Furious TOTO star DAVID PAICH (corr) has lashed out at his bandmates for joking about a sex change operation on the internet.

The AFRICA group came up with the ruse to answer queries about why their keyboard player isn't playing with them on dates this summer (03).

Guitarist STEVE LUKATHER said that Paich always dreamed of being a woman and they would be introducing 'DAVIDA' to the public at large this fall.

But after posting the message on the website, fans started taking the joke seriously - causing embarrassment for Paich and his family.

Paich is actually sitting out of Toto's summer dates due to a family illness.

Lukather has since posted a new note to fans, apologising for the ruse, adding "one look at Dave and you would see it's an impossible story".

18/06/2003 02:26