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Tom Felton Mistaken For Mcfly's Fletcher

5th March 2013

Harry Potter star Tom Felton was left bemused after a fan in Los Angeles mistook him for another famous Brit with the same first name - McFly pop rocker Tom Fletcher.A girl stopped the 25-year-old...

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Mcfly Get Busted

2nd March 2013

McFly have been writing songs with Matt Willis. The 'All About You' hitmakers - who are made up of Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones - have teamed up with the former...

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Dougie Poynter Ready To Wed

17th February 2013

Dougie Pointer plans to get married soon.The McFly bassist believes he and girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones will be the next to walk down the aisle after his band mates Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd's recent weddings...

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Mcfly Are Romantic

13th February 2013

McFly believe in romantic Valentine's Day (14.02.13) gestures.The 'Star Girl' singers claim low-key plans like a home cooked meal are the best way to show your love on the most romantic day of the year.Asked...

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Tom And Giovanna Fletcher Already Have A List Of Baby Names

10th February 2013

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher already have a list of baby names.The childhood sweethearts - who got married in May last year (2012) - won't worry about ''trying'' to have children just yet but they are...

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Tom Fletcher's Wife Finds Wedding Ring

25th January 2013

Tom Fletcher's wife has found his wedding ring.The distraught McFly star felt ''naked'' without the jewellery after noticing it wasn't on his finger at the National Television Awards (NTAs) at London's The O2 on Wednesday...

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Tom Fletcher Loses Wedding Ring

24th January 2013

Tom Fletcher has lost his wedding ring.The McFly singer has ''never'' removed the jewellery since tying the knot with Giovanna Falcone in May 2012, so was shocked to find it missing, but is still confident...

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Fascinating Fact: 3464681

24th January 2013

McFly star Tom Fletcher has been reunited with his wedding ring after losing it at Britain's National Television Awards on Wednesday (23Jan13). The singer found the ring at home after the event.

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Tom Fletcher Loses Wedding Ring At Awards Ceremony

24th January 2013

British singer Tom Fletcher is appealing for help after losing his wedding ring at the U.K. National Television Awards on Wednesday (23Jan13).The MCFly star attended the ceremony at the O2 Arena in London with his...

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Mcfly Rockers Win First Book Award

18th January 2013

McFly rockers Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter have won their first literary award for their children's book The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas.The British pop stars landed a publishing deal with Random House last year (12)...

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Tom Fletcher Apologises Over Wedding Speech Release

8th January 2013

McFly singer Tom Fletcher has publicly apologised to his bandmate Harry Judd for "stealing his thunder" by releasing footage of his own wedding speech the day before official snaps of his pal's big day were...

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Tom Fletcher's Wedding Speech! Mcfly Man Sings To His Bride

By Michael West | 7th January 2013

Tom Fletcher's wedding speech was probably a little different to the stuttering start-stop effort of the average Groom. The McFly singer married his girlfriend Giovanna Falcone last May, though waited until this week to post...

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Tom Fletcher Sang Wedding Speech

7th January 2013

McFly star Tom Fletcher combated his wedding day jitters by refusing to give a speech - he sang it instead.The British singer exchanged vows with Giovanna Falcone at London's One Marylebone venue last May (12),...

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Tom Fletcher Backs Blood Donation Drive

31st December 2012

British pop star Tom Fletcher is urging his fans to give blood in a bid to boost "low supplies" in the U.K.The MCFly singer spent his Sunday morning (30Dec12) donating blood, and uploaded a picture...

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Harry Judd Marries

22nd December 2012

Harry Judd has got married.The McFly drummer tied the knot with long-term girlfriend Izzy Johnston yesterday (21.12.12) at the St. Nicolas church in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, East England, in front of guests including bandmates Tom Fletcher,...

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Mcfly Want Jessie J Collaboration

21st December 2012

McFly are hoping for a collaboration with Jessie J. The 'Party Girl' group are in the studio working on their sixth album and are hopeful they can convince the 'Price Tag' singer to join them...

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Mcfly's Harry Judd Wants Vacuum For Christmas

13th December 2012

McFly's Harry Judd wants a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.The drummer is a self confessed ''clean freak'' and would be delighted if Santa left him a handheld dust sucker under the tree this year.He said: ''I...

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Tom Fletcher 'Doesn't Care' About The Wanted

12th December 2012

Tom Fletcher doesn't ''care'' enough about The Wanted to write a song for them.The McFly singer - who has penned tracks for artists including One Direction - doesn't think his lyrical style would suit the...

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The Things They Say: 3391140

27th November 2012

"The most embarrassing bit was when Dougie started talking about my parents' private parts in his speech, because that's where I came from." British pop star Tom Fletcher was left mortified by his McFly bandmate...

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Mcfly Left With Psychological Issues

17th November 2012

McFly have revealed being famous from a young age has left them with psychological issues.The boyband - who became the youngest group to have their debut album go straight to number one when they released...

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Tom Fletcher Denies Handing Mcfly Cast-offs To One Direction

12th November 2012

McFly star Tom Fletcher has blasted reports he handed One Direction "second-rate" tracks when he was asked to write songs for the hit boy band.British pop-rockers MCFly were hired to compose catchy tunes for the...

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Mcfly Wants To Perform As Old Men

10th November 2012

McFly still want to be performing together as old men.The 'Obviously' hitmakers think the band can keep going until they're 65 and plan to cash in every couple of years with a new tour.Tom Fletcher...

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Harry Judd Had School Sleepover Stag Party

8th November 2012

Harry Judd had a sleepover at his old school for his stag night.The McFly drummer is set to marry his fiancee Izzy Johnston, 28, next month and his friends helped him celebrate his final weeks...

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Harry Judd Happy To Be Sober

28th October 2012

Harry Judd is ''happier'' being sober.The McFly drummer quit booze two years ago along with his band-mate Dougie Poynter, and he believes he is far better off without it because he has stopped experiencing anxiety...

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Danny Jones Writing For One Direction

23rd October 2012

McFly star Danny Jones is writing a song for One Direction.The guitarist has been asked by Simon Cowell to pen a tune for his world-conquering boy band but admits the music mogul is a tough...

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Harry Judd Is Nervous About His Stag Do

20th October 2012

Harry Judd admits he's ''nervous'' about his bandmates planning his stag-do.The McFly drummer - who is marrying violinist Izzy Johnston following their engagement in St Lucia earlier this year - says he's worried about what...

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Tom Fletcher Struggled With Weight Obsession Before Bipolar Diagnosis

13th October 2012

MCFLY singer Tom Fletcher has opened up about his battle with bipolar disorder, admitting he grew so depressed about his image he starved in a bid to lose weight.In the British band's new book, Unsaid...

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Lindsay Lohan Disgusted Band With Sexcapades

12th October 2012

Lindsay Lohan told British band McFly such graphic details of her sex life they couldn't finish their dinner.The 'Liz & Dick' actress invited the group - who were appearing in her 2005 movie 'Just My...

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Mcfly Star Dougie Poynter Attempted Suicide

11th October 2012

Dougie Poynter attempted suicide last February after becoming addicted to drink and drugs.The McFly bass guitarist revealed he tried to kill himself in a fume-filled car - as he struggled to cope with depression and...

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One Direction To Host Mtv Vma Special

1st September 2012

One Direction will host MTV VMA special 'My First Time' on Tuesday (04.09.12) ahead of their debut performance at the awards.The 'What Makes You Beautiful' hitmakers will share their thoughts on the annual Video Music...

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