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Brown Pays Tribute To Bono

23rd May 2006

British politician GORDON BROWN has poured praise on U2 frontman BONO after joining the rocker on his latest awareness-raising trip to Africa. Brown, who is the favourite to replace TONY BLAIR as Prime Minister, admits...

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Williams' Soccer Talk With Blair

15th May 2006

Pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS is appealing to British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR for soccer tactics - in a bid to publicise his fundraising celebrity match. The ANGELS star hopes teams featuring the likes of JUDE...

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Sir Cliff: 'Blair Is Bowing Out'

12th May 2006

Veteran pop star SIR CLIFF RICHARD has hinted his pal British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR wants to leave the political arena. The LIVING DOLL singer insists Blair has "withered" since the war in Iraq broke...

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Gillespie Rues Lack Of Political Weight

8th May 2006

Scottish rocker BOBBY GILLESPIE is frustrated his outspoken political views will never have any serious impact on the government. The PRIMAL SCREAM star, whose anti-war song BOMB THE PENTAGON was a scathing attack on the...

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Pet Shop Boys Told To Be Politically Balanced

28th April 2006

Pop duo THE PET SHOP BOYS have had a theatrical anti-war performance of their new hit I'M WITH STUPID censored by BBC bosses - to avoid a political backlash. The IT'S A SIN hitmakers wanted...

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Jolie: 'Brown For Prime Minister'

27th April 2006

ANGELINA JOLIE wants British Chancellor of the Exchequer GORDON BROWN to usurp Prime Minister TONY BLAIR and become the next UK leader, after being impressed by his efforts to tackle poverty. The MR AND MRS...

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Soul Slams Us And UK Over Iraq

4th April 2006

Actor DAVID SOUL has accused the US and UK governments of "overstepping boundaries" by keeping troops in Iraq. The American STARSKY AND HUTCH star, who now resides in London, is appalled US President GEORGE W...

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Morrissey: 'I Hate Blair's Face'

30th March 2006

Former THE SMITHS frontman MORRISSEY has lashed out at British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR and his wife CHERIE for the way they look. The angry rocker has aimed unflinching criticism at Blair in the past...

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Prime Minister's Son Set For Movie Stardom?

26th March 2006

The son of British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR is set to star alongside Hollywood actress NATALIE PORTMAN in forthcoming blockbuster MR MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM. EUAN BLAIR worked as an assistant producer alongside Portman on new...

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Yorke Snubs Blair

21st March 2006

RADIOHEAD frontman THOM YORKE has slammed British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR for his lack of integrity, and refuses to meet him to discuss his climate change campaign. The crusading rocker, an ambassador for environmental group...

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Bono: 'Geldof Almost Spat On Blair'

15th March 2006

U2 frontman BONO had to separate SIR BOB GELDOF from TONY BLAIR to prevent him from spitting at the British Prime Minister. The crusading rocker came to the rescue after Geldof's discussion with the UK...

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The Things They Say 1601

13th March 2006

"That man is somebody's poodle... He's not bright but he is conceited... He's not the full shilling, I don't trust him." JOHN LYDON on British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR.

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Mclaren's Gran Was Punk Inspiration

10th March 2006

SEX PISTOLS svengali MALCOLM MCLAREN insists his rebellious grandmother was the original inspiration for punk - encouraging him to be bad from the age of five. The flame-haired 60-year-old recalls the mad, bad matriarch explaining...

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Morrissey: 'London Bombings Were No Surprise'

7th March 2006

Former THE SMITHS frontman MORRISSEY has branded UK Prime Minister TONY BLAIR and US leader GEORGE W BUSH "worse than terrorists" for spearheading the war against Iraq. The outspoken singer insists London should have been...

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Pet Shop Boys Blast Labour Party

2nd March 2006

The PET SHOP BOYS have slammed the British government on their latest album, insisting the Labour Party's ID card initiative is an ineffective means of combatting terrorism. The duo - NEIL TENNANT and CHRIS LOWE...

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Osbourne Blasts Miller's Paparazzi Moan

15th February 2006

LATEST: Pop rocker KELLY OSBOURNE has blasted actress SIENNA MILLER for moaning about the paparazzi. The reality TV star was stunned to hear the CASANOVA actress is planning to petition British Prime Minister TONY...

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Miller To Petition Blair Over Paparazzi Laws

15th February 2006

Rising star SIENNA MILLER is planning to petition British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR to change the law to protect celebrities from the paparazzi. The 24-year-old former model leaped to fame when she began dating...

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The Beatles Voted Iconic Brits

7th February 2006

THE BEATLES have been voted Britain's most iconic image, while soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM and his wife VICTORIA represent the worst of British. Users of the internet search engine Seekport rated the Fab Four...

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Kudrow Fan Of Prime Minister's Son

31st January 2006

Former FRIENDS star LISA KUDROW was careful not to give British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR's son special treatment when he worked for her defunct show THE COMEBACK. The actress - who met NICKY BLAIR...

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Disgraced Dynamite Dropped From Race Campaign

29th January 2006

LATEST: British R+B star MS DYNAMITE has been dropped from an anti-racism campaign following her assault on a police officer three weeks ago (06JAN06). The JUDGEMENT DAY singer - real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY -...

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Mark E Smith Attacks Tony Blair

4th January 2006

Outspoken rocker MARK E SMITH has blasted British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR for sending teenagers off to die in Iraq. THE FALL frontman is scathing of the politician because he feels he's behaving like...

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Archer Slams Iraq War

27th December 2005

HARD-FI frontman RICHARD ARCHER is so disgusted by the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq, he's written a song about it. The British rocker composed MIDDLE EASTERN HOLIDAY in response to US President GEORGE...

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Richard Discusses Rock With Blair

15th December 2005

British singer CLIFF RICHARD refuses to talk about politics when he spends time with British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR because the friends prefer to discuss rock music. The DEVIL WOMAN hitmaker, who has spent...

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Hawkins Hates Blair Tax

14th December 2005

THE DARKNESS frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS resents his band's success - because he has to pay thousands of pounds (dollars) in tax to British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR. The I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED...

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Richard Amazed By Fuss Over Blair Relationship

14th December 2005

British singer SIR CLIFF RICHARD is amazed by the media frenzy surrounding his decision to allow Prime Minister TONY BLAIR to stay at his holiday home in the Caribbean this summer (05), because he considers...

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Hawkins Proud Of Slamming Blair

14th December 2005

THE DARKNESS frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS's proudest moment is calling British prime minister TONY BLAIR a "murderer". The I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE hitmaker was disgusted by the leader's decision to go to...

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Dr Who Blasts Blair At Christmas

13th December 2005

Popular UK family show DOCTOR WHO will launch a veiled attack on British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR this Christmas (25DEC05) by broadcasting an anti-war episode. The long-running sci-fi series will feature an alien invasion...

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Pinter Attacks Bush And Blair In Nobel Speech

8th December 2005

British playwright HAROLD PINTER has called for GEORGE W BUSH and TONY BLAIR to be arraigned before the International Criminal Court of Justice for their "vast tapestry of lies" about the war in Iraq....

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Elton John Feels Lucky To Be A Brit

30th November 2005

Gay singer/songwriter SIR ELTON JOHN considers himself lucky to live in Britain, because the country is less prejudiced towards homosexuality than elsewhere in the world. The CANDLE IN THE WIND hitmaker, who will marry...

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Mirren Campaigns For Uganda Children

30th November 2005

CALENDAR GIRLS star DAME HELEN MIRREN is pleading with the British government to save the children of Uganda who are caught up in the country's ongoing civil war. The veteran actress is joining forces...

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