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Selleck's Blue Bloods Moving Back To New York

5th June 2010

New York City government officials have pleaded with U.S. TV bosses to not relocate the filming of TOM SELLECK's crime series BLUE BLOODS to Toronto, amid reports the planned move would cost the city $60...

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Selleck Confirms 3 Men Sequel

4th June 2010

TOM SELLECK is set to reteam with TED DANSON and STEVE GUTTENBERG for the highly-anticipated second sequel to the trio's hit comedy 3 MEN AND A BABY.Selleck, who played Peter Mitchell in the original 1987...

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Selleck Wants To Reunite With Cox

3rd June 2010

TOM SELLECK is appealing for a role in COURTENEY COX's hit show COUGAR TOWN - because he's desperate to work with his former FRIENDS co-star again.The Magnum, P.I. actor played Cox's on/off onscreen boyfriend, Dr....

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Tom Selleck Confirms 3 Men And A Bride

3rd June 2010

Tom Selleck has confirmed there will be a second sequel to '3 Men and a Baby'. The actor - who played Peter Mitchell in both the original film and its 1990 sequel '3 Men and...

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Selleck Set For Broadway

29th May 2010

TV and movie star TOM SELLECK has his sights set on Broadway - almost a decade after he made his theatre debut in New York.The actor was a big hit in A Thousand Clowns in...

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The Things They Say 16643

25th May 2010

"I do feel strange without it. If I have to shave it off for a role I sort of stare at my upper lip and it looks very big and feels funny and just wrong......

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Fascinating Fact 9331

19th May 2010

TOM SELLECK, DONNIE WAHLBERG and BRIDGET MOYNAHAN are teaming up to fight crime on the small screen - for new U.S. police drama BLUE BLOODS. The series, about a family of New York City cops,...

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Katherine Heigl Cast In Age Of Adaline

13th May 2010

Katherine Heigl has been cast in 'The Age of Adaline'. The 31-year-old actress will play a young woman who becomes ageless following an accident in the early 20th century in Mills Goodloe and Sal Pascowitz...

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The Things They Say 16442

9th May 2010

"I love the work. It's the only way I know how to make a living. It's not like I'm ready to hang it up. But in this business, sooner or later, the phone stops ringing....

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Selleck Heading Back To Tv

17th March 2010

TOM SELLECK has landed the lead role in a new U.S. TV cop show - the first time he has headlined a primetime programme since MAGNUM P.I.The veteran actor played a private investigator in the...

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Guttenberg, Danson And Selleck Are Reuniting For Three Men And A Bride

3rd November 2009

TOM SELLECK, TED DANSON and STEVE GUTTENBERG are reuniting for a new THREE MEN AND A BABY sequel - nearly 20 years after the last installment.The trio played bachelor pals forced to raise a baby...

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Selleck Wins Horse Lawsuit

6th September 2009

Actor TOM SELLECK has been awarded more than $187,000 (£114,000) after a jury in California found he had been duped into purchasing a lame horse.The Magnum PI star went to court over claims Dolores Cuenca...

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Selleck Turns His Ranch Into A Celebrity Memorial

9th July 2009

TV star TOM SELLECK plants a tree on his California ranch every time a close friend dies.The actor decided on the gesture after crooner Dean Martin, who once owned the estate, died - and he...

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Mourners Gather To Bid Farewell To Carradine

14th June 2009

Hundreds of mourners flocked to the funeral of DAVID CARRADINE at the weekend (13Jun09) - including former co-stars LUCY LIU, TOM SELLECK and JANE SEYMOUR.The actor was buried in the grounds of Los Angeles' Forest...

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David Carradine Funeral Held

14th June 2009

Tom Selleck, Jane Seymour, Lucy Liu were among mourners at David Carradine's funeral yesterday evening (13.06.09).Friends and family of the actor - who was found dead in his hotel room in Bankok on June 4...

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The Things They Say 12096

1st May 2009

"I just take it one day at a time. That's a baseball cliche, but it's as good as any." TOM SELLECK reveals the secret to his 21-year marriage to actress wife JILLIE MACK....

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The Things They Say 11965

21st April 2009

"I'd do it if they weren't trivialising it and making fun of it, which so many movies have done with series that television audiences love... If it was not just a reunion to see how...

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Ratings This Week's Like Last Week

4th March 2009

Except for the appearance of a Jesse Stone TV movie starring Tom Selleck on the list, Nielsen's top ten looked pretty much like most others since American Idol returned to the air. But in a...

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Selleck Wants Magnum Movie Role

2nd March 2009

TOM SELLECK has launched a campaign to star in the movie version of his hit U.S. TV show MAGNUM P.I. - because studio bosses have yet to approach him to revive the role. The 64-year-old actor...

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The Things They Say 11456

27th February 2009

"I sell them. They don't look right... They're wonderful healthful, good fat - it's really good for you but it's not for me. Why eat them when I could sell them. I've got a mortgage."...

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Guttenberg, Selleck And Danson Reteam For Another Three Men Sequel

26th November 2008

Actor STEVE GUTTENBERG will reunite with TOM SELLECK and TED DANSON for a new sequel to 1987 hit movie THREE MEN AND A BABY. The acting trio scored huge box office success with their comedic...

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Fascinating Fact 6161

14th October 2008

DALLAS star LARRY HAGMAN runs an avocado farm in Ojai, California. The former vegetarian isn't the only star to grow avocados in the state - TOM SELLECK also has a farm there....

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Selleck Set For Dancing With The Stars

7th August 2008

Former MAGNUM, P.I. star TOM SELLECK is set to show off his fancy footwork in the next series of U.S. show DANCING WITH THE STARS. The 63-year-old has been talked into slipping on his dancing...

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The Things They Say 7297

21st February 2008

"I collect old Winchesters, so I just show her dates the gun collection." TOM SELLECK reveals how he handles his 19 year old daughter HANNAH's boyfriends.

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The Things They Say 6746

11th January 2008

"TOM SELLECK's was too manicured. Mine's manlier. BURT REYNOLDS' was good, though." MY NAME IS EARL actor JASON LEE compares his moustache to the facial hair of other famous actors.

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Selleck Still Waiting For Indiana Jones Payback

5th December 2007

TOM SELLECK is still waiting to work with STEVEN SPIELBERG, more than a quarter of a century after he missed out on the chance to play INDIANA JONES. Selleck was offered the role of the...

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Selleck Considered Quitting After Premiere Dog Tragedy

4th December 2007

TOM SELLECK considered quitting the movie business after watching film fans crush a dog to death during a stampede at a movie premiere in Paris. The star was promoting 1983 film High Road To China...

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Selleck: 'I'm An Actor - Not A Politician'

3rd December 2007

MAGNUM, P.I. star TOM SELLECK has ruled out running for political office, insisting he has no aspirations to follow in ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's footsteps. The moustachioed '80s heart-throb has frequently spoken of his conservative views, and...

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Selleck's Too Fond Of Cattle To Become A Proper Cowboy

5th October 2007

TOM SELLECK's dream of becoming a cattle rancher has hit a setback - he can't kill his cows and they're too fat for sex. The actor owns an avocado farm in rural California and when...

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The Things They Say 5779

4th October 2007

"I don't love my moustache. I mean, I was born another way." TOM SELLECK on his famous facial hair....

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