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Selleck Discovers Foxx Is Avocado Farming Neighbour

4th October 2007

TOM SELLECK and JAMIE FOXX have become unlikely avocado farming neighbours in rural California. The two actors' ranches are divided by a "common fence" - but they're not talking to each other. Selleck reveals, "He's...

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Selleck Caught Up In Rain Row

27th September 2007

TOM SELLECK has been dubbed a thug by a boozed-up reveller who poked fun at the actor's flagging career. The Magnum P.I. star was sheltering from rain under a store awning in Halifax, Nova Scotia...

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Foxx Turns Avocado Farmer

28th August 2007

Oscar winner JAMIE FOXX has joined TV icon TOM SELLECK by becoming a low-key avocado farmer. The Ray star sells avocados grown on his California farm to local stores. Unlike Selleck, who is one of...

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Burnett + Cleese To Write Love Letters

16th July 2007

Beloved U.S. comedienne CAROL BURNETT is set to add JOHN CLEESE to her list of LOVE LETTERS co-stars. The former MONTY PYTHON star will join Burnett for the play, in which she has starred alongside...

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Selleck's Avocado Crop Crippled By Frost

18th May 2007

TOM SELLECK's avocado business has been dealt a savage blow from the elements - a severe frost has killed off hundreds of tress on his California farm. The former MAGNUM P.I. star admits his ranch...

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Selleck Rules Out Magnum Movie Cameo

16th May 2007

Actor TOM SELLECK has ruled out a cameo role in a planned big screen version of his 1980s TV hit Magnum, P.I. - because he refuses to trivialise the show. Selleck is against compromising the...

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Selleck Set For Las Vegas Role?

12th April 2007

TOM SELLECK is in negotiations to return to TV as JAMES CAAN's replacement in hit drama LAS VEGAS. The former Magnum, P.I. star is in talks to play a casino owner on the show. His...

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Affleck To Star As Magnum Pi?

16th June 2006

Producers of the big screen adaptation of cult TV show MAGNUM PI are keen to cast BEN AFFLECK as the famous Hawaiian private investigator. CHARLES FLOYD JOHNSON, one of the producers of the original 1980s...

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Selleck Says No To Magnum Movie

28th April 2006

MAGNUM PI star TOM SELLECK has snubbed the chance to reprise his most famous role in a movie version of the hit series. A film adaptation of the show, which ran for eight years attracting...

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Phoenix Set For Clancy Film

25th February 2006

Oscar nominee JOAQUIN PHOENIX is in talks to star in WITHOUT REMORSE, the latest TOM CLANCY book to be made into a film. The WALK THE LINE star will play JOHN CLARK, a former...

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Lee Inspired By Magnum

8th February 2006

MY NAME IS EARL star JASON LEE modelled his moustache in the hit show on MAGNUM, PI star TOM SELLECK's famed facial hair. The actor considered a number of moustached icons before settling on...

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Magnum Movie Set For The Big Screen

25th January 2006

TOM SELLECK's hit 1980s TV show MAGNUM, P.I. is being adapted for the big screen. RAWSON MARSHALL THURBER, who wrote and directed DODGEBALL, has signed on to take charge of the movie. The...

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The Things They Say 950

4th January 2006

"I got a lot of birthdays - I got grandsons and granddaughters and my wife and my daughter and my son and my daughter-in-law... and then Christmas." Actor TOM SELLECK's Christmases can be an expensive...

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Selleck Returns To Tv

1st December 2005

Former MAGNUM, PI star TOM SELLECK is making a return to the small screen in a forthcoming episode of hit US TV drama BOSTON LEGAL. The 60-year-old, who shot to fame as moustachioed Hawaii...

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Selleck's Shower Dash

13th April 2005

Former MAGNUM PI star TOM SELLECK was forced to shower at his mother's house yesterday morning (11APR05), after his water main broke while he was getting ready for a TV appearance. The actor was...

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Selleck Finds Ideal Underwear

18th February 2005

Former MAGNUM PI star TOM SELLECK's decades-long search for decent underwear has finally ended - because he's found himself a set with a "great slot" for trouble-free urinating. The 60-year-old actor recently discovered the...

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Mimi Back With Tom On Tv

17th February 2005

TOM CRUISE's ex-wife MIMI ROGERS has hooked up with another former Tom to make a new TV movie. Rogers will play a femme fatale in ex-boyfriend TOM SELLECK's new film STONE COLD, and she...

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Selleck's Shaven Satisfaction

13th September 2004

Actor TOM SELLECK loved sporting a shaved head while he filmed TV movie IKE: COUNTDOWN TO D-DAY - because he could go unrecognised when out in public. The former MAGNUM PI star cut of...

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Selleck Keeps His Politics To Himself

30th August 2004

Former MAGNUM, PI star TOM SELLECK has vowed not to follow in the footsteps of a number of his fellow footsteps by keeping his political opinions to himself. The actor, who recently played former...

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Selleck's Ferrari For Sale

13th July 2004

The Ferrari TOM SELLECK drove in hit TV show MAGNUM, P.I. is to be auctioned off in Los Angeles at the end of this month (30JUL04). The sale, which also features DARYL HANNAH's mermaid...

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Ford Second Choice For Greatest Films

14th June 2004

Fans of veteran actor HARRISON FORD are shocked to discover that he achieved his fame because other stars turned down his biggest roles. The 61-year-old was finally chosen after CHRISTOPHER WALKEN turned down the...

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Selleck's Tv Film A Big Hit

3rd June 2004

TOM SELLECK's new war epic IKE: COUNTDOWN TO D-DAY has smashed all records for American cable network A+E. The TV film, which aired on Memorial Day (31MAY04), gave the network its highest rating in...

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Cher Set For Monte Carlo

3rd June 2004

CHER has given the upcoming MONTE CARLO TELEVISION FESTIVAL a starry boost by confirming she'll close this summer's (04) event. The retiring pop superstar will perform a closing night concert on 3 July (04)....

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Selleck's Daughter Terrified Of Driving Lessons With Dad

28th May 2004

TOM SELLECK's daughter HANNAH is terrified of her upcoming driving lessons with dad - after her brother drove the family jeep through a third-storey parking lot railing while under the FRIENDS star's supervision. Selleck...

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Selleck Cuts Moustache In Half

23rd May 2004

Actor TOM SELLECK went to extreme measures to promote his upcoming TV projects - by shaving off half of his moustache. Selleck appeared on LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN on Thursday (20MAY04) to promote...

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Selleck Goes Hairless For Movie Role

30th January 2004

Actor TOM SELLECK has not only ditched his signature mustache for his movie role as former American president General DWIGHT EISENHOWER, he's also shaving his head. The former MAGNUM PI star had denied he...

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Selleck Rejects Makeover For Eisenhower Role

9th January 2004

Actor TOM SELLECK plans to do very little to alter his appearance when he plays DWIGHT D EISENHOWER - even though he looks nothing like the late American president. In IKE: THUNDER IN JUNE,...

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Clooney Lines Up Magnum Movie Role

20th November 2003

Hollywood heartthrob GEORGE CLOONEY will reportedly play TV private investigator MAGNUM PI in a big screen version of the 80s hit show. Pals of the actor say Clooney is desperate to take on...

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Hollywood Stars To Flee Raging Fire

29th October 2003

Hollywood couple WILL SMITH and JADA PINKETT SMITH are among the stars preparing to flee their neighbourhood, as the raging fires of southern California threaten to destroy their homes. With the death toll currently...

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