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Effie Gray: Does It Take Victorian Repression Too Far?

By Rich Cline | 10th October 2014

Critics have been divided about the latest British period drama to hit cinemas. Effie Gray is based on a notorious true scandal from the mid-19th century, and most reviews have commented that the buttoned-up approach...

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Audiences Get A Glimpse Of Effie Gray

By Charlotte Court | 15th September 2014

The first trailer for Dakota Fanning’s new film, Effie Gray, has hit appliances with video playing abilities everywhere and showcases Emma Thompson’s fourth scripted venture in which she also co-stars. The film is a British...

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Matilda Or Kinky Boots? Who Will Win Out At The Tony Awards 2013?

By Michael West | 2nd May 2013

Matilda the Musical and Kinky Boots are up for 12 and 13 Tony Awards respectively for this year's awards ceremony on June 9, 2013. The Roald Dahl adaptation received shouts for cast members Bertie Carvel...

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Tony Awards: Can Tom Hanks Complete Grand Slam Of Major Awards?

By Michael West | 1st May 2013

Tom Hanks has been nominated for a Tony Award for his role as late tabloid reporter Mike McAlary in Nora Ephron's Lucky Guy. The play, written by Ephron before she died last June, follows McAlary's...

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Does Broadway's 'Orphans' Work Without Shia Labeouf? [Pictures]

By Michael West | 19th April 2013

The Broadway production of Lyle Kessler's 'Orphans' starring Alec Baldwin, opened at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on Thursday evening (April 18, 2013), after a chaotic build-up that saw lead star Shia LaBeouf walk out of...

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Alec Baldwin Feels Let Down By Shia Labeouf Over Email Fiasco

By Joe Wilde | 22nd February 2013

Actor Alec Baldwin had voiced his disappointment at his would be Broadway co-star Shia LaBeouf after the Transformers actor posted private emails between the two online via his Twitter account.LaBeouf decided that he would no...

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Shia Labeouf Walks Off Broadway, Leaving 'Orphans' Citing 'Creative Differences'

By Lorna Greville  | 21st February 2013

Oft-troubled actor Shia LaBeouf normally finds himself in trouble at bars, where he notoriously and frequently finds himself in a brawl. This time around though, his problem was in a Broadway theatre, and as revealed...

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Shia Labeouf Quits Broadway Play, Actor Was ‘Incompatible’ With Alec Baldwin

By Michael West | 21st February 2013

Shia LaBeouf quits Broadway play after a week of rehearsals? We can’t say we’re too surprised. The actor was to play Treat in a revival of Lyle Kessler’s 1983 play Orphans, however, it appears he...

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