The countdown to this year’s Golden Globes is nearly over and with so much hype around the show coming up this Sunday, there is certainly more than one reason to tune in.

Two of the biggest reasons will probably be the hosts themselves – NBC veterans Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are certainly no strangers to live comedy, and having collaborated before on films like Mean Girls and Baby Mama, as well as the segment Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live, the pair have proven that they work well together.

With these hosts, the Golden Globes certainly promise to be loud, messy and probably alcohol infused, and hey, who could object to that? In an interview with EW, Fey promised this year’s award show to be “The sloppiest, best ever. The defining moment for a generation. But that generation is people who are currently in their nineties. And they’ve seen some stuff, so that’s actually saying more.” “We’ll just encourage people to go off their meds for one night,” Poehler added.

With the Golden Globes being billed as “the biggest party in Hollywood” and with previous hosts like Ricky Gervais, past years will be hard to top. But we’re certain the first ladies of comedy will manage and the Golden Globes will be well worth a watch.