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Clooney Plans G8 Summit Trip To Britain

30th June 2005

GEORGE CLOONEY will be making up for lost time in Britain this weekend (02-04JUL05), by scheduling meetings with Prime Minister TONY BLAIR and other world leaders at the G8 Summit in Scotland. The movie...

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Bono Praises Tony Blair But Calls For More

29th June 2005

U2 rocker BONO has praised British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR and Treasury chief GORDON BROWN for negotiating a new debt deal for the developing world - but now wants them to focus on fair trade....

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Stone Slams World Leaders Over Debt

27th June 2005

Teenage soul sensation JOSS STONE has blasted politicians and G8 leaders for not doing enough to alleviate debt in the developing world - slamming them as "very selfish". The RIGHT TO BE WRONG singer,...

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Bush Turns Down Simpsons

22nd June 2005

US President GEORGE W BUSH has snubbed producers of animated TV hit THE SIMPSONS, by refusing to appear in an episode of the show. Creator MATT GROENING was hopeful after convincing British Prime Minister...

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Geldof In Live 8 Tax Wrangle

2nd June 2005

SIR BOB GELDOF is fighting the projected tax bill which will be incurred by the LIVE 8 ticket text lottery - which is being set up to cover costs for this summer's (02JUL05) rock extravaganza...

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Geldof Invites Pope, Mandela And Dalai Lama To Live 8

30th May 2005

SIR BOB GELDOF has asked the world's most prominent figures, including POPE BENEDICT XVI, the DALAI LAMA and NELSON MANDELA to take part in the anti-poverty rally and LIVE 8 charity concert this summer (06JUL05)...

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Ferry Spared Jail For Parliament Protest

27th May 2005

LATEST: Rocker BRYAN FERRY's son OTIS was convicted of a public order offence yesterday (26MAY05) but was spared jail - for storming Britain's Houses Of Parliament in a pro-hunt campaign last September (04). The...

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Yorke Plans To Push Blair To Cut Carbon Emissions

25th May 2005

RADIOHEAD frontman THOM YORKE is pleased British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR has begun to accept the climate change problem needs addressing - but he refuses to stop campaigning until the UK government meets targets to...

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Ferry Sneaked Into Parliament

24th May 2005

LATEST: The son of rocker BRYAN FERRY broke into Britain's Houses of Parliament after dressing as a builder and entered the chamber of the House of Commons through a broken security door, a court heard...

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Geldof Urges Blair To Pressurise Bush Into Helping Africa

17th May 2005

LATEST: Campaigning rocker SIR BOB GELDOF has urged British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR to secure "payback" for Britain's role in the Iraq war, by pressurising US President GEORGE W BUSH to increase his foreign aid...

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Geldof Blasts World Leaders Over Africa

17th May 2005

Campaigning rocker SIR BOB GELDOF has slammed international efforts to eradicate poverty in Africa as "a complete and utter disgrace". Speaking at the Scottish Parliament's Conference On Africa event in Edinburgh yesterday (16MAY05), Geldof...

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Rai To Star As Battered British Wife Who Fought Back

14th May 2005

Bollywood beauty AISHWARYA RAI has signed up to star in a controversial new British film about a real-life murder. In PROVOKED, the BRIDE + PREJUDICE star will portray an Anglo-Indian woman who killed her...

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Curtis Premieres New Film At G8 Summit

8th May 2005

Acclaimed movie maker RICHARD CURTIS has moved the premiere of his new film THE GIRL IN THE CAFE to Scotland to coincide with the G8 Summit meeting. The first screening will take place...

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Ferry's Son Arrested After Election

6th May 2005

Rocker BRYAN FERRY's son was arrested this morning (6MAY05) after confronting and verbally abusing British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR following his victory in yesterday's (5MAY05) General Election. OTIS FERRY - a fox-hunting campaigner angry...

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Irons Backs Opposition

4th May 2005

British actor JEREMY IRONS has turned his back on the country's ruling LABOUR PARTY, after helping them get into power in 1997. The OSCAR winner campaigned for TONY BLAIR as part of the 'cool...

