Movie director Jonathan Bucari has told News 12 Connecticut that he is preparing a TV movie related to the Newtown school shooting, where a gunman fatally shot 20 first-grades, six teachers and himself in December. Bucari said he and his crew planned to visit Ridgefield - 20 miles southwest of Newtown - on Monday, to prepare for filming, reports the Associated Press.

The movie focuses on a 13-year-old boy with a mental illness and a fear of his parents after the school shooting. The director reportedly picked Ridgefield as a shooting location as it looks similar to Newtown and that he didn't want to upset the town's residents so soon after the killings. Ridgefield schools superintendent Deborah Low says the timing of the film is "poor." Little is known for Bucari's work, though his page lists one completed directorial project titled 'The Sacrificial Lamb.' It is unclear whether this project is linked to the Newtown movie, or whether it is the title of the movie itself. It is also unlikely that any of the major TV stations will pick up such a movie.

The production company behind the movie told fans on their Facebook page, "Dear friends, after yesterday's report about the film, I would like to clarify one very important point. We are not doing a movie about what happened in Newtown and will never do so. We are doing a non-profit film about mental illness."