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Will Yun Lee And Jennifer Birmingham To Become Parents

14th January 2013

Total Recall star Will Yun Lee and his actress wife Jennifer Birmingham are set to become first-time parents.Former The Young and the Restless beauty Birmingham is pregnant and due to give birth later this year...

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Jessica Biel: 'Call Me Timberlake'

26th October 2012

Jessica Biel is changing her name to Timberlake. The 30-year-old actress married musician Justin Timberlake on Friday (19.10.12) after dating on and off for five years and confirmed she will keep her own name for...

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Jessica Biel Suffers For Fashion At Total Recall Premiere

17th August 2012

Jessica Biel struggled to walk down the red carpet at the London premiere of Total Recall on Thursday night (16Aug12) because her dress was too tight.The actress turned out for a glitzy screening of her...

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Bryan Cranston Suffered Eye Infection From Dirty Total Recall Water

8th August 2012

Actor Bryan Cranston suffered pink eye on the set of sci-fi remake Total Recall because the tepid water he and co-star Colin Farrell had to splash around in during one fight scene served as a...

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The Things They Say 25885

6th August 2012

"We learned martial arts, muay Thai, French parkour, boxing, kickboxing, lots of yoga, lots of weight training." Actress Jessica Biel underwent intense training before shooting the new all-action Total Recall remake.

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Colin Farrell Spent A Night Alone On Total Recall Set

6th August 2012

Colin Farrell decided to get into character for the Total Recall remake by sleeping on the set for a night.The Irish actor got into the mindset of factory worker/spy Douglas Quaid, the role made famous...

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The Things They Say 25870

5th August 2012

"It was actually really terrifying... Sometimes the doors wouldn't close, the seatbelt would break... Screws would fall out on us as we were driving." Jessica Biel reveals the sci-fi hovercars in her new movie Total...

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Colin Farrell Felt Uncomfortable Kissing Kate Beckinsale In Front Of Her Husband

31st July 2012

Colin Farrell felt "uncomfortable" kissing Kate Beckinsale for new movie Total Recall because they had to lock lips in front of her filmmaker husband.The Irish actor stars in the remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1990 film...

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The Things They Say 25753

20th July 2012

"I'd always been a little cross with him because when I first got together with my husband... I think they must have had quite similar facial hair because I'd got photographed somewhere and everybody said,...

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Colin Farrell Avoided Imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger In Total Recall

15th July 2012

Colin Farrell had no desire to imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall performance in the upcoming remake, insisting the film "felt different enough" from the 1990 original for him to make his mark on the role.The...

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The Bourne Legacy Switches Release Dates To Avoid Box Office Clash With Batman

24th June 2012

Producers of actor Jeremy Renner's new action thriller The Bourne Legacy have shifted the film's U.S. release date so as not to tangle with Batman and Colin Farrell's Total Recall revamp at the top of...

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The Things They Say 25555

22nd June 2012

"It's not like a naked, porno, mud-wrestling-in-a-bar sort of fight. It's a real fight... I did find that fighting a woman was very different from when I've fought men. There was a lot of, 'I...

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Ronny Cox Disapproves Of Hollywood Remakes

21st June 2012

Actor Ronny Cox has poured scorn on plans to remake his films Total Recall and Robocop, insisting classic movies should be left alone.The sci-fi hits are being revamped for new audiences following a string of...

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Bryan Cranston Defends Total Recall Remake

10th October 2011

Actor Bryan Cranston has defended movie bosses' decision to remake Total Recall, insisting the new film will be much "better" than the 1990 original.Cranston stars alongside Irish actor Colin Farrell, who takes over the role...

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Bill Nighy Joins Star-studded Total Recall Cast

3rd June 2011

British actor Bill Nighy has joined the cast of the Total Recall revamp, opposite Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale.The Pirate Radio star will reteam with Underworld and Underworld: Evolution director Len Wiseman on the project,...

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Beckinsale & Biel Slated For Total Recall's Leading Lady

11th May 2011

Kate Beckinsale is reportedly fighting Jessica Biel for the leading lady role in her husband Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake.Website reports the two all-action actresses are in talks to join Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston...

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Beckinsale Set For Total Recall

21st April 2011

Kate Beckinsale is set to step into Sharon Stone's Total Recall role in her husband Len Wiseman's upcoming remake, according to a U.S. report.The British actress' moviemaker partner is updating the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger film...

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Bryan Cranston Going Breaking Bad For Total Recall

1st April 2011

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is in talks to do battle with Colin Farrell in the upcoming remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger's action epic Total Recall.Underworld director Len Wiseman is taking charge of the reboot and...

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Farrell Set For A Total Recall?

22nd October 2010

COLIN FARRELL is on the shortlist for a TOTAL RECALL in a revamp of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's 1990 sci-fi blockbuster.The Irish actor is among the favourites to land the lead in Sony's remake, according to

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Wiseman To Reboot Total Recall

29th July 2010

UNDERWORLD filmmaker LEN WISEMAN has been tapped to bring ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's TOTAL RECALL to the big screen in a modern remake of the 1990 action classic.Movie studio executives at Columbia Pictures secured the rights to...

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Alien Writer O'bannon Dies

18th December 2009

Sci-fi screenwriter DAN O'BANNON, who wrote ALIEN and TOTAL RECALL, has died.O'Bannon passed away at the age of 63 in Los Angeles following a short illness. He got his big break in the movie business...

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Recall For Arnie Classic

3rd June 2009

Film producers are planning a sensational new version of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's classic 1990 movie TOTAL RECALL, according to reports.Schwarzenegger starred in the original sci-fi thriller, which follows a man who believes he is a secret...

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The Things They Say 3341

14th November 2006

"I actually voted for Arnold. I'm a big Democrat, but I voted for Arnold." SHARON STONE put party loyalty aside to vote for her TOTAL RECALL co-star ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER in his bid to be re-elected...

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Now Cage Tackles Philip K Dick

12th November 2004

NICOLAS CAGE is to join stars like TOM CRUISE, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and HARRISON FORD by taking the starring role in a movie adaptation of sci-fi writer PHILIP K DICK's work. The movie star has...

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