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Beckham To Be Knighted

20th October 2006

British soccer star DAVID BECKHAM is reportedly set to become a 'Sir' in QUEEN ELIZABETH's New Year's honours list. The much-loved sportsman, who already is the proud owner of an Order of the British Empire...

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British Cabinet Member Admits He Urged Al-jazeera Bombing

12th October 2006

Former British Home Secretary David Blunkett has acknowledged that he urged Prime Minister Tony Blair to bomb the Baghdad facilities of the Arab news channel al-Jazeera shortly after the invasion of Iraq. As reported by...

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Spacey Gave Blair Speaking Tips

2nd October 2006

Oscar winner KEVIN SPACEY has reportedly given British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR public speaking advice. The AMERICAN BEAUTY actor apparently advised the UK leader before his speech to the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, northern...

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Eternal Star Makes Commons Speech

28th September 2006

Former ETERNAL star KELLE BRYAN has been given the unlikely honour of addressing Britain's House of Commons. The British R+B singer, who recently featured in reality TV dating show LOVE ISLAND, was nominated by her...

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Tony Blair To Join Free?

18th September 2006

Former FREE rockers ANDY FRASER and SIMON KIRKE are hoping British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR will accept their invitation to perform with them at a fundraising gig. Free are Blair's favourite band of all time...

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Osbourne Stands Up For Blair

7th September 2006

British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR has found an unlikely supporter in rock heiress KELLY OSBOURNE. Blair may be rapidly losing favour from supporters and Government ministers alike, but the SHUT UP singer is urging the...

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Richard Felt Sorry For 'Haggard' Blair

27th August 2006

Veteran singer SIR CLIFF RICHARD offered British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR the use of his luxurious villa in Barbados because he thought the leader looked tired. The 65-year-old star was moved by pictures during the...

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Richard Denies Seeking Political Favours

24th August 2006

Veteran singer SIR CLIFF RICHARD has blasted accusations he only lent his Barbados home to holidaying British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR to secure his backing in a copyright campaign. The BACHELOR BOY singer has been...

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Morrissey Blasts Bush And Blair

21st August 2006

Outspoken singer MORRISSEY has launched a stinging attack on both US President GEORGE W BUSH and British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR for their aggressive foreign policies. Headlining England's V Festival in Weston Park, Stafford on...

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Ayer Admits Distorting U-571 History

18th August 2006

Screenwriter DAVID AYER has apologised for "distorting" history in his 2000 film U-571, which suggested the Americans recovered the Enigma code instead of the British in World War Two. The US writer admitted his manipulation...

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The Things They Say 2618

8th August 2006

"I don't really have a violent streak in me. However, I can't begin to tell you how much I hate TONY BLAIR." Punk svengali MALCOLM MCLAREN is no fan of the British Prime Minister.

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Hilton's Blair Blunder

3rd August 2006

Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON stunned a journalist when she insisted she had no idea who British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR was. The STARS ARE BLIND singer, 25, was asked during a recent interview with men's...

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Schwarzenegger's Ministerial Gift For Blair

2nd August 2006

Hollywood hardman-turned-politician ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is attempting to entice TONY BLAIR to return to California more often by giving the British Prime Minister an iPod pre-loaded with tunes about the state. The TERMINATOR star selected 160...

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Elton Snubs Blair

2nd August 2006

SIR ELTON JOHN is turning his back on British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR, after having voted for his Labour Party in the Government election last year (05). The YOUR SONG star still loves the leader...

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Yorke Calls For Blair Resignation

2nd August 2006

Outspoken RADIOHEAD frontman THOM YORKE is urging voters to overthrow British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR for his unclear stance on the Middle East conflict. The singer posted a furious message on the band's website calling...

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Blair And Snoop Hang Out

2nd August 2006

British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR has made an unlikely pal in rapper SNOOP DOGG - and the pair spent Monday night (31JUL06) chatting at glitzy Hollywood nightspot Skybar. Blair joined the DROP IT LIKE IT'S...

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Blair Says Neither Murdoch -- Nor Anyone Else -- Has Offered Him A Job

1st August 2006

British Prime Minister Tony Blair appeared to downplay recent rampant speculation in the British press that Rupert Murdoch has offered him a place on News Corp's board of directors when he leaves office. He did...

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Schwarzenegger Promises Blair Terminator 4 Role

1st August 2006

Hollywood hardman-turned-California governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has promised to secure TONY BLAIR a part in a potential TERMINATOR sequel. Schwarzenegger, who starred in the original three movies as the unstoppable cyborg assassin, is concerned the British...

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Cliff Persuades Blair To Alter Copyright Laws

31st July 2006

Pop veteran SIR CLIFF RICHARD has reportedly persuaded British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR to consider changing music copyright laws in his favour. The BACHELOR BOY singer is currently playing host to the UK leader at...

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Idol Stars To Provide Relief At White House Middle East Talks

24th July 2006

AMERICAN IDOL star TAYLOR HICKS is set to meet PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH after he and his fellow former contestants were invited to join the US leader and his wife LAURA at the White House...

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Tv News Hits The Fan

19th July 2006

News organizations found themselves confounded Monday after President Bush was caught on television using the expletive "shit" while talking with British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the G8 Summit. A clip of theincident was repeated...

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Travis Leaves Blair A Special Note

13th July 2006

Scottish rockers TRAVIS took time out of making music to place a giant Post-It Note on British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR's front door reminding him of his work in Africa. The band taped a message...

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Henry Rollins' Talk Show Hopes

12th July 2006

Punk star-turned-actor HENRY ROLLINS is thrilled to have been given his own talk show because it finally gives him "a voice". The new show, which airs in the US, is called THE HENRY ROLLINS SHOW...

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Crook Missed Chance To Grill Blair On Zimbabwe

5th July 2006

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star MACKENZIE CROOK is angry he turned down an audience with British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR, because he missed the chance to discuss the plight of his relatives in troubled Zimbabwe....

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Bono And Geldof Criticise Blair Over G8 Pledges

29th June 2006

Campaigners SIR BOB GELDOF and BONO have hit out at the G8 countries, because they are failing to keep promises they made over debt aid to Africa. Britain and other members of the G8 group...

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Geldof's Phone Power

28th June 2006

Campaigning rocker SIR BOB GELDOF's power and influence is so great, he can speak to most of the world's leaders at the touch of a button. The former BOOMTOWN RATS frontman admits he finds it...

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Geldof To Check Up On G8

25th June 2006

Irish rocker SIR BOB GELDOF has been selected by British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR to police a G8 poverty deal, which will evaluate the progress made in the fight against poverty. The former BOOMTOWN RATS...

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British Politician Slams Hip-hop Dj

8th June 2006

Leading British politician DAVID CAMERON has hit out at influential radio DJ TIM WESTWOOD for promoting violence. Cameron, who is the leader of the UK's Conservative Party and Prime Minister TONY BLAIR's main rival, claims...

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Winner's Toilet Turnaround

31st May 2006

LATEST: Director MICHAEL WINNER invited a cleaner to tea yesterday (30MAY06) to make up for snubbing an honour from British monarch QUEEN ELIZABETH II because it's "what you get if you clean toilets well". The...

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The Things They Say 2131

31st May 2006

"TONY BLAIR's doing the best job he can." Hollywood legend MICKEY ROONEY speaks out against the British Prime Minister's waning popularity.

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