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Cherie Blair Gets Tips From Vivienne Westwood

29th March 2004

British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR's wife CHERIE has turned to an unlikely source for fashion tips about her husband's wardrobe - punk mastermind VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. At the recent Britain's WOMEN OF ACHIEVEMENT reception at...

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Ozzy Tops Poll To Greet Aliens

22nd March 2004

Rock legend OZZY OSBOURNE has been named the nation's favourite ambassador to welcome aliens to planet earth. In the YAHOO! internet poll, the reality TV star beat British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR and...

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George Michael Brands Blair 'Egotistical'

7th March 2004

Pop star GEORGE MICHAEL has hit out at British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR branding him "egotistical". The CARELESS WHISPER singer spent an evening with Blair and his wife CHERIE before the politician was elected...

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British Mps Vote For Dr Zhivago

13th February 2004

Classic sixties movie DR ZHIVAGO has been voted the best British film of all time - by the country's politicians. The SIR DAVID LEAN movie, which stars OMAR SHARIF and JULIE CHRISTIE, beat off...

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Yorke Attacks Blair

4th February 2004

Campaigning RADIOHEAD frontman THOM YORKE has blasted British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR following the publication of the controversial HUTTON REPORT last week (ends30JAN04). The PARANOID ANDROID singer had expected the report - which slammed...

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Knighted Kingsley Longed For Recognition

26th January 2004

OSCAR-winning actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY is delighted his knighthood propelled him to a higher status, because he had always longed to be "seen and heard". The GANDHI star admits he developed an urge to...

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Sharon Osbourne Thanks Supporters

12th January 2004

Rock matriarch SHARON OSBOURNE has thanked PRINCE CHARLES, TONY BLAIR and SIR ELTON JOHN for their support as she tended to her injured husband OZZY OSBOURNE over the past few weeks. Ozzy, 55, fractured...

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Blair Refused To Hold Dog In Simpsons Episode

5th January 2004

British PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR refused to hold a dog in his cameo appearance in THE SIMPSONS, because he was afraid of being portrayed as "America's poodle". The British premier was worried that his...

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Idol Tops Polite List

18th December 2003

AMERICAN IDOL runner-up CLAY AIKEN has been voted the Best-Mannered Person of 2003 by America's NATIONAL LEAGUE OF JUNIOR COTILLIONS. The singer beat OPRAH WINFREY and Iraqi war mastermind GEN TOMMY FRANKS...

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Lee Ryan: The Pied Piper Of Peace

16th December 2003

Pop heart-throb LEE RYAN has a new job lined up if boyband BLUE ever split - a peace ambassador for the world. The GUILTY hitmaker, 20, admits many political debates confuse him, but he...

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Blue's Lee Feeds British Prime Minister's Wife Trick Sweet

16th December 2003

BLUE star LEE RYAN's love of practical jokes saw him to feeding the wife of British PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR a joke sweet - which turned her mouth blue. The ALL RISE singer decided...

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Prime Minister Joins Stars' Tribute To Injured Ozzy

10th December 2003

Britain's Prime Minister TONY BLAIR paid tribute to injured rock wildman OZZY OSBOURNE yesterday (09DEC03). The former BLACK SABBATH frontman underwent emergency surgery on Monday (08DEC03) after crashing his quad bike at his English...

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Richards Blasts Jagger's Knighthood

3rd December 2003

ROLLING STONE KEITH RICHARDS has attacked bandmate SIR MICK JAGGER for accepting a knighthood from THE QUEEN. Richards, who was scathing when the decision to honour Jagger was announced last year (02), has hit...

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Beckham Eyes Simpsons Cameo

3rd December 2003

Soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM is poised to become the latest high-profile Briton to make a cameo on THE SIMPSONS. The REAL MADRID player - who is married to former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA - had...

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Fatboy Slim Fights For Local Team

2nd December 2003

British dance star FATBOY SLIM yesterday (01DEC03) took his campaign for a new stadium for his local soccer team to the home of British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR. Fatboy - real name NORMAN COOK...

