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Tom Selleck Uses Rituals To Get Into Character

20th September 2013

Actor Tom Selleck credits his superstitious rituals for helping him get into character for his U.S. Tv show Blue Bloods.After taking on the role of Frank Reagan in 2010, the Magnum, P.I. star bought a...

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Matthew Mcconaughey Turned Down Magnum Movie

12th September 2013

Movie star Matthew Mcconaughey has revealed he turned down a $15 million (Gbp10 million) pay day to reinvent Tom Selleck's Tv private detective Magnum for the big screen.The actor tells The Hollywood Reporter he thought...

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Tom Selleck Injures Ankle In Rock Fall

3rd January 2013

Actor Tom Selleck is nursing a sprained ankle after taking a nasty tumble on his ranch.The Blue Bloods star was walking around the grounds of his Ventura, California home when he spotted a bobcat on...

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The Things They Say 26147

12th September 2012

"Uggie the dog was cute, let's face it, but he was just cute, and he did those cute doggie things. But I mean, Reggie - Joe, the actor - thinks, and the audience knows what...

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The Things They Say 25296

29th May 2012

"There has been talk but I think we're going to hop over that and we're going to do three very old men and a woman going through menopause." Actor Ted Danson jokes about rumours he's...

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Tom Selleck Salutes Vietnam War Soldiers In Memorial Day Ceremony

28th May 2012

Former soldier-turned-actor Tom Selleck joined U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. on Memorial Day to honour the American troops who fought in the Vietnam War.The Magnum, P.I. star, who served in the 160th Infantry...

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Role Reversal For Cbs And Abc In Sunday's Ratings

21st May 2012

CBS was the most-watched network among total adults Sunday night but came in third among viewers 18-49. ABC was the most-watched network among viewers 18-49 but came in third among total adults. ABC's win among...

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Tom Selleck Warns Fans About Buying Bogus Magnum Shirts

21st May 2012

Actor Tom Selleck is urging fans of his beloved '80s TV show Magnum, P.I. to be careful when buying Hawaiian shirts he wore in the hit detective series - because many of them are fake.The...

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The Things They Say 25206

20th May 2012

"I got stung by a bee and I know that doesn't sound very much but I guess I'm allergic. I found out three years ago... It wasn't funny. I got attacked by hornets and my...

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Matt Le Blanc Hints At Friends Reunion, "I Could Use The Money"

17th January 2012

Matt Le Blanc has jokingly told that he would consider a Friends reunion. When confronted by reporters as he got into a waiting car, he was asked the simple question "Friends reunion?" He laughed...

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Fascinating Fact 12508

6th December 2011

Actor Tom Selleck's 22-year-old daughter Hannah was part of the Usa team competing at an international equestrian competition in Paris this weekend (03-04Dec11).

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Selleck Hates Magnum Poster

24th October 2011

Actor Tom Selleck is haunted by a Magnum, P.I. poster he still wishes he hadn't agreed to be photographed for - because it's the one fans seem to want signed more than any other.The ageing...

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Tony Bennett Celebrates Birthday On Blue Bloods Set

2nd August 2011

Veteran crooner Tony Bennett celebrated his 85th birthday in style - Tom Selleck sang Happy Birthday to him on the set of U.S. TV show Blue Bloods.The singer, who reaches the milestone age on Wednesday...

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The Things They Say 21931

10th June 2011

"I once was offered this movie with Audrey Hepburn. She was a goddess for me and I couldn't do it; I was doing Magnum. Somebody else got the part, a good friend of mine. I...

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Tv Bosses Banned Selleck From Shaving Moustache

14th February 2011

Veteran actor TOM SELLECK was banned from shaving off his famous moustache when he accepted the role of a police chief in new U.S. cop drama BLUE BLOODS after consulting TV bosses about his plans...

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Storms Make Selleck Smile

7th January 2011

Part-time avocado farmer TOM SELLECK was one Californian not complaining about the state's recent wet weather - because it swelled his water supply.Large parts of the state, including Los Angeles, were deluged by rain throughout...

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The Things They Say 18861

9th November 2010

"Someone told me, 'You're the only guy who's still cool who has one. Everybody else looks dated.' I've got to the point where I'm saying, 'The moustache has its own publicist - call him.'" TOM...

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The Things They Say 18819

6th November 2010

"The Gute man has such charm. I’ve seen Steve go up to a girl he wanted to meet who was with her date, strike it up with the girl, and not make the guy angry....

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The Things They Say 18806

5th November 2010

"I’m not being egotistical, but Magnum’s in about 100 countries. They can’t just buy a title and stick some younger guy in it." TOM SELLECK on plans to recast and revamp his classic TV series...

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The Things They Say 18476

19th October 2010

"Occasionally I'll get a cheque for 13 cents. Those cable residuals just keep rolling in... but I don't get anything." TOM SELLECK makes very little cash from the ongoing success of hit TV series MAGNUM....

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The Things They Say 18471

18th October 2010

"I'm hands on - a lot of brush clearance; you don't want any weeds to grow between your avocados, you don't want any wild flowers to grow between your avocados - because the bees will...

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Selleck Warns Movie Bosses To Treat Magnum Franchise With Respect

13th October 2010

TOM SELLECK is urging movie executives keen to adapt his hit TV series MAGNUM P.I. into a film to tread carefully - because the show is too important to become another shoot-'em-up blockbuster.The actor admits...

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Eric Stoltz Mcfly Wasn't Funny Enough For Back To The Future

13th October 2010

It has recently been revealed that the actor ERIC STOLTZ was originally cast to play 'Marty MCFly' in the 'Back to the Future' trilogy and filmed five weeks' worth of scenes before he was replaced...

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Tom Selleck Returns To Screens In Blue Bloods

24th September 2010

TOM SELLECK returns to screens tonight (24th September 2010) in the new cop-show 'Blue Bloods', in which he plays New York Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, reports ABC News. Selleck's character is a popular figure with...

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Selleck Championing Daughter's Olympic Horseriding Dreams

28th July 2010

Proud dad TOM SELLECK is tipping his daughter HANNAH for Olympic horseriding glory - because he thinks she's one of the fourth best jumpers in America.The 21 year old has been riding on her parents'...

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Fascinating Fact 9727

28th July 2010

TOM SELLECK has donated the saddles he helped design for his movie westerns to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma, where the actor was recently inducted into the Hall of Great Western...

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Selleck Still Rides Horse From His 1980s Westerns

28th July 2010

TOM SELLECK grew so attached to the horse he rode in movie westerns QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER and LAST STAND AT SABER RIVER he spent thousands shipping the animal from Australia to his California ranch.The former...

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The Things They Say 16887

13th June 2010

"I had never seen Magnum. When I first met Tom, I was remembering I had a little crush on him from Friends! I was like, 'This is awkward, he's gonna be my dad.' His vibe...

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The Things They Say 16842

10th June 2010

"I don't like talking about it. It makes the guy who got the job look like the second choice. I'm sure Harrison Ford is sick of hearing about this." TOM SELLECK on missing the chance...

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The Things They Say 16812

9th June 2010

"I played him once, you know, and I'm prepared to play him again. They have to call and write and be nice. It was a part of my life and I'm very proud of how...

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