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Nighy And Geldof To Protest Outside G8 Summit

3rd May 2005

LATEST: Actor BILL NIGHY is urging fans to join him and SIR BOB GELDOF when they protest outside July's (05) G8 Summit meeting in Scotland, to prompt leaders of the world's eight largest industrial countries...

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Grant Tops Prime Minister Poll

2nd May 2005

British actor HUGH GRANT's role as Prime Minister in romantic comedy LOVE ACTUALLY was so convincing, 1,800 Britons have voted for him to replace premiere TONY BLAIR in a new survey. DVD company SILVERSCREEN...

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Sir John Mills Dies

24th April 2005

Legendary actor SIR JOHN MILLS has died following a battle with a chest infection. He was 97. The British star of over 100 films passed away at his Buckinghamshire, England, home yesterday (23APR05) after...

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Eno Backs Liberal Democrats In UK Election

21st April 2005

Veteran rocker BRIAN ENO has lent his support to British political party the Liberal Democrats in advance of next month's (05MAY05) general election in the UK. Eno, who recently announced he's reunited with his...

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Rock Fans Want Coldplay Star For UK Leader

20th April 2005

COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN has been named the UK's fantasy Prime Minister in a new poll. The survey, conducted by British rock magazine the NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS (NME), asked readers which musicians they would...

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Carradine And Sands Take On Bush And Blair

18th April 2005

Actors KEITH CARRADINE and JULIAN SANDS are teaming up on the Los Angeles stage to play US President GEORGE W BUSH and UK Prime Minister TONY BLAIR, respectively. The seasoned screen stars will star...

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Gallagher Urges Fans To Vote Labour

13th April 2005

OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER is urging the British public to vote for a continuing LABOUR government - to stop PHIL COLLINS returning to the charts. Drummer Collins has previously threatened to relaunch his chart...

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Mccartney's Eldest In Marriage Split

11th April 2005

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY's eldest daughter MARY has separated from her television producer husband ALISTAIR DONALD after six years of marriage. According to friends, Donald has "been plagued by feelings of inadequacy" whilst living in...

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Geldof To Publish Book On Travel Around Africa

30th March 2005

SIR BOB GELDOF is set to publish a book on his travels in Africa. The Irish rocker-turned-activist, who has spent decades campaigning on behalf of the continent, will release GELDOF IN AFRICA in June...

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Postlethwaite: 'Blair's Guildford Four Apology Came Too Late'

21st March 2005

Actor PETE POSTLETHWAITE has blasted British Prime Minster TONY BLAIR's apology to the Irishmen wrongly convicted of IRA bomb attacks in England in 1974. Postlethwaite played GIUSEPPE CONLON in 1993 movie IN THE NAME...

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Geldof Orders Blair To Swear At Bush

15th March 2005

SIR BOB GELDOF has ordered British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR to deliver an expletive-laden message to US President GEORGE W BUSH to wipe out poverty in Africa. The BAND AID star shocked the launch...

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Leigh Directs Prime Minister's Wife

4th March 2005

Film-maker MIKE LEIGH has directed British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR's wife CHERIE in a new advert to raise money for breast cancer research. The VERA DRAKE creator filmed the commercials with the premier's spouse...

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Gere Urges British To Vote Out Blair

20th February 2005

Hollywood star RICHARD GERE has urged the British public to vote out Prime Minister TONY BLAIR at the next UK general election. The PRETTY WOMAN actor is baffled by Blair's alliance with US President...

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Young Chased By Leading UK Political Parties

17th February 2005

British singer WILL YOUNG is being courted by both the UK's leading political parties to sing their election campaign songs, but has yet to decide who he'll be voting for. The LEAVE RIGHT NOW...

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Napalm Death Make Love Album

16th February 2005

NAPALM DEATH lash out at US President GEORGE W BUSH and British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR's terrorist hysteria on their upcoming album, because they are concerned people are being duped into supporting draconian laws and...

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