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Nigella Lawson Eyes Political Career

1st December 2003

Celebrity cook NIGELLA LAWSON is planning to carve out a career in politics, just like her famous father. The DOMESTIC GODDESS beauty is the daughter of onetime Chancellor NIGEL LAWSON, who served under the...

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Yorke Mocks Blair

28th November 2003

RADIOHEAD frontman THOM YORKE employed an unusual method to hit out at British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR on stage - he impersonated him during their anti-government tune YOU AND WHOSE ARMY. The outspoken singer...

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Prime Minister Lends His Voice To The Simpsons

21st November 2003

British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR is set to take on HOMER SIMPSON when the cartoon show characters head to London for an episode this weekend (23NOV03). Blair voiced his own cartoon character for the...

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Yorke Leads Anti-bush Protests

19th November 2003

RADIOHEAD's THOM YORKE has led musicians' protests against American President GEORGE W BUSH's official trip to Britain. The singer slammed British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR for inviting the "religious lunatic" to the country yesterday...

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George Michael Returns To Sony

18th November 2003

GEORGE MICHAEL has stunned the music world by signing a new deal with record label SONY, ten years after he tried to "divorce" the company in a high-profile legal battle. The OLDER star failed...

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The Darkness Are Great, Says Tony Blair

16th November 2003

Rockers THE DARKNESS are infiltrating the British establishment with their fun brand of glam rock - even PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR is a fan. The leader was visiting a London school when he was...

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Python Jones Blasts Blair

9th October 2003

MONTY PYTHON star TERRY JONES has launched a blistering attack on British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR, accusing him of "despicable hypocrisy". The veteran funnyman, who directed and starred in the comedy collective's hit movies...

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Bono: Tony Blair Looks Like A Rocker

7th October 2003

BONO has paid British PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR the ultimate compliment - insisting the leader could be a rocker if he had a smaller brain. The U2 frontman still admires Blair, despite disagreeing with...

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Prince William Targeted By Teenage Ricin Terrorist

7th September 2003

A 17-year-old boy has been convicted of sending British royal PRINCE WILLIAM a hate letter supposedly stuffed full of the deadly poison ricin. Handsome William, who is heir to the British throne, was sent...

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Hollywood Plans Tony Blair Movie

4th September 2003

Movie bosses are planning to shoot a TV movie about the life of TONY BLAIR - and FORREST GUMP star TOM HANKS is tipped to play the British Prime Minister. Former American President BILL...

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Angelina Jolie Wants To Talk Politics With Tony Blair

22nd August 2003

ANGELINA JOLIE is taking her adopted home country of Britain very seriously - she wants to confront the Prime Minster TONY BLAIR about the state of the NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE (NHS). The LARA CROFT...

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Beckham Is The Top And Bottom Of Cool

21st August 2003

Soccer hero DAVID BECKHAM has been voted the coolest celebrity in Britain - but he also came second on the list of the country's least cool! David and his former SPICE GIRL wife VICTORIA...

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Blair Holidays At Sir Cliff's Villa

3rd August 2003

British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR's relationship with pop veteran SIR CLIFF RICHARD is evidently a very trusting one - the LIVING DOLL singer has let the premiere borrow his Caribbean villa for the summer (03)....

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Cuaron: Potter Villain Is A Mixture Of Bush And Hussein

30th July 2003

HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN director ALFONSO CUARON believes the boy wizard's arch enemy VOLDEMORT is a cross between GEORGE W BUSH and SADDAM HUSSEIN. The Mexican filmmaker has taken over the...

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Ozzy Osbourne Has Parliamentary Approval

28th July 2003

Ageing rock legend OZZY OSBOURNE has a surprising fan - British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR. Blair has been outed as a fan of Osbourne's raucous sound by gravel-voiced crooner JOE COCKER, who claims the...

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