Tool are ''about 90 percent done'' with recording their long-awaited new album.

The 'Vicarious' rockers - comprising singer Maynard James Keenan, bassist Justin Chancellor, guitarist Adam Jones and drummer Danny Carey - haven't released a record since 2006's '10,000 Days' but are making good progress, though they have been very ''picky'' about what has made it onto the track list.

Speaking to the 'MetalSucks' podcast, Justin said: ''We're about 90 percent there, it's been like a crazy science project -- kind of like a petri dish.

''We've just been really picky over what we want to put on this new album and really want to come up with something completely unique.

''Plus, we have endless amounts of material to sift through, so it's just been a process... a little different from last time.''

And after recently completing a number of festival slots and their own headlining gigs, Tool are looking forward to putting the finishing touches on the record.

Justin added: ''It really is an evolving thing. Being out the last couple of weeks on the road and playing together, this year, we've really kind of hit a new level, I'd say.

''[We're] really excited to be around each other and we're gonna just bang it out when we get back home, we're ready to go...''

However, the rocker remained coy when he was quizzed on exactly when fans can expect to be able to get their hands on the new record.

Asked when it will be released, he simply said: ''I can't say.''

Elsewhere in the podcast, Justin quipped that ''taking your time'' has been key to the longevity of the band, which he joined in 1995 following the departure of Paul D'Amour.