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Morrissey Slams Royals And Blair

2nd June 2003

Former SMITHS frontman MORRISSEY hates the British royal family and Prime Minister TONY BLAIR. The GIRLFRIEND IN A COMA singer - famed for his wry lyrics - appears in a new fly-on-the-wall documentary for...

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Geldof Promised Ethiopian Aid

2nd June 2003

Irish rocker SIR BOB GELDOF has received a boost in his plight to alleviate Ethiopia's ongoing famine - British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR has called on rich nations to dish out more aid to the...

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Blair's Oasis Voting Plot Revealed

30th May 2003

Rock band OASIS were wooed by British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR before the 1997 elections because the politician wanted their mailing list database to attract voters. LABOUR PARTY leader Blair invited guitarist and songwriter...

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Flatley Comes Out Of Retirement For Most Important Men In The World

29th May 2003

Super-hoofer MICHAEL FLATLEY is coming out of his self-imposed retirement for one last spectacular show in Russia in front of the most important men in the world. The nimble footed LORD OF THE DANCE...

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Becks To Be Best Dad

29th May 2003

British soccer star DAVID BECKHAM is set to top a poll of the best celebrity dads. The online list, sponsored by printing firm EPSON, gives the 28-year-old MANCHESTER UNITED heart-throb a clear lead for...

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Bono Links Aids To Terror

22nd May 2003

Irish rocker BONO has urged world leaders to solve the AIDS epidemic if they want victory in the war against terror. As the leaders of the Britain, America, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and...

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Brit Stars Line Up For Simpsons Roles

11th April 2003

British stars JANE LEEVES and ERIC IDLE have become the latest names to sign up for cameos in THE SIMPSONS. FRASIER actress Jane will play the long-lost English love of HOMER's aging father ABE...

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Vidal Denies Writing Moore.s Oscar Speech

4th April 2003

Political author GORE VIDAL has been accused of being the mastermind behind MICHAEL MOORE's anti-war OSCAR acceptance speech. Moore was met with a chorus of cheers and boos when he took the stage at...

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Kid Rock Blasts Peace Activists

31st March 2003

Heavy metal singer KID ROCK has blasted celebrity anti-war demonstrators - claiming they're "retarded" for thinking they have the right to protest against the Iraqi conflict. The wildman boyfriend of former BAYWATCH babe PAMELA...

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.Lord. Mick Hucknall.

30th March 2003

Redhead singer MICK HUCKNALL has a new ambition - he wants a seat in Britain's HOUSE OF LORDS. The SIMPLY RED crooner has political connections already - he's a friend of British Prime Minister...

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Actor Fry Backs War

25th March 2003

Actor STEPHEN FRY is supporting British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR's stance on the war with Iraq - unlike most of his UK contemporaries. The GOSFORD PARK star is refusing to be drawn into the...

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