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Patti Smith Sought Morrissey's Advice Over Meltdown

12th June 2005

Punk icon PATTI SMITH got in contact with morose rocker MORRISSEY for advice when she landed the prestigious position as artistic director of this year's (05) MELTDOWN FESTIVAL in London. The BECAUSE THE NIGHT...

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Tori Amos Is Ruled By The English Weather

31st May 2005

American singer TORI AMOS has adapted perfectly to life in England - as she finds the unpredictable climate is far more inspiring than in the temperate United States. And the CORNFLAKE GIRL singer, 41,...

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Amos; 'My Daughter Helped Me Overcome My Rape Ordeal'

29th May 2005

American singer TORI AMOS credits motherhood with helping her overcome the trauma of being raped at gunpoint - because she didn't want her daughter to be raised by a troubled parent. The CORNFLAKE GIRL...

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Downey Jr Revels In Amos Comparison

10th April 2005

ROBERT DOWNEY JR is eager to promote himself as "TORI AMOS with a penis" after plucking the quote from a review of his album. The Hollywood star, 40, is willing fans and critics to...

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Omarion Debuts O At The Top

2nd March 2005

Former B2K frontman OMARION's solo career has been given a huge boost by fans - they've taken him to number one in the US album charts. The R+B star's debut, O, has entered the...

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Amos Dreaded One-on-one Contact

20th February 2005

American singer TORI AMOS forged a relationship with her fans during her heyday, to avoid getting intimate with potential partners. The CORNFLAKE GIRL star, who has been married for the past seven years to...

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Amos Goes Solo On New Tour

18th February 2005

TORI AMOS is giving her backing band time off when she tours America this spring (05) - she's planning to perform solo. The CRUCIFY singer usually tours with drummer MATT CHAMBERLAIN and bassist JON...

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Spears Shares Family Recipe For Charity

1st September 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS and her mother, LYNNE, have given away their kitchen secrets by handing over a family recipe for seafood pasta to celebrity cookbook STAR PALATE. The book, which benefits the MARSHA RIVKIN CENTER...

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Tori Amos' Champagne Problem

7th April 2004

TORI AMOS is trying to control her three-year-old daughter's champagne intake, after learning she sips it when her dad's asleep. The CORNFLAKE GIRL singer discovered her daughter NATASHA's sneaky habit when the youngster tried...

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Tori's Poisoning Fears

23rd March 2004

Eccentric pop star TORI AMOS rarely drinks a whole bottle of water because she's always convinced people are trying to poison her. The CORNFLAKE GIRL singer drives her husband and friends mad by leaving...

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Tori Amos' Fear Of Poisoning

18th February 2004

Eccentric singer TORI AMOS has a strong fear somebody is trying to poison her. The PROFESSIONAL WIDOW star admits her strong anxiety has forced her into the habit of never returning to a drink...

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Tori Becomes A Wine Lover

11th December 2003

Wacky singer TORI AMOS has become such a connoisseur of fine wine, she takes a portable cellar on tour so she can pick up great bottles as she performs around the world. The WINTER...

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Tori Amos' Teacher Guise

10th December 2003

TORI AMOS has opted for an unusual method of teaching her three-year-old daughter NATASHYA LORIEN to play the piano - she dresses up in a hat and calls herself MRS PARIS during lessons. The...

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Tori Amos: Suckling Pig Made Be Want To Be A Mother

8th December 2003

Singer TORI AMOS was inspired to become a mother after posing with a pig suckling on her breast for one of her album covers. The 40-year-old, who now has a three-year-old daughter, discovered an...

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Tori's Kid's Quips On The Road

13th November 2003

Singer TORI AMOS has taken her three-year-old daughter on tour with her - and the youngster certainly keeps her and her crew entertained. The 40-year-old says NATASHYA's amusing antics help stave off the boredom...

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Rice Claims Shortlist Prize

8th October 2003

Irish singer DAMIEN RICE has claimed the third annual SHORTLIST MUSIC PRIZE in Hollywood. The singer/songwriter beat off British R+B duo FLOETRY, hot favourites the YEAH YEAH YEAHS and THE BLACK KEYS to pick...

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Jane Doe Fights To Keep Her Identity Hidden

12th September 2003

A "terrified" music downloader is fighting to prevent the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) from obtaining her true identity, as the watchdogs plan a crackdown of illegal file sharing. The anonymous...

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Amos In Lawsuit Drama

29th August 2003

Flame-haired songstress TORI AMOS is facing a lawsuit from a Michigan Art school seeking to recoup a deposit for a concert that never took place. INTERLOCHEN CENTRE FOR THE ARTS has filed papers against...

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Shortlist Shortlist Announced

28th August 2003

INTERPOL, FLOETRY, CAT POWER, THE STREETS and CODY CHESTNUTT are among the 10 acts who will fight for this years SHORTLIST MUSIC PRIZE in Hollywood in October (03). Iceland's SIGUR ROS, the first winners...

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Tori Amos Honoured By Rape Support Group

12th August 2003

Singer TORI AMOS is set to have her upcoming birthday honoured by a rape support group. The RAPE, ABUSE + INCEST NATIONAL NETWORK's (RAINN) president, SCOTT BERKOWITZ, is asking fans of Amos to donate...

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Shortlist's Long List Announced

12th August 2003

The 86 nominees for the 2003 SHORTLIST MUSIC PRIZE include moody rockers INTERPOL, the YEAH YEAH YEAHS, Cuban crooner IBRAHIM FERRER, PETE YORN, NICK CAVE + THE BAD SEEDS and RADIOHEAD. Judges...

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Suzanne Vega: Lyrics Separate To Personal Life

3rd July 2003

Veteran American singer-songwriter SUZANNE VEGA is different to her contemporaries - because she leaves her private life out of her lyrics. The LUKA star likes to retain a certain mystery about her personal life...

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U2 Are Best Live Act

24th June 2003

U2 have topped a new list of the best live acts in the world. The Irish quartet beat RADIOHEAD and BON JOVI to claim the top spot in ROLLING STONE magazine's Best In Show...

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Tori's Scented Treats

4th June 2003

Singer TORI AMOS is so hooked on essential oils she insists on dousing her stages with spirit-awakening scents. The eccentric CRUCIFY hitmaker's personal health guru DUNCAN PICKFORD uses oils to massage her, and now...

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Amos + Folds To Tour

30th May 2003

TORI AMOS and BEN FOLDS will head out on the road in America together this summer (03) for the LOTTAPIANOS TOUR. The run of 28 dates will begin on 26 July (03) in...

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Tori Amos Declares Love For America . Despite Government

17th April 2003

Singer TORI AMOS wants to stress she has a great love for American people - her only problem is with the government. The ME AND A GUN singer, who has spoken out on numerous...

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