

20th July 2007

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY has launched a scathing tirade against politicians, insisting they're forced into the career because they have no other talent. The Scottish rocker maintains lawmakers are inspired by fame rather than a...

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