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The Things They Say 25789

25th July 2012

"If people come up to me and say they want to go to drama school, I always say: 'If there's something else you can do, do it.'" Shirley Valentine actor Tom Conti advises hopefuls against...

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Tom Conti Fuming Over Soccer Star Thierry Henry's Home Demolition Plans

11th May 2012

Scottish actor Tom Conti has made a public plea to his soccer star neighbour in London to abandon plans to demolish and rebuild his home as the project will cause "such destruction".The Shirley Valentine star...

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Tom Conti's Shock At Napoleon News

16th April 2012

Scottish actor Tom Conti received some shocking news when he took part in a project to track down his ancestors - he's a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte.The Shirley Valentine star agreed to have his Dna...

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The Dark Knight Rises' Matthew Modine To Play New Villain?

25th May 2011

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, the highly anticipated new Batman film by Christopher Nolan, could feature Matthew Modine as a new villain named 'Nixon', according to Modine was recently added to the swelling cast of...

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Matthew Modine Joins The Dark Knight Rises

23rd May 2011

Matthew Modine is set to star in 'The Dark Knight Rises'.The 'Full Metal Jacket' actor has been confirmed for the superhero movie - which will see Christian Bale reprise his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne and...

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Tom Conti's Ghostly Encounter At 'Haunted' Hotel

5th April 2011

Veteran British actor Tom Conti had a ghostly encounter when he stayed at a spooky hotel on a movie shoot.The Shirley Valentine star was filming scenes on the U.K.'s Isle of Wight and unknowingly checked...

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Conti Angered By Buckingham Palace 'West Wing' Show

12th January 2008

British actor TOM CONTI is outraged after a TV network commissioned a show about life at Buckingham Palace in the same style as hit U.S. drama THE WEST WING. The Shirley Valentine star spent several...

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Conti Slams Council Over 'Privacy-breaching' Website

12th January 2007

Actor TOM CONTI has slammed London council officials for breaching the privacy of thousands of people by putting photographs of every building in the Camden borough online. The SHIRLEY VALENTINE star is horrified that anyone...

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Conti Running For London Mayor

11th August 2006

Scottish actor TOM CONTI has put himself forward as a candidate for the London mayoral election in 2008. The SHIRLEY VALENTINE star plans to topple current Labour office-holder KEN LIVINGSTONE as a Conservative Party candidate,...

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Conti Relieved World Cup Is Over

10th July 2006

Half-Italian actor TOM CONTI has an extra reason to celebrate Italy's World Cup victory, now the soccer tournament is over fans can switch off their TVs and return to the theatre. The 64-year-old cheered on...

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Fascinating Fact 417

25th October 2005

It was a FRIENDS reunion of sorts on the set of JENNIFER ANISTON's new thriller DERAILED - sitcom stars MELISSA GEORGE and TOM CONTI also appear in the film....

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Conti In Legal Battle With London Transport Authority

21st January 2005

British actor TOM CONTI is fighting the TRANSPORT FOR LONDON (TFL) authority after he was hit with hefty fines for forgetting to pay a mandatory road congestion charge on two separate occasions. The SHIRLEY...

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Princess Diana And Tom Conti: Just Good Friends?

21st September 2004

British actor TOM CONTI has confessed he had a close friendship with late royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES. The SHIRLEY VALENTINE star has never spoken before about rumours he secretly dated the princess, which...

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Cheers Ladies Win Roles In Sitcoms

31st March 2004

CHEERS actresses KIRSTIE ALLEY and SHELLEY LONG are making a comeback to the small screen - with starring roles in two new sitcoms. Long has joined an untitled NBC sitcom project, while Alley...

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Tv Chief's Snub Conti's Royal Romp

10th November 2003

British TV chiefs are snubbing TOM CONTI's plans to make a WEST WING-style drama series about the Royal Family. The OSCAR-nominee has written a pilot episode of the royal romp - but he is...

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Conti Blasts Pal's Gay Slurs

13th October 2003

OSCAR winner TOM CONTI has blasted claims late acting pal GORDON JACKSON was secretly gay. In a new biography of star SIR ALEC GUINNESS, playwright SIMON GRAY claims THE GREAT ESCAPE actor was picked...

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Tom Conti Walks Off Film Set

29th July 2003

British actor TOM CONTI has stormed off the set of new British comedy movie SOMETHING BORROWED - leaving the all-star cast in the lurch. The CLAIRE KILNER-directed movie is billed as a follow-up to...

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