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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Marries Justin Mikita

21st July 2013

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has married Justin Mikita. The 'Modern Family' actor tied the knot with the 27-year-old lawyer on Saturday (20.07.13) in a ceremony in New York which was officiated by playwright Tony Kushner....

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Historical Error In Lincoln Will Stand, Says Writer

12th February 2013

Neither Lincoln director Steven Spielberg nor writer Tony Kushner nor anyone at DreamWorks or the Walt Disney Co. is apparently going to apologize for misrepresenting Connecticut's vote on the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which...

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Daniel Day-lewis: Lincoln Was 'Vulnerable'

14th January 2013

Daniel Day-Lewis thinks Abraham Lincoln was ''vulnerable''.The award-winning actor - who picked up the Best Actor prize at the Golden Globe Awards yesterday (13.01.13) - plays the pioneering US president who abolished slavery in Steven...

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Zero Dark Thirty Triumphs At New York Film Critics Circle Awards

8th January 2013

'Zero Dark Thirty' has been honoured by the New York Film Critics Circle.The prestigious group of 60 film buffs branded the gritty drama about the manhunt for Osama Bin Laden the Best Film of 2012,...

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Lincoln's Daniel Day-lewis Scoops New York Critics' Prize

4th December 2012

DDaniel Day-Lewis has been named Best Actor by the New York Film Critics Circle (NYFCC). The 55-year-old actor was recognised by the organisation in their annual awards for his portrayal of US President Abraham Lincoln...

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Movie Reviews: Lincoln

9th November 2012

Steven Spielberg's Lincoln opens in just 11 theaters this weekend, testing whether a film so conceived and so dedicated can endure when it opens wide next weekend. If word of mouth is anywhere near as...

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Steven Spielberg Gave Day-lewis Free Rein In Lincoln

9th November 2012

Steven Spielberg didn't want to ''get in the way'' of Daniel Day-Lewis' ''amazing'' acting in 'Lincoln'. The 65-year-old director chose not to question the 'Gangs of New York' star, who portrays former US President Abraham...

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First Look At Spielberg's Lincoln: Is That You Daniel Day Lewis?

7th August 2012

Still images have finally surfaced of Daniel Day Lewis ' 'Lincoln' in Steven Spielberg 's biopic of the former US president and they are causing quite a stir online. The photos...

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Sally Field Signs On To Abraham Lincoln Biopic

14th April 2011

Sally Field is set to star in a new biopic about Abraham Lincoln.The Oscar-winning actress has signed up to play Mary Todd Lincoln - wife to the 16th President of the United States - in...

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Barbs Fly At Ny Critics Awards

12th January 2011

While most movie award presentations are generally gushing with praise, gratitude, and congeniality (the exception, of course, being the annual Raspberry Awards, but that's generally an event staged with such humor that the winners (losers?)...

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College Students Complain About Commencement Speaker Fox

8th March 2007

Students at Columbia University in New York City are far from impressed that alumni MATTHEW FOX has been booked to speak at a ceremony for graduating students. The LOST star graduated from Columbia in 1989...

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Spielberg Responds To Jewish Backlash

1st February 2006

Director STEVEN SPIELBERG has leaped to the defence of his latest movie MUNICH, after fundamentalist Jews attacked the Oscar-nominated film for allowing the Palestinian side of the story to be portrayed. Munich, which is...

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Bana To Star In Spielberg Movie

5th July 2005

STEVEN SPIELBERG has recruited Australian actor ERIC BANA to star in his new movie focusing on Israeli retribution following the terrorist attack on the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. The TROY hunk will play...

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Gyllenhaal Stands Up To Movie Directors

14th February 2005

Hollywood actress MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL doesn't care how big the film is, she'll speak up if her character seems false or "boring". The SECRETARY star recently auditioned for a "big movie", but as she experimented...

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Stars Team Up For Show Celebrating Civil Rights

18th August 2004

SEAN PENN, PAUL SIMON and PATTI SMITH are among a diverse list of stars who are joining forces for a concert for the AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION (ACLU). The show, which will take place...

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Streep Gets In Touch With Her Masculine Side

10th September 2003

ADAPTATION star MERYL STREEP has an unusual new part in upcoming TV movie ANGELS IN AMERICA - she's playing a man. The OSCAR-winning actress took the role in THE GRADUATE director MIKE NICHOLS' adaptation...

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Al Pacino In Tv Debut

15th July 2003

Legendary movie star AL PACINO is poised to make his television debut as a man who refuses to accept he is dying of AIDS. The SCARFACE actor had previously insisted he's only interested in...

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